Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Five Love Languages

OMG the party yesterday was so much fun! The boat was much nicer this year too. It had an actual indoors on the bottom deck, with AC and everything! We just spend the entire day parting, drinking, and swimming out in the sun. And luckily, it didn't rain! :)
Afterwards, Brandon and I were so tired, we just passed out.
Today, I had work a private party in the back bar, which really sucked, and basically was just a waste of my time. I mean I had to be at work from 6 to 11 and I didn't even make a hundred bucks. Lame... So when I finished, I texted Law School, cuz I figured he'd be up, studying for his Bar Exam next week. And sure enough, he was. So I asked him if he wanted me to pick up some takeout. So I got us some Taco C and headed back over to his place for grub.
About a week ago, he recommended that I buy this book, The Five Love Languages. So I got it, and I've been reading it. I'm almost done. Have any of you heard of it?? It's an amazing book! It basically talks about the 5 main ways that people like to give and receive love. They are:
1) Words of Affirmation
2) Quality Time
3) Gifts
4) Acts of Service
5) Physical Touch
And it's really given me some insight into my relationship with Brandon, because he's not a very touchy-feely person, and that's always bothered me. But now I've figured out that his love language is Acts of Service, so I can better appreciate the way he shows me he loves me. :)
So Law School and I ate, and talked and then we discussed the book, and we both took the quiz at the back to figure out what our primary love languages are. Mine is Quality Time, with Gifts being a close second. His was Quality Time also; his second one being Physical Touch. It's weird, because I thought I was Physical Touch, mainly because that's the one thing I crave the most from Brandon. But that's just in our relationship. As far as my relationships with friends and family members go, Quality Time is the most meaningful to me.
I strongly recommend that you guys check out this book! I got the Singles Edition, cuz the original one is for married couples. But anyone can read the original book too.
Well, back to what I was talking about... Law School and I just had a good time talking and hanging out. It's nice to have somebody like him who's just...there. For me to talk to or hang out, or just whatever! That reminds me, it's been a while since I've seen or heard from Evan. And I miss him. :(
Well, I'm off tomorrow. I gotta go home and pick up my glasses from the eye doctor. Then it's a visit to the parents, and maybe even Cecilia! I haven't seen her in a while either.
Oh! Who went and saw the new Harry Potter movie??? IT WAS EXCELLENT!!

Saturday, July 18, 2009


So when I got to work Thursday night, the first thing I heard was that Kate was a no-call, no-show on Wednesday. LMAO. I can't help but feel a little responsible for this. And a little giddy. I knew she wouldn't last.
The past 2 nights were decent, but considering how broke I am, the money still isn't enough! For some reason, I've only been getting 3-4 shifts a week since I got back from Europe. I may have to bring this up with Mr. S... Well, there's still tonight, I suppose.
And Monday, is the boat party!! I can't wait! It's gonna be so much fun.
In the meantime, I have tomorrow off, and Law School and I have tentative plans. I've decided that since Brandon has been so adamant about me not chasing him, I'm determined have my own life and my own friends, even if they're guys. And I've already talked to Law School about the whole "Can guys and girls have completely platonic relationships?" and he said, "Absolutely!"
So I don't have to worry about him expecting anything else. We just get along really well, and we have a lot of common interests. He's like one of those people that you meet, and feel like you've known for years. So conversation flows easily, and it's never awkward. So we may hang out tomorrow night, but his bar exam is next week, so who knows! He may just study all day like he has been for the past week. We'll see...

Well, I guess I don't really have much else to blog about as of right now. I'll try to post again Monday night or Tuesday!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Spontaneous Trippage

