Thursday, September 29, 2011

First Date

So I got up, rather reluctantly, on Sunday around noon. As much as I was looking forward to hanging out with Bill, I definitely could have slept for another 2 hours. I hopped in the shower and started getting ready. Around 2 o'clock, Bill texted me that he found a good spot to watch the game. I was in the middle of putting on eyeliner, so I didn't respond right away. A few minutes went by and he texted me again before I'd gotten the chance to write him back.

"You still down to watch the game today?"

"Yep! That sounds good." I wrote quickly.

I ended up being a couple of minutes late, so he was already sitting down with a bucket of Miller Lites when I got to the bar. The Bears game was on the big screen to my left.

"Hey!" I said as I pulled out the chair across from him.

I apologized to him for being late (doggie issues) and he handed me a beer. We didn't really pay very close attention to the game, because we were talking so much. He asked me a lot of questions about school, and I asked him about his job. He's an account executive at an advertising agency, just like Mad Men!! Lol.
At one point, he mentioned he liked to play golf and I just about spit out my drink.

"I hate golf!" I said.

"How come?" He asked.

"Uh...well I guess I should say I just hate thinking about golf."

Bill gave me a puzzled look.

"I used to have a friend who played golf and wanted to be the next Tiger Woods. It was all he ever talked about." I quickly took a swig from my beer.

"Does this friend happen to be an ex?" He asked.

"Uh...yea." I admitted. I didn't really want to get on the subject of Brandon, but he asked.

"So how long ago was that?"

"Oh, a long time ago. Like 2 years, maybe a little more." The words actually surprised me when they came out of my mouth, because they were true. I still can't believe it's been that long.

"So how long were you guys together?"

"I dunno, like a year?"

"That's a long time."

"It is?"

"Well, yea..."

I smiled. Guys always think a year is the equivalent of purgatory or something. When really, it goes by pretty fast.

"I don't think it's that long," I said, "I mean really the length of a relationship depends on how much time you actually spend with a person."

Then we got on the subject of long distance relationships, and how they tend to drag things out that otherwise wouldn't have lasted a month. Then we ordered shots. Just one each, but I needed a pick-me-up cuz the food was making me sleepy. Our conversation shifted to much lighter things for a while, until the 3rd quarter of the game, when the Bears were still losing and Bill started cringing every time he looked at the TV. There was a rather large group of really loud, boisterous dudes sitting near us too, and every time they yelled or cheered we both felt like we had to duck for cover.

"How do you feel about ice cream?" Bill asked randomly.

"Like...right now, or just in general?" I said, surprised.

"Right now. I want some ice cream. Let's get outta here."

I laughed, "Isn't it a little cold for ice cream?"

"It's never too cold for ice cream!" He said.

"Ok, well there's a Baskin Robbins a couple blocks away."

"Yes!" He said, "Let's go."

So we paid our tab and headed out. We walked companionably and close, and talked easily the whole way there. He bought our ice cream cones and then we started to walk back in the direction where we'd come from.

"Where are we going?" I asked.

"I don't know." said Bill.

"Well I really need to get dog food. Do you wanna go to Target?" I asked.

"Sure." He said.

So we walked to the nearest CTA stop and hopped on the train. He said next to me, and we whispered and giggled about the couple across from us who were arguing. We postulated about what they could be possibly fighting about. He put his arm around me.

Our trip to Target was probably the shortest I've ever had to that store! Lol. And Bill carried my 25lb bag of dog food for me, all the way up the stairs to the redline stop.

"I can carry that you know, if you want me to." I offered.

"No, I got it." He said.

I smiled.

When we got up to the platform, we walked all the way down to the end, behind the stairs, where there weren't any people. We both set down our bags and Bill pulled me in for a kiss. I was a little self-conscious because there were still people that could see us, and I'm not really big on PDA, but I kissed him back, tentatively at first. Then I looked over my shoulder to see if anyone was watching. Lol. I don't think anyone was, so I kissed him again. Just a short kiss. He's so tall! I had to actually stand on my tip-toes to kiss him. Such an amazing feeling...

Then the train came and we sat together again. It's weird sitting next to someone on the train. I ride it every day alone, and I'm always reading a book, or absorbed in my own thoughts. So it's a totally different atmosphere with someone sitting right next to you.

Bill got off at my stop and carried my dog food all the way to my place. Both of my roommates were in the living room at the time, so that was kind of awkward cuz I couldn't even offer Bill a seat. So we took Jasper for a walk instead. We walked for a while, not really saying much, just companionable silence. I think we were both getting pretty tired. When we got back to my back gate, Bill stopped.

