Thursday, October 27, 2011

Making Music Again

So my piano lesson yesterday went great! In fact, it ended up lasting two hours instead of one. I barely made it to class on time, but it was worth it! This guy has a really unique approach to teaching music. And I can tell that it's going to keep me interested, and practicing, and making myself improve. And to top it all off, he's throwing a party for his students in a couple weeks. Everybody shows up, meets each other, eats, drinks, and performs, of course! And he told me he wants me to come, and play my Chopin. So I have 2 weeks to polish it up before then. But I'm excited! It'll be fun to meet some more new people, and it's been so long since I've had something to actually work towards, ya know?

Anyway, today was not such a good day... I slept through my alarm this morning and was two and a half hours late to my critique!!! For those of you who don't know about critiques, they are the equivalent of a major test in art school. Everyone shows their work, and everyone critiques each other. As soon as I realized what time it was upon getting out of bed, I immediately began to panic. I was tornadoing around my bedroom with a steady stream of curses coming out of my mouth, literally flinging on sweat pants, putting my hair in a ponytail until finally I ran out the door. Lucky for me, my teacher is nice, and she knows how hard I've been working, so after I apologized profusely to her for being late, she said she knows I'm not a slacker, and I can just show my pieces after lunch. *Phew!* I guess hard work really does pay off sometimes. Crisis averted! I had another critique in my next class, which went much better than the first one, thank God! So now I have a couple of weeks to just...breathe. Although I have so many ideas and so many things I want to do now (art project-wise) that I'm still going to be rushing (read: stressing) to cram everything in before the end of the semester. But at least I'll have something to show for it, hopefully.

On a side note, if anyone needs to be entertained, like really entertained, I highly recommend you read this: http://thebloggess.com/2011/06/and-thats-why-you-should-learn-to-pick-your-battles/
A friend forwarded it to me and I seriously laughed out loud through most of it! And there are pictures! Haha.

Also, if you guys know any other Bedroom Blog readers looking for some new reading material, please send them my way!! There might just be something in it for you! ;)

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Houston Mama said...

I originally found your blog about 3 months ago from the Bedroom blog link. I'm also a long-time reader of The Bloggess. She's from the Houston area too. She makes me laugh harder than almost anyone else.

Glad to see you writing more lately - especially since the Bedroom blog is finished.