Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloweenie!

OMG! I just bought a brand new Canon SLR camera with 2 Canon lenses! I finally had enough money saved to get one, and I've been due for an upgrade for years. I'm so excited!!
Also, Lexi and I are buying our plane tickets to Orlando tomorrow! So many great things are happening right now! I'm so happy and busy that I've hardly had time to worry about boys! Lol. Not that that's a bad thing. These are definitely welcome distractions.
So how was everybody's Halloween weekend?? We were slammed at the bar, of course. Which is good cuz I definitely need the money, as always. Last night, Abbie and I had a PJ party at her place. We watched scary movies and drank wine. It was so nice to just relax after a long busy weekend. And I really like Abbie! She's a lot of fun, and goofy like me. I finally feel like I'm starting to find my niche here, and make some potential good friends. :)
But anyway, I seriously can't believe how fast this season is going by. I swear I'm gonna blink my eyes and it'll be Christmas already! And I'm so excited for this holiday season! I have so much fun stuff planned!
Tomorrow I have my second piano lesson. I'm not as prepared as I'd like to be, cuz I had critiques all week last week, but I've definitely been practicing really hard the last few days, and I can already tell I'm improving. So hopefully he'll notice... Keeping my fingers crossed!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Making Music Again

So my piano lesson yesterday went great! In fact, it ended up lasting two hours instead of one. I barely made it to class on time, but it was worth it! This guy has a really unique approach to teaching music. And I can tell that it's going to keep me interested, and practicing, and making myself improve. And to top it all off, he's throwing a party for his students in a couple weeks. Everybody shows up, meets each other, eats, drinks, and performs, of course! And he told me he wants me to come, and play my Chopin. So I have 2 weeks to polish it up before then. But I'm excited! It'll be fun to meet some more new people, and it's been so long since I've had something to actually work towards, ya know?

Anyway, today was not such a good day... I slept through my alarm this morning and was two and a half hours late to my critique!!! For those of you who don't know about critiques, they are the equivalent of a major test in art school. Everyone shows their work, and everyone critiques each other. As soon as I realized what time it was upon getting out of bed, I immediately began to panic. I was tornadoing around my bedroom with a steady stream of curses coming out of my mouth, literally flinging on sweat pants, putting my hair in a ponytail until finally I ran out the door. Lucky for me, my teacher is nice, and she knows how hard I've been working, so after I apologized profusely to her for being late, she said she knows I'm not a slacker, and I can just show my pieces after lunch. *Phew!* I guess hard work really does pay off sometimes. Crisis averted! I had another critique in my next class, which went much better than the first one, thank God! So now I have a couple of weeks to just...breathe. Although I have so many ideas and so many things I want to do now (art project-wise) that I'm still going to be rushing (read: stressing) to cram everything in before the end of the semester. But at least I'll have something to show for it, hopefully.

On a side note, if anyone needs to be entertained, like really entertained, I highly recommend you read this: http://thebloggess.com/2011/06/and-thats-why-you-should-learn-to-pick-your-battles/
A friend forwarded it to me and I seriously laughed out loud through most of it! And there are pictures! Haha.

Also, if you guys know any other Bedroom Blog readers looking for some new reading material, please send them my way!! There might just be something in it for you! ;)

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The End of An Era

OMG! I have so much to write about today, but it's all completely unrelated. Lol. So I'm gonna try to keep this as organized as possible.

1) Does anyone else read Cosmo's Bedroom Blog? Because Jessica Hulett just ended it!! I'm so sad! I LOVE Bedroom Blog and it was one of the biggest contributing inspirations for my blog! The first time I read it, it just got me thinking like...Omg. I could totally write about this stuff and it would all be true! But now that K's blog is over, it's also got me thinking how much I appreciate you all as my readers! I mean I probably wouldn't bother to write if no one was reading. It's just nice to know there's someone out there listening, ya know? So anyway, I'm sad that she's ended the blog, but now I feel like I need to step it up over here so you guys still have something to read!

2) If any of you are ever confused about someone I refer to in the blog, use my search engine! (In the voice of Rob Lowe) I literally spent hours, a few months back, going through all my posts and adding labels and tags for everyone and everything so that you guys (and me, hehe) would be able to find stuff more easily. And since I am a real person, it's hard for me to keep track of EVERYONE I know and everyone I blog about. I know it can get confusing. I mean think about how many people you interact with within just one year, and imagine trying to tell someone about every single one of those people, and then expecting them to remember them all. Cuz that's basically what you guys have to do. Hahaha. So yea, use the search engine in the left margin, underneath the list of posts, etc.

3) Tomorrow I'm taking up piano again! I found a really badass (albeit, expensive!) teacher in the area. I'm excited but also nervous, because things didn't go so well with my last piano teacher. I mean I liked him, I just didn't really get what I wanted to out of the lessons and it ended up just turning into another source of stress. I actually had a nightmare about it last night! Ugh... But today I practiced and it reminded me why I'm doing this: because I love it! And from what I've read/emailed with this new teacher about his methods, I think it will be a pleasant and rewarding experience. So I'm excited! I'm just going to do it every other week too, so I won't be trying to cram too much into my already hectic schedule.

