Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Ok, I didn't mention this before, because it slipped my mind, what with everything else I've been thinking about lately. But, The Psycho has been bothering me on Facebook. I don't know why, I mean, I did not provoke him, at all, whatsoever. In fact, I had totally forgotten he and I were even friends on FB. But anyways, the day before yesterday, he commented on my status, "Fuck you."
First, I was annoyed, but then I thought, maybe he's just joking??
So I commented back on his status, "Fuck you too."
Then today, my status said, "It's not getting any easier."
And he wrote, "Good. You bitch."

WTF is his problem!??? I flew into a rage when I read that. I so don't need this right now. He is so....spiteful! Pissed off that I dumped his sorry ass because he was violent and mean and controlling. This was over 2 years ago! Get over it already!! Ugh...
So anyways, in my anger, I did something really stupid. I posted something on his FB wall. And...even though it was stupid, I don't regret it. Although, in retrospect it was probably a really bad idea. This is what I wrote:
"What the fuck is your problem?!?? I broke up with your stupid, violent, pathetic, uneducated ass because YOU TREATED ME LIKE SHIT!!! So get the fuck over it, and stay out of my life. I want NOTHING to do with you. EVER.

After I wrote that on his wall, I noticed his status. He's coming home. From overseas. Next month. And honestly...now I'm kind of scared. I mean, he doesn't know where I live. And I'm pretty sure he doesn't know where I work, although his friends do, so he could easily find out. ((Sigh)) I just...
Why does this have to happen to me now??? When I'm alone! I wish Brandon was here.


Jadeny said...

Now unfriend him fast and make your profile private.

K said...

If I were you, I'd print out a copy of his comments on your status, and delete him as a friend. OR... if you want to keep an eye on his status and know what he's up to, BLOCK him from everything... pictures, status updates, etc. Then he can't see anything. And make sure you don't have any info about where you work/live, etc. on there... Keep us updated!

Anonymous said...

By responding you're egging him on - you must know this. Grow up and stop making your facebook status updates if you don't want people commenting on them, and then delete the guys Facebook so that he cannot contact you. You're encouraging his behaviour. Grow up already. No wonder Brandon dumped you, you're a HUGE drama queen.

Peyton said...

First of all, I just LOVE it when anonymous people say rude things to me in comments. If you have something to say, and you're so confident about saying it, why hide who you are? It's just like people who talk behind other peoples' backs, but don't have the balls to say it to their face.
Second of all, I wasn't being dramatic, and The Psycho has NOTHING to do with Brandon. I wasn't writing this blog when The Psycho and I were dating, so you have NO IDEA about that relationship, or how damaged he left me. He is the meanest, most horrible person I have ever met. So how can you judge me, when you don't even know me at all?? I may have been foolish by writing him that comment, and I acknowledged that in my post, but you know what?? I'm not TRYING to encourage him. It's not like I ENJOY the attention. I acted out of anger, and the hurt that I'm feeling because of Brandon. How dare he take advantage of my situation??
So I don't regret what I did.
And I think it's complete bullshit that you think you have the right to tell me who I am, and what I should do.
And finally, if you think I'm so immature and so dramatic, don't read my blog. No one's forcing you to. And I sure as hell don't need your negative, berating judgements.

Thanks and have a great day!