"I think it's time for me to head home."

"Ok." I said.

He kissed me again and then whispered, "When can we hang out again?"
"I don't know!" I whispered back, cuz it was true!
He kissed me one last time and then pulled away. I watched as he walked down the alley toward the sidewalk before going through the back gate.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Making Plans

So last weekend the date with Bill didn't work out. Not because I decided not to go, but because the particular show he was going to was sold out! So we had to scrap our plans. Then Monday, we texted back and forth for most of the day while I was at school, and made tentative plans to do something when I got out of class around 9. But we were working in the darkroom that day, and class went a little late, so it was almost 10 by the time I got home. Once again, we had to put it off another day. Tuesday I had 3 photoshoots, one with Brent, one with Sophie, and one with a girl from work named Dana. And they all went really well! I'm in the process of developing my film now. And Thursday, finally Bill and I got to talking again. He asked me if I wanted to go to the improv show with him tomorrow (Friday). I had to turn him down though, because of work, but I told him he should stop by my bar after the show. And he said he would.
So then Friday rolls around, and I made sure my hair was done, and I looked really sexy for work that night. And it was packed, which is great cuz I made really good money that night. But Bill texted me that he had some friends coming into the city from the burbs and he had to take them to a birthday party, so he wasn't going to make it in to the bar. ((Sigh)) I was pretty disappointed, but too busy to really worry about it at the time. Around 1am when it finally started to slow down to a point where I could breathe, I checked my phone and saw that I had a message from Bill. It just said, "Hi". Lol.

Me: Hi

Bill: What r u wearing

Me: black

Bill: I like u

Me: Come here

The end. Lol. I got busy again, and Bill was obviously drunk so I didn't hear from him again on Friday night. But he texted me at 9am Saturday morning!

Bill: What are you doing tonight?

Me: Working again. blah.... you should stop by! Lol.

Bill: I should!

Me: I'm off tomorrow, let's do something.

Bill: Oh hellz yea girl! We should go see contagion.

Bill: Ugh I am so hung over today

Me: So I take it you had a good time last night? Lol.

Bill: Yeah I was a wild man last night

Bill: What time are you available tomorrow?

Me: Ummm whenever I wake up. Haha.

Bill: How late do you work tonight?

Me: Bar closes at 3 so...4ish?

Bill: What are you in the mood for tomorrow? Tell me what you see in your crystal ball.

Me: Hahaha I dunno really, something relaxing that involves a little bit of outdoors and alcohol?

Bill: And a lot of Bill!!

Me: Lol. Well that is yet to be determined!

Bill: We should watch the bears game

So our plans were tentatively made once again, but at least more concrete this time! So I went to work in a good mood, knowing that I actually really had a date at 3 o'clock the next afternoon. And I can't remember the last time that I could actually say, "I have a date tomorrow". A real date!

It was really busy last night again, and Will and Lane came in! Kinda random, and really weird to see Lane. So glad I'm over that. He was apparently really hungover cuz he was only drinking water all night, and he seemed kind of...in a bad mood or something. I dunno, but he was being a total buzzkill. And all I could think about when I looked at him was how I really dodged a bullet with him, and I'm so glad I never slept with him, and my impending date with Bill! :D

I'll update you guys on the date in my next post. It won't be long, I promise!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Being Assertive

So this morning, for some odd reason, I started reading through all me and Lane's old text messages. And I just kept wondering, What happened? And that got me thinking about Bill, and how I don't want to play games. Shit or get off the pot! That's my new motto. So I decided I'm just going to be up front with him, and I sent him a text.

Me: So what's the deal with you?

Bill: What do you mean?

Me: You know like...what's the deal?

Bill: No, I don't know. What are you talking about?

Me: Lol relax! I feel like I've offended you in some way.

Bill: Haha no

Me: Well do you wanna hang out or what?

Bill: Ha I do!

Bill: I'm with my parents right now though

Me: Lol well I didn't mean right now!

Bill: You're being so assertive. I'm totally turned on!

Me: Lmao. I guess I'm just a no nonsense kind of person.

Bill: I love that. I'm all nonsense so we will really balance each other out.

Me: Lol that's good to know.

Bill: What are you up to today?

Me: I'm about to head up to school to do some work in the dark room for a little while. Then who knows?

