Sunday, November 11, 2012

My "Friends" Suck.

Tonight was the biggest disappointment ever. The only person from Houston I saw was Ali. Ugh.... So over everything right now. Why does my life have to suck so bad??

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Another Missed Opportunity

((Sigh)) Well I spend the last couple days in a depressed funk. Sunday I didn't eat at all, and spent the evening polishing off a bottle of wine and crying, alone, in my apartment, like the pathetic spinster I apparently am. It just totally caught me off guard. I mean I just talked to Todd last week about getting together over Christmas break. And now I have to hang out with him and his fiancé and it's just going to be an awkward, depressing, bitter experience for me. I mean I know we have drifted apart and our friendship has undergone a lot of strain over the past couple years, but... I just didn't expect him to get engaged. Especially not so soon. And especially not to her. I dunno why, I mean, they've been living together for a while now, and they've been together for long enough that I should have seen it coming. I guess I just thought...7 years...if he hasn't figured out whether or not he wants to marry her yet, then it's probably not meant to be. And I always thought there would be another chance for him and me... I mean I've always had this Taylor Swift "You Belong With Me" feeling about Todd. Literally, that song pretty much describes our friendship perfectly, at least it did at one point. I dunno, now I just feel foolish, and disappointed, and so....empty. Another day, another opportunity missed.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Just saw on facebook that Todd proposed to Laura tonight. My heart just broke a little a lot.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

The Arch Nemesis

Sorry I haven't written in a while, it's been a crazy couple of weeks... But it is November now, and the worst is ALMOST over.
So BJ never ended up coming. Something happened with his job, and he was reassigned to a new area, or some shit... I don't really know, it doesn't quite make sense to me, but his trip has been postponed to who knows when. And since then he's sort of just stopped talking to me, so I give up. I doubt it would have worked out anyway. If he comes to Chicago, we'll go from there, but otherwise it's no sweat off my back.
So this upcoming weekend, a bunch of my old coworkers/friends from Houston are coming up to Chicago for the Texans vs. Bears game. And I took next Saturday night off so that I could see everybody. JC might be crashing with me again, Ali is coming with her boyfriend, and Sheila and a whole bunch of people from my old bar. Unfortunately, I just found out that this also includes my arch nemesis. She apparently just invited herself along, last minute! Because of course, no one would actually invite her to come. She is that person that even if you don't invite her, and don't tell her where everybody is going to be, she is just always there anyway! I looked back to see if I've ever blogged about her before and I couldn't seem to find her. So maybe I've just never called her by name, but her name is LIZZIE. Yes, that is her real name. And she is like fucking Voldemort. I seriously hate her. If I could get away with setting someone on fire, it would be her. She is a slutty, man-stealing, selfish, self-centered, dirty, slorefaced biotch. And she is a horrible person. And nobody likes her. She is one of those girls that has NO girlfriends, because nobody can trust her around their boyfriend. And because she is a horrible person. Ugh I JUST FUCKING HATE HER!! And she's coming here! And now I'm expected to like hang out with her?! FUCK THAT!! I really do not want to see her AT ALL.
I don't want memories of her in this city. This wonderfully clean-slated, innocuous city. I don't want to be thinking about how she was constantly flirting with Brandon at work, in front of me, when we were together, or how she hooked up with him a bunch of times, and probably still is along with the rest of the state of Texas. I don't want to think about her ugly, rat-like face, her nappy ass hair extensions, or her overly large vagina. I just...@#$)*(@Q#$&^(@#*OB$&CO!@#V&!!! I HATE HER!!
So now what do I do??
I told JC and Ali and Sheila that I do not want to be in the same room as her. And Ali hates her too, so she and I agreed that we would try to do our own thing. But Sheila and JC think everything will just be fine, and I should just let it go, because "it was a long time ago". When a bitch fucks with your relationship, and then sleeps with your boyfriend right after you guys break up and then has the audacity to look at you in a way that says, "haha I got him to dump you and now we're fucking, I WIN" you don't forget something like that very easily. It doesn't matter if it happened 10 years ago, or 10 minutes ago. FUCK.THAT.BITCH.
I mean I don't hate very many people. I don't! I think I'm a pretty easy-going person, and I'm easy to get along with, and I mostly like everyone. But there are certain things that are just unforgivable, and what she did is one of them. Not to mention, I'm not the only girl she's done it to. Yea, Bethany's friend Amy. Super sweet girl, sooooo nice, it's impossible to not like her. She and her boyfriend worked together at this bar. Amy was a bartender and her boyfriend was a doorguy. Well Lizzie just started showing up there, alone, and pulling up a stool next to Amy's boyfriend and flirting with him for his entire shift. Amy told her boyfriend she thought it was weird, and that she wasn't comfortable with Lizzie coming into the bar, so then Lizzie started coming in and sitting down at the bar, right in front of Amy, just to spite her. With that stupid smug look on her face. And then of course Lizzie ended up sleeping with Amy's boyfriend, and (duh!) Amy found out and was heart-broken. And right after that happened, Lizzie came to work at my old bar, with me and Brandon.
I really don't think I'm capable of being "The Bigger Person" if I have to be around her. Especially not if I'm drinking. I know I just need to stay away from her, but I don't know if that is going to be possible next weekend. Because I swear, if she tries to talk to me, let alone come near me, I will not be responsible for my actions.

In other news, hooked up with Matt again last night and it was awesome! Afterwards we just laid there and talked about stuff for like an hour. I was hoping he might actually stay the night, but he didn't. ((Sigh)) Is it possible to transition from booty call to dating? Cuz I think he and I might actually...work. We have a lot in common. I dunno, maybe I'm just getting too sentimental. Well whatever, at least I can have sex when I want it. I should just be happy with that, right? Right???