Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Five Love Languages

OMG the party yesterday was so much fun! The boat was much nicer this year too. It had an actual indoors on the bottom deck, with AC and everything! We just spend the entire day parting, drinking, and swimming out in the sun. And luckily, it didn't rain! :)
Afterwards, Brandon and I were so tired, we just passed out.
Today, I had work a private party in the back bar, which really sucked, and basically was just a waste of my time. I mean I had to be at work from 6 to 11 and I didn't even make a hundred bucks. Lame... So when I finished, I texted Law School, cuz I figured he'd be up, studying for his Bar Exam next week. And sure enough, he was. So I asked him if he wanted me to pick up some takeout. So I got us some Taco C and headed back over to his place for grub.
About a week ago, he recommended that I buy this book, The Five Love Languages. So I got it, and I've been reading it. I'm almost done. Have any of you heard of it?? It's an amazing book! It basically talks about the 5 main ways that people like to give and receive love. They are:
1) Words of Affirmation
2) Quality Time
3) Gifts
4) Acts of Service
5) Physical Touch
And it's really given me some insight into my relationship with Brandon, because he's not a very touchy-feely person, and that's always bothered me. But now I've figured out that his love language is Acts of Service, so I can better appreciate the way he shows me he loves me. :)
So Law School and I ate, and talked and then we discussed the book, and we both took the quiz at the back to figure out what our primary love languages are. Mine is Quality Time, with Gifts being a close second. His was Quality Time also; his second one being Physical Touch. It's weird, because I thought I was Physical Touch, mainly because that's the one thing I crave the most from Brandon. But that's just in our relationship. As far as my relationships with friends and family members go, Quality Time is the most meaningful to me.
I strongly recommend that you guys check out this book! I got the Singles Edition, cuz the original one is for married couples. But anyone can read the original book too.
Well, back to what I was talking about... Law School and I just had a good time talking and hanging out. It's nice to have somebody like him who's just...there. For me to talk to or hang out, or just whatever! That reminds me, it's been a while since I've seen or heard from Evan. And I miss him. :(
Well, I'm off tomorrow. I gotta go home and pick up my glasses from the eye doctor. Then it's a visit to the parents, and maybe even Cecilia! I haven't seen her in a while either.
Oh! Who went and saw the new Harry Potter movie??? IT WAS EXCELLENT!!


Anonymous said...

HARRY POTTER! fantastic :) i went to the midnight show of it ( i know, i'm a nerd).

Anonymous said...

I hope you had a wonderful time overseas besides the drama! I love your posts keep them coming!

Ashley said...

Just wanted to say I appreciate all of your posts. I know a blog can be a good thing, but at times it can be difficult to write about the things going on in our lives. Thanks for writing away, and providing a look at someone else's world!

Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

i read that book in high school. we did a class on it. it was really good. mine were quality time and acts of service..

Little Miss Chatter Box said...

where are you girl, come back!!!

Anonymous said...

you haven't posted in forever :(

Anonymous said...

any more posts soon? :)

Anonymous said...

when is there new posts???????