4) My cousin Lexi and I are planning a trip to Harry Potter World in January! I'm so excited!! She's like the only person I know who's as big of a HP nerd as I am, and she's never been to the park, so I suggested we go together! Lol. And January is the perfect time to go because flight prices are so low after the holidays, and the weather will be nice and balmy in Orlando around that time. :) Lexi is in her first semester of college, so she had to get the go ahead from her parents, money-wise. But her birthday falls just around Christmas, so she's getting the trip as a Birthday/Christmas present. Unfortunately I'm not going to be so lucky, but I got time to save.

5) Speaking of the holidays, did I mention that Sophie and I are taking our Dad to one of Todd's games?? He scored us tickets for Christmas break! I'm so excited!!!

6) I have a new admirer. His name is Ted. Lol. Ted and I have a few random connections. One being that he's Brent's brother Taylor's roommate, and two being he's a friend of one of my coworkers (Abbie). I met him at the bar when he came in to visit Abbie one day, and he's been persistently pursuing me ever since. And even though I'm not really attracted to him, I like him. Not like like, I just...like him. He's cool, and funny. And did I mention persistent? Anyway, I feel like I should probably introduce him to you guys now, in case something comes up in the near future, which I think it will...

Well I think that's all I have for now, but I'll definitely be back later this week! Ciao Bellas!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Guess Who's Single Again???


And guess who's going to be seeing (screwing?) him again in December?



I think so.

Sunday, October 16, 2011


Every once in a while I get these random sharp pains of sorrow and nostalgia about Evan. I miss him so much. He really was one of the best friend I ever had. It makes me so sad that he doesn't even want to try to maintain our friendship. ((Sigh))

Thursday, October 6, 2011

An Ambiguous New Friend

So I'm taking a photo lithography class this semester, because I thought it would be an awesome way to tie in some new medium with my work. And so far so good! It's nice to really do some work with my hands once in a while. The class is a long one, 6 hours straight, but only once a week. It makes it easier to actually get some work done. Anyway, there's this guy in my class, Grady, and we've sort of chummed up because everyone else in our class sucks. Lol. Basically, he's got a very loud, in your face personality, which I happen to find entertaining, but most people can't handle. So we've become project partners, and have spent a lot of time together the last 2 classes. We finally started printing this week, after many lectures, and tearing paper, making film, and plates, etc... It's a lot of work, basically. So finally, today, we got to print some stuff. And boy did my hands get dirty! I'm still digging ink out from under my fingernails and I've washed and scrubbed my hands so many times they're raw!

But anyways... Grady is most definitely gay. He's flamboyant, he teases the TA, Andrew, in a slightly flirtatious way that makes him very uncomfortable, and he's always talking about his stylist. And I don't mean his hair stylist. But there's a point to me telling you this, which I'm getting to now...

So today, during our lunch break, which we were late taking because we got caught up in work, Grady has this brilliant idea to get cocktails with lunch. At first, I didn't think he was serious, but when he dragged me into Bennigan's and ordered 2 Goose on the rocks I finally believed him. But he was buying so I just sort of laughed and went along with him. We were only supposed to take about a 30 minute lunch, but it turned into an hour because we were actually at a sit down restaurant, as opposed to a grab n' go. And we were having a great time, bitching about the annoying people in our class, and talking about our jobs, and just life in in general. He's a really fun guy! I mean, not someone I'd want to spend every waking minute with, but definitely a fun guy.

So then he orders a second round! I tried to protest, even to the waitress, but Grady wasn't having any of it! And of course, by the time the waitress actually brought the drinks, we both had to literally suck them down because we were going to be late getting back to class! On our way back to class, Grady starts singing, "That's What Friends Are For" very loudly, and scared a little old woman. Then he went into a fit of hysterical giggles, complete with snorting and tears, which I couldn't help but catch. We literally almost didn't make it back to class. It was quite ridiculous. Lol.

"OMG Grady, get it together, or I'm going in there without you!" I said as we were about to reach the door to our classroom.
He was still having fits over that old lady he scared.

"Are you drunk??" I asked him, laughing.

"NO! Are you kidding me?? If I was drunk we would be having sex in public right now!" He slapped my arm jokingly.

At this remark (which was actually more graphic when he said it, I just can't remember the exact wording), I was literally speechless, and it took me a second which seemed like an eternity to recover, because never in my life have a known a gay man to refer to himself having sex with a woman. NEVER. And it's not like I'm living under a rock or anything, guys! So I kind of just laughed it off like "yea right". But then I started to wonder... And I noticed he said something else about gay men always hitting on him, because he's so "friendly". And then he mentioned how everyone in Austin is bi, but not gay, and he thinks it's weird or something. Oh yea! And when we were rolling out ink, he said something about "gay hands". So... WTF?? Grady HAS to be gay. Whether he's admitted it to himself, or to the public, I'll shit a poodle if he's not! I mean, he has a purple iPhone, a purple backpack, he works at J. Crew, carries a Louis Vuitton bag, with a matching hand mirror and makeup bag full of different kinds of chapsticks.

