Wednesday, August 26, 2009

New Level of Bummed

He changed his myspace status to single.
Why does that, of all things, have to hurt so much?
I sat at my computer and cried for a few minutes.
Thought about texting him.
Thought about calling him.
But I didn't.
But I have absolutely nothing to distract me, nothing to take my mind off how terrible I feel.
I wish I could just not care.
I wish I could just forget him.


Nic said...


I don't know what to say, I feel so sorry for you.


Anonymous said...

This is one of the reason never date a co-worker. Seeing him has to be tough. Keep that in mind the next time.

Am sorry you're hurting..

Anonymous said...

I am really glad you learned your lesson by not continuing to berate him with text and calls. Hold on to your self-respect and dignity!

You guys have broken up soo many times, there were sooo many signs that this wasn't going to work out, everyone warned you over and over..I am surprised that you are taking this so hard this late in the game. I mean I know you loved him, but you have gone through this heartbreak over him enough times by now, to have been prepared/distanced yourself.

In the future, please protect yourself better! I know you want to have a strong relationship with no walls and real intimacy someday, but you really have to learn to be more apprehensive. Eventually you will get there!

I had to learn the hard way that no matter how much you might love someone that does not guarantee that they will love you back. And enough love on your part is not going to make up for that. You cannot show someone enough love and hope that will be enough to make them love you back. It just doesn't work that way..

It's a hard lesson, but hopefully it will help you in future relationships!