Monday, October 15, 2012

Slapped In the Face During Sex

Yes. It happened. Lol. And it was kinda hot...

Katie's friend, Lex (his name is short for something long and Greek, lol) came into town last Wednesday and we went to the improv. That was alright, and he seemed cool, and pretty easy on the eyes. Then Thursday they both came into the bar while I was working, and he attempted to teach me to salsa dance. Lol. That was fun, and kinda sexy. Afterwards, we went to a 4am bar and hung out, and then we all ended up back at my place drinking even later, and hanging out. And then finally Katie called a cab, and Lex seemed disappointed that they were leaving. He said something to me like, "I thought we were gonna hang out longer and get to know each other?"
But I later found out that he's only TWENTY THREE!!! We were having coffee and I nearly spit mine all over the place when he told me! Katie had said he was 27!!! But that explains his lack of experience in the sack. Oh well, beggars can't be choosers, right? Haha, kidding. But really, it wasn't bad, it was just...well you know.
So anyway, I didn't see them at all Saturday after he left. But Sunday the three of us had prearranged plans to go to brunch, so we still did that. And when we finished eating, Katie basically said she had to watch some foreign film and write a paper on it for class, so she wanted me to hang out with Lex for a couple of hours. I wasn't exactly thrilled at the idea, because I usually enjoy spending my Sundays in my PJ's, catching up on TV, and I was already really exhausted from partying/working all weekend. But I obliged anyway.  So we went for coffee, and just talked. That was when I found out his age, and I actually learned some things about him. He's still in that stage where he thinks he's gonna be rich by 30, and lounging around his mansion in a 3-piece suit, smoking cigars all day. Lol. It's great that he has ambitions, but he still lives with his mom. Apparently he's looking for roommates now. Man, I wonder if I still would have slept with him if I'd known all that beforehand? He's also never been in a relationship in his life, because he thinks there's no point in being in one, unless he's ready to get serious and start a family..!??! LOL. WOW. Well, needless to say, it never would have worked out between us. I mean, not that I was ever thinking/hoping it would, but it just feels better knowing, I guess. We went to a movie afterwards, and surprisingly it wasn't that awkward. Then we went our separate ways. Never to see each other again. ((Sigh)) The End.

Well, at least that's the end of the story of me and Lex. The story of me and BJ however, is still having it's ups and downs. And I really have no idea what, if anything, is going to come from this. I called him like 3 hours ago and he didn't answer. And I just saw that he posted on facebook like 4 seconds ago, so I know he's not busy. Ugh... Well whatever. I have no say in when or if he calls me, so I just have to deal with it. The only problem is, if this thing with BJ turns out to be nothing and just blows over, then what am I gonna do?? I'm just supposed to go back to my boring, single, spinster life???

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Next Week

Just got home from work and it's 4:25am. Ugh... I'm so glad that this week is now officially over. And this upcoming week is going to have lots of exciting things in store...
Katie's friend, Lex, is coming into town Wednesday, and the 3 of us, plus Sophie and Brent, are gonna go see a show at the improv theater. I'm really looking forward to meeting this guy. Katie keeps mentioning little things about him, and dropping hints that we have so much in common. Lol. She and I have been hanging out together a lot lately; I really like her. She's so much fun. It's really gonna suck next semester when she leaves to study abroad in Italy!! Bitch! Lol, I'm so jelly. ((Sigh)) Anyway, another 2 weeks and BJ will be here.
Speaking of BJ, it seems like he's been...pulling away from me or something. He doesn't call me anymore at all, and his text are becoming few and far between. I asked him if he was having second thoughts about everything and he said, no, just-(omg what are the odds, he literally JUST texted me, at 4:29am!!) Sorry. He said no, he's not pulling away, he just doesn't wanna rush things or put pressure on the situation. So that's good I guess. I dunno, I just don't really know what to make of the situation anymore. But eh...
Well, he apparently wants to talk right now, and I can't really type a blog and text him simultaneously so I am going to call him.
I'll keep you all posted on how things go with Lex this week. TTYL!