Saturday, January 26, 2008

Roller Coaster

Thursday night around 7ish, Friend Boy called me.

"Are you ready??" he sounded excited.
"Yep! Should I start heading in your direction?"
"Yea, sounds good. Just give me a call when you're pulling into the gate." he said.
"Ok. Give me at least 30 minutes to get over there, cuz I dunno what traffic's gonna be like."
"Ok. See ya soon!"

And that was that. So I got to his place, and we each had a glass of wine, and chatted while we waited for our cab. He told me I looked pretty, which made me blush profusely. Then our cab finally arrived, and we were off to the city! FB is very outgoing, I noticed. He struck up a conversation with the cab driver on our way, and tipped him generously. The first bar we went into was an Irish pub. There weren't very many people there, but we sat down at the bar, ordered a couple beers and just...talked! We talked about our friends, and family, and the craziness that was last weeked... Then FB got up to go to the bathroom, and Bethany called.
"Hey! Guess what!?" I said.
"I'm on a date with a guy you might know!"
"WHAT?? WHO!?" she asked.
I told her his name, remembering that they both went to the same high school.
"Oh my god! That's crazy! I remember him! Well, I don't wanna interrupt your date. Ya'll have fun, and call me tomorrow!" she said.
"Ok, I definitely will!" and we hung up the phone.
When FB came back from the bathroom, we decided to head to the bar across the street, which was another Irish pub. But that's what he had said he wanted to do: go to some pubs.
We ended up sitting at the bar next to a young guy from England. And FB, being so friendly, struck up a conversation with him too! Before long, we were all taking shots, and talking about soccer. Apparently Friend Boy was an avid soccer player for 18 years. Hot...
So I definitely had a buzz going by this point, but I was trying to play it cool, and we were just enjoying ourselves talking. Then around 11, we went to The Flying Saucer, which is famous for its one hundred plus taps. I got my favorite "beer", Lindeman's Framboise. A raspberry flavored Belgian beer, which is served in champagne flute. Then FB asked if I wanted to play some darts. I warned him that I'm horrible, and could possibly impale someone, but he just laughed and said he wanted to teach me. So we went over to the dart boards, and he was explaining to me how to play cricket, and I must have been giggling or something, because he stopped, looked at me, and then just suddenly kissed me!
"Sorry...I just had to do that." he said.
I smiled. And kissed him some more.
So we played a couple rounds of cricket, and I lost, dismally. Lol. But it was still fun.
"You know, if we had been playing shuffleboard, I woulda totally kicked your ass!" I said.
"You like shuffleboard?" he sounded surprised.
"I love it!" I exclaimed.
"Well where can we go that has shuffleboard? Let's find a place!"
So FB asked went to ask the bartender where the nearest bar was with shuffleboard, and we decided to make that our next destination. But as it turns out, we never made it there! As we were driving past Reef, FB mentioned he liked that place.
"Really? I know one of the bartenders, we should go!" I said.
So the cab dropped us off there instead. But when we got inside, there wasn't a person in sight! So we took shots, and decided to walk a couple blocks over by where my work is, and a few other bars. We talked while we walked, and it was pleasantly cool outside. We we got to my work, I decided we should go in there, since I was drunk. Lol. I hadn't been inside that building since Blinn suspended me, but I figured since Mr. S. called me, it wouldn't be a bad idea to make an appearance. It was already 1 am anyways. So we went inside, and Mr. S. gave me a hug, and Blinn gave me a high five, and Nick yelled, "Olive juice!" Haha. We had some more shots, and this is where things start to get fuzzy. I know we stayed there till close, and then took another cab back to his place. Then we made out a lot, until we passed out. At one point, things started to go too far, and I had to stop him. Because I definitely wasn't gonna sleep with him when we were both hammered.
Friday morning, FB woke up at 7 am! Neither of us knows why, but since we were up, we talked some more, and kissed some more...and I just couldn't stop myself this time. He was just so...amazing! And I wanted more of him! And it was great. Almost a relief actually. Then we slept for another couple of hours, woke up, and did it again! Haha.

On a side note, Charlotte sent him a text first thing in the morning that said something along the lines of, "Hope you have a great day today!" What the hell?? Is she seriously trying to get with him, now that he and I are...whatever we are! Ugh... Well back to the story...