Since I've been back, I've been doing a lot of partying with my coworkers. And it's been awesome! And Tuesday it was somebody's birthday, so naturally, all of us were out. Including Brandon and I.
In the midst of all our partying, Cameryn, one of my managers, asked us if we wanted to go to Austin tomorrow. All the managers had been invited to some huge party, hosted by Dos Equis, and hotel rooms were already paid for, etc. Brandon was hesitant at first, but I talked him into it.
So Wednesday afternoon, Brandon, me and Sheila, another one of my coworkers, all headed out to Austin together. By the time we got there, it was like 7:30, and Mr. P, Cameryn, DJ, Mark, Ali, Blinn, and The Albanian were ready and waiting for us. So we jumped in the van, and we were off! The castle where the party was being held was about an hour and a half outside of Austin. So we stopped and picked up some beers on the way (don't worry, we were being chauffeured). By the time we got there, it was about 9:30, because we had to make several stops for bathroom breaks. Lol. This place was literally out in the middle of nowhere, and there were cars everywhere. And cops, and buses, and people walking around in the middle of the street... It was complete chaos!! The cops were trying to shut down the party, and weren't letting anyone else pass. All of us were pissed, but especially DJ, cuz he had friends in there or something. But we just figured, what the hell! We're in Austin, let's head back and hit downtown. So we left.
Once we got back into Austin, the van dropped us off at the bar of Mr. P.'s choosing, and we got started on the shots. I seriously don't think I spent a penny all night, between Mr. P. and Blinn buying us all rounds. Brandon, Mark and I smoked a little reefer too, so we were startin' to feel pretty good! After about an hour, we headed to 5th Street, and planted ourselves in another bar. We took more shots, danced, and just had an amazing time! It was so much fun! And I've never gotten to see Brandon dance before, so it was pretty hot.
Me and Brandon, Sheila and Mark were sharing a hotel room , so when we got back to the hotel, we all went in the bathroom and smoked some more. Lol. Mark is the biggest pothead ever. Blinn and The Albanian stopped by our room, and Blinn was wildly drunk. He took a handful of Brandon's weed and ate it!! ]
He kept saying "This tastes like sourdough!" Lol. I took pictures.
This morning, I was surprisingly not hungover, but I was exhausted, and my memory was a little fuzzy. I just kept thinking what a whirlwind adventure that was, and how much fun we had. Oh, and I kept thinking how Mark has now seen me in my underwear. ((Sigh)) Oh well.

Ok, now I wanna update you all on the new girl at work that I hate. Her name is Kate, and she just turned 20, and she constantly is throwing herself at Brandon. That's the first reason why I don't like her. The second reason, is because the first shift I worked with her was her first paid shift. And all she kept asking at the end of the night was how much money she could expect to make, and how she made $350 every Friday at her last job, and blablabla... I just wanted to smack her.
So I flat out told her, "Yea, you're not gonna make that here. You're never gonna get the shifts that make that money, because those shifts go to the people with seniority. And right now, you're at the bottom of the totem pole. So don't expect to make that."
Then she went on about how she's so used to being a big fish in a little pond, pulled out a wad of cash, and said, "See this is how much money I made at my other job last night!"
I pointedly did not look. What a stupid bitch.
If you like your other job so much, why the fuck are you working here??
Ugh... So then, Greg said something about me and Brandon, and she immediately turns to look at me and goes, "You and Brandon are together??"
"Yea." I said flatly.
"Oh... Well how long has that been going on??" She asked.
Bitch! It doesn't matter if it's been going on 2 seconds, cuz you still don't have a chance, now back the fuck off!
That was what I wanted to say.
But Greg interjected for me. "Like nine years!" He said, laughing.
I laughed it off too, but I could tell she wasn't happy about it.
Did I mention she wears crop tops, cut off shorts and dark pink old lady lipstick?? WTF??

UGH!! This girl just totally rubs me the wrong way.
And I'm not the only one. Bethany and Alyssa don't like her either, and I've heard from about 4 others that she's not their favorite person. So we'll see how long she lasts, what with everyone disliking her and all. Haha. At least she's under 21, and she won't be at the boat party this Monday. It's gonna be so much fun, I can't wait!!!

Well, I'm about to go to work now. Brandon's picking me up :), so I gotta go!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Hey guys! Not sure if you noticed, but there are few backlogged posts that I just put up. Sorry for the confusion.
Happy reading!

