Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloweenie!

OMG! I just bought a brand new Canon SLR camera with 2 Canon lenses! I finally had enough money saved to get one, and I've been due for an upgrade for years. I'm so excited!!
Also, Lexi and I are buying our plane tickets to Orlando tomorrow! So many great things are happening right now! I'm so happy and busy that I've hardly had time to worry about boys! Lol. Not that that's a bad thing. These are definitely welcome distractions.
So how was everybody's Halloween weekend?? We were slammed at the bar, of course. Which is good cuz I definitely need the money, as always. Last night, Abbie and I had a PJ party at her place. We watched scary movies and drank wine. It was so nice to just relax after a long busy weekend. And I really like Abbie! She's a lot of fun, and goofy like me. I finally feel like I'm starting to find my niche here, and make some potential good friends. :)
But anyway, I seriously can't believe how fast this season is going by. I swear I'm gonna blink my eyes and it'll be Christmas already! And I'm so excited for this holiday season! I have so much fun stuff planned!
Tomorrow I have my second piano lesson. I'm not as prepared as I'd like to be, cuz I had critiques all week last week, but I've definitely been practicing really hard the last few days, and I can already tell I'm improving. So hopefully he'll notice... Keeping my fingers crossed!


~J said...

Glad you have been enjoying yourself, seems like Chicago is a much better fit for you. :)

On a completely off-topic note.. I FINALLY tried a Kolache for the first time EVER! My dad brought some back from his recent trip to Texas and OOOOHHHMMYYYGOOODD! You were right! They are freakin' awesome!!! I can't wait to have them again! I found a recipe online for the dough, am thinking I'll try to make them soon and see how close it is. I wish I could order them online and have them shipped to me!

A said...

Heya! Long time reader -just started blogging recently. Would love it if you checked it out! http://wishingawaygoodbye.blogspot.com/

Also I have the same camera - im BEYOND obsessed. YOu will be too!!!!!