Monday, August 17, 2009

Strange Surprises

So there's this guy, Ray, that I went to high school with. I never knew him in high school, but he and Melissa are friends. So a while back, he Facebooked me, and I accepted him. Ever since I accepted his friend request, I've noticed that he frequently comments on my status, notes, etc. Especially when things were not going so well with Brandon and I. He's always telling me he's "there for me if I need anything", and all this other kinda stuff.
And I mentioned it to Melissa, and she just said that he's a super nice guy, not a creeper or anything.

Well today, my FB status said, "I give up." I left my computer idle for a while, and when I went back to it, I noticed I had a new message from Ray. It said,
"I really hope things get better for you. I'm sorry you're having to go through this. I hope you check your email."

So I checked my email...
He sent me a $75 gift card to Massage Envy!
I was so shocked. I mean...this guy is practically a stranger. We've never actually officially met! And he's spending $75 on me!?!?
I thanked him profusely, and told him that he really didn't have to do that. He said,
"I know, but it's not about what I have to do. It's just what I wanted to do."
Then he went on to tell me that he just feels fortunate in life, and he likes to...make other people feel good, or something like that. I dunno what to make of this guy. I immediately texted Melissa and asked her if she knew he was planning on doing that. She admitted that she did know, and that she was the one who gave him my email address.
"He loves you!" She said.
Me: WHY??? We've never even officially MET!
Melissa: Idk. Hahaha just take it and run. Honestly, you deserve to be pampered.
Me: What??? That's crazy! I mean, I thanked him and everything, but I almost feel guilty.
Melissa: Don't. You deserve it! He's so nice.
Me: Well...I don't get it. I mean we're practically strangers and he's buying me things.
Melissa: So! He's an admirer :) There's nothing wrong with that.

((Sigh)) I ended up chatting with him online for about an hour, just about all kinds of things. He was telling about how he went out wakeboarding this weekend, and that I should come along next time. And then we started talking about horses, and of course his family has loads of those too, and he said if I ever wanted to come and ride, I was welcome.
I dunno why I'm so skeptical, it's just...not normal for a guy to be so nice. Not to someone he hardly knows. I wish I was attracted to him! Maybe then I wouldn't think this was so weird, or feel guilty about taking his gifts. But, I guess I can't really say for sure if I'm attracted to him or not, since I can't really remember what he looks like, and I'm only judging from the 4 photos he has up on his profile. Maybe he's better looking in person?
I dunno, either way. He's really sweet for doing that for me, but even if he is Prince Charming, there's no way I'm getting involved with anyone for a long time.

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Anonymous said...

Thats AMAZING..you deserve it. You should definitely have fun and get to know this guy, but take it slow like you said.

I was thinking now might be a good time to change jobs. What did you major in college? You could try to go into your field or go back to school.

That would give you something to take your mind off things and get you on the track you want to be on. Plus (eventually) you are more likely to meet guys who are serious about relationships and stuff once you get away from the bar scene. I mean the bar scene is fun every once in a while, but as a lifestyle it can get old. And it is going to be difficult to find quality guys working at bars.