Monday, February 25, 2013

The Mortal Instruments

So this post isn't really going to have much to do with what's happening in my life right now BUT...

I've been rereading/catching up on The Mortal Instruments series, in light of the new book coming out next month, and the movie in August. And I'm sort of pissed about most of the cast that they chose for the movie. Sooooo I created my own cast! And I wanted to share it here. Have any of you guys read the books?? What do you think of my choices? Keep in mind, this is based on looks alone (mostly), from the descriptions in the books.

I actually do like Lily Collins for Clary, but only if her hair is like this!! I'm pretty sure, based on the stills I've seen that in the movie, it's a darker, more fake looking red. I soooo wish she'd dyed it like this for the role cuz I really think she pulls it off well.


Jace... Now he's the character I'm the MOST pissed about, because A) Jamie Campbell Bower is hideously ugly, and even if he is attractive to some, he does NOT have A&F Model looks as described in the books. Also, JCB is BRITISH. Jace is AMERICAN. Well, he's technically from Idris, but still, he spent most of his life in New York and therefore would NOT have a British accent. 

But I had kind of a hard time choosing a guy to play Jace, so I narrowed it down to 3. Who's your fav?

Hayden Christensen - super hot, but might be a tad old to pull off a teenager...



Alex Pettyfer. I actually hate this guy, but he has the perfect look, and definitely the arrogance.