Saturday, December 31, 2011

Hottie #1 and Hottie #2


Just earlier today I was telling one of the new waitresses at my bar how I'm beginning to feel like Chicago might be a wasteland as far as guys are concerned.
And then I met not one, but two hot guys in one night!!

The first hottie was sitting with about 5 other dudes at one of my tables. They were all friends with one of the doorguys. He wasn't super tall, but he was still taller than me, dark brown hair, and dimples. Really nice, and cute. And at the end of the night, they wanted to play credit card roulette. For those of you who aren't familiar with this game, everyone at the table puts their credit card in a hat, and then someone, usually the waiter or bartender, blindly draws credit cards out of the hat until there's only one left. Whichever card is the last one in the hat, that person has to pay for the whole bill. So I was drawing out the cards, and the cute guy ended up being the one who had to pay. I felt so bad! Lol. So when I closed him out, I wrote him a little note that said,
"Sorry for picking your card!
I owe you one.
[insert my phone number here]

And I also bought him a shot. I figured what the hell, I mean it's been FOREVER since I've been with any guy, what have I got to lose!?

[Quick side note! DID NOT hook up with Gavin when I was at home. OVER IT. But that's another story...]

So anyway, after they all left, I went over to the doorguy who was friends with all of them to get the deets. And he told me that Hottie #1 lives in D.C.!!! ((Sigh)) Disappointing, but oh well.

So the second hot guy came along about an hour and a half later. I had just walked over to the waitress well for a breather, and he was there in the corner with 3 friends, all guys. I didn't really pay him much attention, because I usually ignore anyone standing close to the waitress well, in order to discourage them from invading my space. It SUCKS when people crowd the waitress well and it makes it practically impossible for me to do my job. So I get a little territorial. But anyway, he turns to me and says, "Can you tell me if you guys have any triple hops brewed beer?"
And my initial thought was that he was looking for a real hoppy beer, like an IPA or something, so I started listing off our PAs and such.
Then he laughed and went on to explain that he was joking, and that Miller Lite is actually advertised as being triple hops brewed. So that just kind of opened up a conversation window, and he continued to talk to me and I continued to stand there and be entertained. I also began to notice how incredibly good looking he was.

I would say he looks like a cross between this guy:

and this guy:

But that immediately put me on my guard, because generally a guy that good looking who just strikes up a conversation with random girl is only out to get laid. And of course guys like that know they're good looking, and they know they're charming, and they know they've got it in the bag. So I was a little wary...
But he was completely ignoring all his friends to talk to me! And then when his friends went to leave, he hesitated like he wasn't sure if he should go with them, or stay. And he stayed! BY HIMSELF just to hang out with me!
After a while though, he said he had to leave to go meet up with his friends, and he said, "Tell ya what. I'm gonna ask you for your number."
And I gave it to him. :) Didn't even have to offer.
So he left, and Abbie and I gossiped about how hot he is, till I realized he left his scarf behind!
So I pulled out my phone to text him, and saw that I already had a message from him that said, "I'm coming back, I left my scarf!"
Warren said it was cuz he wanted an excuse to come back and talk to me some more. Which is exactly what he did. He stayed and we talked till close. Finally I told him I needed to start doing some work. Lol. So he told me to call him if I wanted to go out afterwards. I don't normally go out after work cuz I'm just tired and sick of being around drunk people, but I debated...

Warren and Abbie told me I should definitely "go get laid" since it has now been over a year, yes a YEAR, since I've had sex. Ugh... And I did consider it but...I just didn't wanna throw away the possibility that maybe, just maybe me and this guy really actually did hit it off. Maybe it wasn't him just trying to get laid...

As I was pondering all these things, I got a text from Hottie #1! I was so shocked, definitely not expecting to hear from him. He said he was only in town for the weekend, but he wanted to know what I was doing tomorrow (NYE) which of course, I told him I'm working. Then he asked what I was doing before or after work, because he had no plans before, and he was heading to some after party later. But by this time, I was already losing interest in Hottie #1, due to the attentions of Hottie #2. Lol. So I texted Hottie #2 and asked him if he was out. He said yes, and we decided to meet at this really shitty bar down the street since a couple of my coworkers were going there. I texted Hottie #1 that I had no idea what my before and after work plans were, but that I'm off Sunday if he was still going to be in town.
I headed out to meet Hottie #2 and then all thoughts of Hottie #1 escaped me. When I saw him at the bar, he was just as hot as I remembered. He smiles a lot too, and you don't really realize how much guys don't smile until you meet a guy that smiles a lot. It's a total turn on.
So he bought me a drink, and we sat down at a table and talked, for about 30 minutes, until the bouncers started walking around kicking everyone out.

Then we wondered outside, still deep in conversation, and ended up getting in a cab.
"Wait, where are we going?" I asked as I closed my door.
He gives the cab driver his address. I almost protested, but then I thought, What the hell? I'm on my period and haven't shaved my legs so I'm definitely not going to have sex with him. Lol. So since I knew I was safe, we headed back to his place. He has a rather large apartment in a decent part of down with hardwood floors. Very creeky hardwood floors. Lol. It's an old building I guess. Him and his roommate had just finished painting the hallway and living room and everything was covered in dropcloths, so we headed in the direction of the kitchen...and his bedroom. And we were talking about who knows what, some nonsense, and then he said, "Ok I'm going to kiss you." And he did.
Then he kept telling me how attracted to me he is, which always makes me feel...uncomfortable. I'm just not good at taking compliments on my looks. I mean it's not like I can really take credit for it, and I don't like to appear vain, so I just never know what to say! So I said, "Thanks, I guess." and he laughed and kept kissing me.

The first thing I noticed about his place is that he has 3 guitars. And he plays VERY well. I made him get one out and play me something. HOTT.

Second thing I noticed is he's a total nerd. He likes math, and the more comfortable he got around me, the dorkier her got! Lol.

Eventually we ended up in his room. So I said, "Look, I cannot stay here tonight."
"I know, I know, I just wanna make out with you." he said. Then his roommate went into the kitchen so he shut off his light cuz for some reason, he didn't want his roommate to know he was awake. And then of course we ended up in his bed. But I did not sleep with him!! Lol. We made out, and he did get my shirt off, but that's it. And he just kept complimenting me! Lol. And we talked a lot, about, oh I dunno, random things. He did try to get me to stay. He said that as much as he wanted to, he knew we weren't going to have sex, but that he's a good cuddler. Lol. But I couldn't stay anyway cuz of Jasper! I would never just leave him like that.
And then he kept saying, "Just 10 more minutes!" But finally I had to put my foot down. It was 5am by the time I left. He walked me all the way to the train.
"So...am I gonna hear from you again? I mean it's ok if you say no, I just...would rather know is all. I don't like to play games."
"Yes you're gonna hear from me again, are you kidding me?!" He said, "And I don't play games either."
"ALL guys play games." I said.
"Well so do girls." He said.
"Well I don't. I'd rather just be honest."

So I'm really hoping that he was being honest, and that I will hear from him again, because I think I really like him....so far anyway.

He doesn't have ANY plans for NYE either! Who just doesn't make NYE plans?! Lol. Maybe I'll invite him over after work tomorrow night...
Oh yea, his name is Matt.