Is it rude to flat out ask someone if they're gay? I just get the feeling that someone in his position probably gets that a lot. I mean I definitely think he is, but I don't want to offend him. And he definitely implied that he's not gay. So what gives?

Sunday, October 2, 2011

A Night Out With New Friends

So ever since I moved to Chicago, Bethany has been pestering me to hang out with her friend, Carissa. She put us in touch and Carissa and I texted back and forth several times, but whenever she would invite me out, I was always working, or at improv class or something. So last night, I had the night off and I didn't want to waste it, so I texted her to see if she was doing anything. And sure enough, she told me where he crew was at and told me to get my ass up there ASAP. So I put on a cute new outfit, fixed my hair, pulled on my boots and I was out the door.
No more sitting at home thinking about where I must have gone wrong with Bill!
The bar I met them at was big, and really pretty awesome. TV's and people everywhere, good music, and hot bartenders. My kind of spot! I finally found them in the back at the bar. Carissa and I hugged and exchanged, nice to finally meet you's and then she introduced me to her friends: Briana, Ross, and Reggie. It turns out that Briana and I actually met a couple of weeks ago through another mutual friend. So we sat and chatted, and I sucked down drinks as fast as I could trying to catch up with everybody. They had all been drinking since 3pm, while I was still at work. Ross bought us all a round of shots, and everybody was so cool and so nice, it felt like I'd known these guys for ages!
About an hour later, we all decided to head to another spot. While we were outside hailing a cab, who walks up, but Wes! WTF? It's a small world. But he knows Carissa apparently, which I supposed shouldn't surprise me. All us Texas people seem to know all us Texas people. Lol. But Wes didn't come with us, I didn't see him again after that. We went to Reggie's place, which is a really nice high rise loft overlooking the river. We all shotgunned beers on his balcony, and then left. Lol.
So we headed to Carissa's favorite bar after that and it was PACKED. I mean seriously packed. So we walked around looking for a spot to chill, and the guys got separated from us. Briana decided to bail cuz she was too drunk and she gets embarrassed being drunk in public. Lol. So then it was just me and Carissa. We talked, and she laughed at the fact that I'd never heard of, let alone been to, any of the bars that she frequents. It feels really strange not knowing the bar scene like the back of my hand the way I do in Houston. But it's almost liberating. Everything is new and exciting again!
Eventually Ross and Reggie made their way back to us, and we decided to hit up yet another bar. Haha. Carissa was hungry and knew about a good spot that was still serving food. When we got there, 2 more guys and another girl showed up! A guy who's name I never got, a girl who's name I never got (but they were both cool!) and Josh. Josh immediately saw me and was like "Fresh meat!" and sat down right next to me. Hahaha. He was really sweet and we talked about New Orleans for like 30 minutes. He's about to open a bar somewhere in town.
We all grubbed on the best nachos ever and then headed to our next destination. Everywhere we went there were ridiculous lines, but somehow we never had to wait in any of them! Someone always knew someone! It was great. But at the next bar we went to, only us girls got in and security wouldn't let the boys in. So Carissa took me in just for a short tour, cuz she said this is the spot to be, and I just had to see it. But we didn't stay, cuz it was cold outside, and we didn't want to keep the boys waiting. But when we got back outside, they were gone! Apparently they got tired of waiting for us, so us 3 girls hopped another cab to the bar the guys were at. This place was also superpacked. It's been so long since I've been like out out on a Saturday night, I guess I forgot what it's like! It was already almost 3am, so we decided this would be our final destination for the night. Ross and I pretended we were twirling 2 jump ropes, double dutch style, and got random strangers to pretend they were jumping rope. It was hilarious. Josh teased me about my high heels and told me not to wear them again. Lol. But in a joking way, not a serious insecure kind of way.

"You have to come tailgating with us tomorrow!" Carissa shouted over the blaring music.

"What time?"

"We're meeting at my place between 9 and 10."

"Man...I don't know if I can do that. I mean I really want to, but I only got 4 hours of sleep last night cuz I had to be at work at 9am today! And I never took a nap!" I laughed.

"Well you should try to come! It's going to be a lot of fun, everybody's going!"

"Alright, I'm in!" I agreed maybe a little too readily, but I'm not in a position to turn down really fun friends!

Before we left, all the guys asked me if I'd be there tomorrow. I assured them that I would be, and said goodnight to everyone. Carissa and I split a cab home, and she told me she'd text me in the morning.

I didn't make it to the tailgate, however. I completely slept through my alarm! I don't know how any of them managed to get up, considering how much drinking they all did yesterday. But I might still be meeting up with everybody, I'm just waiting to hear back from Carissa if they're going out after tailgating.

So YAYYY for new friends!! :D

A Good Night

Just had the best time ever! And it had nothing to do with Bill.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Just Another Let Down

After what I thought was a great date, I haven't heard from Bill since Tuesday. And I was the one that texted him. ((Sigh))
Over it.