Saturday, August 8, 2009

Changes In The Wind

The weirdest/funniest thing I've seen in a long time happened at work the other night. It was closing time, I'm entering tips into the computer, and there are these four British guys standing at the bar, waiting to close their tabs. They're all in good spirits, laughing and joking, yelling out British exclamations like, "Bloody hell!" and "Bollucks!" Lol.

Then, before I realized what he was doing, one of the guys unzips his fly, pulls out his package, and carefully places his testicles on the bar! It was pretty hilarious, and gross at the same time. But definitely the strangest thing I've seen in the bar to-date. The managers weren't too pleased about it, if you can imagine.

((Sigh)) But anyways, I've been really stressed out lately about bills. It's been slow at the bar, and I haven't been getting as many shifts as usual. Actually, nobody's been getting as many shifts as usual. They've been giving a lot of our closing weekday shifts to the managers, which, in turn, is screwing us over. I have no idea why. And I'm moving in 2 weeks, so I've got extra bills to pay this month, and I'm already behind. UGh... I dunno what I'm gonna do!!
And every time I get stressed out like this, (last time it was about my mom), it starts to bleed into my relationship with Brandon. And I get tense, and over analyze things, and I ask him tons of stupid questions, and I end up pushing him away. It hasn't gotten to that point yet, but I'm afraid it will. Lately, I just feel like we have too many rules! He's not a very touchy-feely person, so I'm not allowed to touch him so much. And I just really like to touch him! His skin is so soft, and his muscles are so hard, and I just love running my hands all over his chest...ahhhh... But every time I have the urge to reach out to him, caress him, squeeze him, play with him, I have to resist, because I know he gets annoyed by it. And ever since I've read The Five Love Languages, I've been hyper-aware of those things. Because he doesn't respond to physical touch the way I do. ((Sigh)) I gave him that book to read in the middle of last month, and he's only just started to really read it. And I feel like we're never gonna get anywhere communication-wise, until he finishes it! He hates reading. He says it always makes him fall asleep. Oh bother.

More bad news, Bethany is quitting our bar. I'm so sad! But she feels like she's been screwed by the man, and she's not making enough money, and they don't appreciate her. I can understand where she's coming from I guess, but I think she takes a lot of things too personally. But either way, she's already found herself another job and she's putting in her 2 weeks on Monday. I'm just afraid that she's gonna start working at this new bar, and make all these new friends and hang out with them all the time, like we do at our bar, and then there goes my best friend! She promised me that wouldn't happen, and she reminded me that we hang out outside of work all the time, and we'll just have to make more of an effort to hang out once she's gone. But it's really gonna suck. Work just won't be the same without her, ya know? She's the funnest (yes, I consider that a word) bartender to work with!

She suggested that I come with her, but I declined. I'm not trying to stay in this industry, I'm trying to get out! I really need to find myself an actual job, I just...don't know how. I sent my resume to my aunt, who sent it to her friend in the pharmaceutical industry, so she could critique it. Apparently the woman wrote all over it, so now my aunt is sending it back to me snail mail. I just hope it gets here soon. I'd like to have a new job by Christmas!

Ok, enough about how my life is currently sucking. Sophie and Brent just got back from their Europe excursion. They're looking for apartments in Chicago, and are planning on moving early next month. So, Chicago, here I come!! I'm thinking I'll pay them a visit in October or November. That way, they're settled in and everything. But with all the holidays coming up, who knows. I might not make it to Chicago till January.

Jenna's in town for the night, so I'm meeting her and a friend for dinner around 7. I never see her anymore, and I miss her! About 6 months ago, she moved in with her boyfriend. In another city! And she rarely makes it down to Houston anymore. So tonight should be fun. Except that I have to go straight to work after that. Oh well. I'll have a couple cocktails and then hopefully I'll be in a good mood before I get to work. ((Sigh))

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