"I'm gonna make you a badass breakfast!" he said, "With eggs, and green peppers, and tomatoes, and onions, and bacon..."
"Wow...I am pretty hungry." I said.
And he totally brought me breakfast in bed! And he even cut up fresh pineapple slices! It was delicious. Absolutely hit the spot. We lounged around in bed, and cuddled and watched TV for a while longer. Then around 2:30, I got up to leave. He made a pouty face.
"I wish I could stay longer, but my friend's birthday celebration thing is tonight. And I should probably make an appearance at home before I head over to her place."
"Oh, what are you guys gonna do tonight?" he asked.
"I'm not sure exactly yet. I know we're going to dinner, and then we'll be out in midtown. I just don't know where yet cuz Cecilia hasn't told me what she wants to do."
"Well, you should give me a call when you find out, and maybe we can meet up later. Cuz I'm gonna be out with the boys for sure."
"That sounds great! You guys should totally come hang out with us." I said.
"Ok, yea. Just let me know." he said.
Then he walked me to the parking garage, and gave me kiss goodbye.
"I had a great time last night." he said between kisses.
"Me too." I smiled and kissed him again.
Then we said our goodbyes and I got in the elevator. ((swoon))

I called Melissa on my drive home to dish. Then I called Bethany. Lol.
Then Evan called and asked if I wanted to go eat sushi with him. And since I was starving, I readily agreed. So I went home, got all my stuff together, and a few shirts for Cecilia to chose from, and headed to the restaurant to meet Evan. The sushi was excellent, and Evan and I talked about our dates. He had one on Thursday night too, but apparently his didn't go as well. It turned out his "date" already had a boyfriend! Lol. I called FB around 6:30 to tell him what our plans were, but he didn't answer. So I hung up and sent him a text that said: Hey, our plans are to meet at El Patio at 9 and then head over to Rocbar. So hopefully I'll se you! Give me a call if you wanna meet up.
After sushi, I went over to Cecilia's to get ready. We goofed off as we fixed our hair and put on makeup. She tried on like 8 shirts, and finally decided on one of her own. Then after some running around to pick up Cecilia's friends, we finally headed out to midtown! By this time, I was starting to fret about FB because I had never heard anything back from him! My first reaction in these situations is always to freak out, and overanalyze everything. Like, is he ignoring me? Does he not like me anymore? I shouldn't have slept with him! He thinks I'm a slut! Maybe he was only after sex! AAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!
Cecilia told me to chill out and stop worrying about it, but I just couldn't. My mind was somewhere else all night. ((sigh)) I called Melissa while I was in the car, and she said that FB had called one of his guy friends, and that they were going to Rocbar. So why didn't he text me back?? Ugh...

We had some excellent blue margaritas at El Patio. Alyssa and her boyfriend, and Jenna and one of her guy friends met up with us there. Then we all headed over to Rocbar. As soon as I walked in the door, I couldn't stop looking for him. I wasn't even intentionally doing it! I just wanted to know if he was there. But he wasn't...
Alyssa and Cecilia were wasted by midnight. Lol. But I was still distracted about FB. I texted Melissa and asked where they were, and she said they were at the shot bar. "Is FB with you?" I text back, but never got a response.
At 1 am, we all went over to my bar, because Cecilia had never been there and wanted to check it out. When I got to the front door, sexy Mr. P. was standing there, and he gave me a funny smirk.
"Sooo how did that work out for you last night??" he asked sarcastically.
"Uh...great." I said, not really sure what he meant...exactly.
"Where is he?" he asked.
"I don't know!" I said.
"Oh, he didn't call?" Mr. P. grinned sardonically.
"What?! I'm not having this conversation with you!" I spluttered.
Mr. P. laughed, "Well maybe we should have a chat about that later." he joked.
I grabbed Cecilia and we went inside. I made a beeline for Nick to ask him what the hell Mr. P. was talking about. Nick busted out laughing.
"Dude, you and that guy were like...making out in front of everybody last night!"
"WHAT!? Omg, seriously!? That's so embarrassing..."
Nick laughed again, "Yea, everybody was watching."
"Great. That's the last time I bring a date in here! I'm never gonna hear the end of this!" I wailed.
My night just seemed to be getting worse. Bethany was working, and I told her about FB not calling.
"I'm seriously gonna be devastated if he's blowing me off." I said.
"Well...I wouldn't worry about it yet. I mean you saw him this morning. If he doesn't call you within 3 days, then it's off. But give him 3 days." she said.
I sighed. I hate waiting!
"What time are you going to the party on Sunday?" I asked, changing the subject.
"I think we're gonna try to leave around 4:30. Do you wanna ride with us?" she asked.
"Yea that would be great! Cuz I have no idea where this place is."
"Ok, just meet at my house around 4."
"Ok, I'm excited!" I said.
The lights were already on, and everyone was leaving at this point, so Cecilia gave me a hug, and she and Rob (her husband) left together, followed by Alyssa and her boyfriend. So I went outside (in the freeeezing cold! I left my coat in the car so I wouldn't have to carry it) to start walking to my car.
Then John approached. "Do you need me to drive you home?" he asked, halfway joking.
"No, not today! I'll be ok." I laughed.
"Well do you want me to walk you to your car?" he persisted.
"You don't have to," I said, "I mean...aren't you still technically working?"
"Yea, but this is part of my job." he assured me.
"Ok. Well let's walk fast, cuz I'm freezing!"
"Well here, take my coat." he took it off and put it around my shoulders.
"Thanks." I said.
When we got to my car, I offered to drive him back to work, and he accepted. As soon as I turned on the car, Gillet Of 20 Fingers' "Does anybody wanna have sex tonight?" started blaring on the stereo.
"Uh..." I laughed, embarassed. "Yea...Cecilia left her CDs in my car."
"Nice." he said.
The drive took about 2 minutes, so there wasn't much more talking. He thanked me for the ride, and then I left. I had been hoping to spend the night at FB's again, so it was pretty disappointing to drive all the way home.
((sigh)) I fell asleep almost as soon as my head hit the pillow, but when I woke up this morning, all my feelings of anxiety, and worry came rushing back ten-fold.
I still haven't heard from Friend Boy. Melissa said he was out with them at the shot bar last night, but I never got her text. She also told me that Charlotte and 2 of her friends spent the night at his place last night. Which, isn't exactly unusual considering they crashed there last week. And I'm not really threatened by Charlotte, because honestly, she's short and chubby, and I know he's not into her. But...what if this means he's not into me??
I mean, we had such a great time Thursday night, and I really really like him. It's scary. I hate putting myself out there, because this always seems to happen to me. I mean I know it may be too early to tell yet but...I just have this feeling. And he and I had talked about going back to Drake again tonight, and now...I just don't know.
What do I do?? What do I think???