Home Sweet Home

I lost track of my traveling journal after that last night. We did end up making it back to Slovakia that night though. Emma and I were both so relieved to get away from Stajno and DavĂ­d! We rested up a day in Slovakia and then took a train to Prague the next day to meet up with Sophie and Brent. We had so much fun with them! And it was totally awesome to not be the odd person out for once. And of course it was just wonderful being with Sophie and Brent. Like a breath of fresh air! Prague was beautiful, and fun, and we stayed in a really nice hostel. The train was cool too, cuz I'd never ridden one before. Of course, we actually had to backpack there though, so Emma and I were exhausted and sore when we got back. And then finally, it was time for me to fly home! I was soooooo happy!
I had a plane from Slovakia to Prague, then from Prague to Amsterdam, and then from Amsterdam back to the states. But unfortunately, my plane from Prague to Amsterdam got wayyyy delayed, which made me miss my plane back into the states! I was soooo pissed. I mean I was that close to getting home! And I just wanted to see Brandon and Jasper!! ((Sigh)) But the airlines put me up in a hotel in Amsterdam for the night. The hotel was really nice, but of course it was literally out in the middle of nowhere, so I couldn't even go check out any cafes or anything. I was pretty pissed about that. Except that by this time, not only was I tired, but I was developing an eye infection from my contacts, and one of my tooth fillings had popped out! It was in pretty bad shape. I called my mom, all upset and told her what was going on, and she made me feel better, and promised to make me dentist and eye doctor appointments for the day I got back.
Brandon was originally supposed to pick me up from the airport, but since I didn't make my first plane, he wasn't able to. So my dad picked me up. The flight was long, and there was a horrible child, screaming the whole way, with horrible parents, who just continued to reward her for her horrible behavior. Ugh. I can't stand people like that. But finally I made it. And now, I'm writing to you from my couch, and I'm back, and all in one piece. ((Phew!))
I know it's been a while since I've written, and already so many things have happened since I've been back. But I've hardly had a second to spare! Here's a quick summary of what I've been dealing with.

1) I have to move. Pretty much immediately, but I found a pretty awesome place today, and I'm gonna go sign the lease tomorrow
2) Two new girls at work. One of them I like, the other one I hate, because she incessantly flirts with Brandon!!!!!
3) Brandon's Daddy issues are flaring up again. Apparently he missed his stepmom's father's funeral or something, and so his dad is all pissed at him, which led to a full-on, drunken, disaster of a night this weekend. I don't even wanna get into that...
4) Have I mentioned my new guy friend? I met him just before I left. He moved here recently, and we've hung out (in groups!) a couple times. He's just lots of fun.
5) I have absolutely no tolerance for alcohol anymore. Not since Europe. So this story I have to tell you guys.

Last Tuesday, Brandon and I decided to go out for drinks, just the 2 of us. But then, we ended up running into Tug, and it just turned into a huge group of our coworkers, and we were all partying and having a good time. This was also the first time I'd seen a lot of these people since I'd been back, so they were all buying me shots and stuff. Well, at the end of the night, Brandon is dropping his friend off at his car, so Bethany and I are waiting for him. And I plop my ass down in this tree. Please note, I didn't climb the tree, it was just a short tree, with a perfect spot for sitting, so I sat. About 5 minutes later, there were fire ants, allllll over me! And of course, by the time I realize this, they're all inside my pants and everything. So Bethany and I are frantically trying to get these ants off, and I'm freaking out, and I somehow cut my arm on a fence, pretty bad too, but I have no recollection of doing so. And then I have to take my pants off, and Tug is laughing at me... ((Sigh))
The next morning, I woke up with over a hundred ant bites. And most of them are on my ass. Seriously. In verrrrrry private places. I had a thong on that night. Ugh. It sucks. BAD. I mean, it looks like I have severe diaper rash on the side of my butt. I don't even wanna put a swim suit on!! The ones on my feet are the most bothersome though, because it hurts to wear shoes, and my toes are all swollen. ((Sigh)) So yea. That's my drunken story. It's pretty funny actually now that I think about it.
Well, anyways... I hope I've satisfied your blog cravings. Sorry I've been MIA. That's going to change now though! Now that I'm all caught up, I can start blogging regularly again. As soon as I finish editing my photos from Europe, I'll try to post some. And if there's anything anyone wants to know, please ask!! Cuz I'm sure I've probably missed some things.
Well, now I really gotta get to bed, cuz I gotta pool party to go to tomorrow! :)