Bill: I'm going to be at the improv tonight you should come hang!

Me: What's going on at the improv tonight?

Bill: Funny people on stage. 10pm.

Now I'm undecided about going because I don't want this to be another awkward Lane situation. For one, I don't know who else is going to be there, and two, I don't really want our first date, or whatever it is, to be with a bunch of people we both know. Hello? Awkward! So now I don't know how to respond. Should I just ask who else is going? Or would that sound like I'm weighing my options too much? Ugh... There I go over analyzing again.
I have to say though, I'm really surprised at how well my up-front approach worked. I mean, I got the answers I wanted. Now I just need to follow through.

Monday, September 12, 2011

No Thanks

So after 2 nights of staying with me, the first of which he climbed into bed with me in a drunken stupor, but miraculously didn't try anything, I just sent JC a text that said, "If you want to sleep down here, I don't care, as long as you don't wake me up super early."
And what did he write back??

"No thanks. I'm good."


Monday, September 5, 2011


Sophie and I had a fabulous day together! The weather is finally starting to look and feel like fall, and it's just so invigorating! We had lunch together, and ran some errands and finished the night off by watching TV. It was really great to just relax and hang out with my sis.
I found I've been thinking more and more about JC coming to visit this weekend and less and less about Bill coming home. That could partly be because I haven't heard from Bill since he left, but that's to be expected, right? I'm just gonna have to wait and see what happens with that. But I'm over stressing about it, so that's good.
Other than that, there's not much going on. I worked most of the weekend, and tomorrow I have my first art history class of the semester. Even though I know I'm gonna be crazy busy all semester with work and class, I am really glad school is back in session now.

Jasper has a cute little butt.

Thursday, September 1, 2011


Well I made it through my first day of school unscathed. Although I'm totally stressing now about how I'm going to pay for all the supplies I need, and how I'm possibly going to be able to do all this and work 30 hours a week. Cuz yea, that's about how much I work. Ugh...
Now I wanna clear things up with the Bill situation. It takes a lot for me to admit to myself that I like someone. Because it's like...once I do that, it becomes a real emotion that I have to deal with. So the longer I'm undecided, the longer I have to figure out how it might pan out. I will admit that I am definitely interested in Bill! I mean, that's obvious, or I never would have flirted with him. I just don't know him that well yet. He obviously looks good on paper, and he's tall, and has a lot of things going for him, I just...need to get to know him better is all. And we finally did talk Tuesday night. Er...texted. He's going out of town Friday for 8 days (go figure). That's like...early relationship suicide in most cases, but we'll see. He said he had a lot of fun with me Saturday night and he'd like to hang out with me again. Then he asked me what my work schedule was this weekend, and when I said I just had Saturday night off, he told me about his vacation. He's going somewhere with his family. Apparently he does a lot of things with his family, so that's good, right?
In other news, I got an interesting text this morning from an old friend, JC. He hasn't popped up in the blog much, because usually when I see hm, it's with a group of people. Not that I see him much anymore, since I moved, but I did hang out with him when I was in Houston a couple weeks ago! Dahmer and I went to his place for preparty drinks. But anyway, JC is the one who introduced me to Tommy Bahama. Remember him? Lol.
So JC is coming to town next week, and he wants to crash on my couch. I told him of course, even though I'm going to be working the whole weekend. It's too late for me to get my shifts covered, and even if I could, I can't really afford to take off. But he said he has other friends that live here, he just doesn't really keep in touch with them, and he'd feel weird asking them to crash at their place, and he's more comfortable staying with me. So of course I said he was welcome to the couch. And he said he'd get me a ticket to the Bears game on Sunday if he can score a pair! So that will be fun! So now that I'm thinking about all this, I feel like this might be the perfect opportunity for me to get some no nonsense booty. Lol. It's been a loooonnng time you guys! And JC and I are friends! I know him. And I wouldn't have to worry about anything, or stress about him calling or not calling cuz it would just be a weekend fling! That's it! No strings attached!
The funny thing is, JC and I have never even kissed! Not that there isn't sexual chemistry, cuz there is! We just never acted on it. I dunno why. JC is a little too...wild for me. But he's fun, and sweet, and a really good friend! I met him through Taryn years ago. So I'm going to consult her about it, and see what she thinks. I mean, obviously I'm not going to throw myself at him or anything, but if we were to both find ourselves in a situation where...you know.... I mean we're both consenting adults.... This is totally a possibility in my mind right now. A possibility I might even be looking forward to.