Demetri Of The Day:
"I like to do crafts. I work quite a bit with glitter, but don’t worry I make tough stuff, like daggers and skulls. The thing about glitter is, if you get it on you, prepare to have it on you forever, because glitter doesn’t go away. Glitter is the herpes of craft supplies. It’s like, 'Oh great, here comes the sun; flare up!'"


K said...

I know exactly what you are going through and how you are feeling. I over-analyze and worry just like you do. I've also been blown off a few times, and sometimes you just know that it's coming. Other times, you're pleasantly surprised. I think you may have slept with him too soon, but then again I have friends who had sex on the first date and ended up married.

Whatever you do... DON'T call or text him!! You alread did to let him know about your plans. Leave it at that. The ball is in his court now. I know you're going to go crazy waiting, but try to keep busy. And, like your friend said, if he doesn't contact you within the next three days, suck it up and move on.

I'll keep my fingers crossed!

Anonymous said...

hate to agree, but give him a few days, then move on. it really sucks, but ya. or give him a few days then send one last text, like 'hey stranger,' lol.
soooo good luck!!! loved the long post!!!

Anonymous said...

Totally know what you mean- I'm the queen of over-analyzing! And waiting sucks- big time. As hard as this is (and trust me, I know it's tough), I agree with k- do NOT call or text him.

Listen to your friend and give him 3 days, if he doesn't get back to you, then you have the unhappy task of getting over him, but then he doesn't deserve you. Easy advice to give, super hard advice to follow- I know 'cause I'm TOTALLY going through the same thing! Sending good vibes your way! :)

Anonymous said...

framboise is my favorite! yum!
Yes, don't over-analyze. It's his turn to make the first move. Good Luck!

the goddess said...

as they said, just give FB a few days. i know every girl hates waiting but that's the only thing you can do for now. in the meantime, since you seem to have a busy schedule, keep your mind busy by being busy and having fun while you're out with friends and going to a party. i know it won't be easy, but trust me, at least it'll help keep your mind off him... for a while. good luck!

Anonymous said...

yikes!! this happens to me so many times!! i can totally understand what you're going through, over-analyzing's a bitch! but the best advice i can give is do other things...so that you don't end up thinking about him ALLthe time.
good luck!!

jehara said...

i love your demetri of the days. so funny!!!

i agree with you about the waiting. it sucks!!
i say, go with your instincts. if you really feel that he will contact you again, then trust it and try not to fret (although that's easier said than done).

if you felt a connection, this guy probably felt it too. perhaps that's why he's holding off on calling you. fear or whatever. the heart is a strange thing. especially when you meet someone you actually like.

and that charlotte girl kinda sounds like a bitch. and a little desperate. . .

good luck, girl!

Anonymous said...

I agree, do not call him until he calls you. And on the other hand, don't accept just any excuse for him not calling. How hard is it to call and say "we had a change in plans?"
I slept with my husband, on the second date. We have been married for 5 years. That is something, I never did. I was always the one that waited.
Good luck, your prince is out there. Just have fun kissing the toads and always use your head when it comes to sex.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully Charlotte didn't see him first and badmouth you.

Jadeny said...

uh oh. I'm going to play devil's advocate here and say that even if he didn't want to meet up with you and your friends, the least he could have done was return your text. Common courtesy goes a long way and says a lot about a person. I do agree with everyone else though. Fight the urge to call him!!

Anonymous said...

Don't call him. But do update us!

Anonymous said...

I don't like that he made "sort of" plans of meeting out later.. and then IGNORED your text and call... .that's not a good sign. Obviously he knew you texted.. and even if he left his phone at home or something.. he could have/should have texted you later to let you know he received your message. I'm calling skeezer.. but I hope I'm wrong. Good luck.. for the love of god do not call or text the guy... play it cool. Keep us posted.


Anonymous said...

have you ever tried Lindeman's Pomme? Deeelish!

Anonymous said...

Time to update us on what's going on Peyton!!!!!!!!!!