Saturday, November 12, 2011

Clear The Air

Remember how I mentioned Ted a while back, cuz I thought something was gonna happen with him?

Well it happened. He texts me quite frequently, which is fine. In fact, I'd be lying if I said I didn't like the attention, but I'm not interested in him romantically at all. So I feel like I need to keep the boundaries clear, and not be too...nice. Lol. That is, too misleading. So I'm pretty curt, abrasive, and sarcastic towards him. I mean, I'm like that anyways, I just don't hold anything back. And I tease him. But that's just me! That's the way I communicate with certain people, and Ted seems to not be deterred by it at all. At least not until now. So let me just copy our conversation...

Ted: What you doing?

Me: Pinterest

Ted: Cool...I just saw a picture of you on Halloween, jealous I didn't get to see ya. I moved btw...

Me: To Canada?

Ted: No
Ted: To Ukrainian Village
Ted: Anyway also wanted to tell you that shot of you in the chair is great too... [in reference to a photo I have up on facebook]

Me: Thanks.

Ted: You're welcome. (I know that was hard for you..) [In reference to me telling him in a previous conversation to stop complimenting me all the time, cuz I never know what to say. lol.]

Me: Shutup.

Ted: Too bad you never hung out b4 I moved..

Me: Why?

Ted: Bc I'm not gonna be around up there much anymore and I doubt you'll come visit me ALL THE WAY out here

Me: Well it isn't my fault you moved to Ukraine.

Ted: It's your fault we didn't hang.


Ted: Yup stop yelling

Me: I'm not yelling. And you're the one that's butthurt.

Ted: Butthurt...wow.
Ted: You would call me butt hurt when all I was saying is I wanted to hang out but we're prob not gonna now. Nice Peyton

Me: Wahhhh!

Ted: You're a bitch

Me: Fuck you.

Ted: Never realized what a huge bitch you can be... oh wait yea I did I was letting it slide hoping you'd act normal eventually..who the fuck cares, you're gonna be bitchy? Too late. You really know how to push away guys that wanna hangout with you and thought you were cool
Ted: Bye

Me: Lol ummm...wow. You outright call me a bitch just cuz I teased you and now you're mad? You sure showed me.

Ted: Teased? No called me fucking butthurt cuz I told you I prob wouldn't see you anymore. That's fucking bitchy. You showed me, how dare I be nice to you.
Ted: Craycray

Me: Lol I'm sorry!! G's...

So that's the end...He never wrote me back after that so he really is mad apparently. Looking back, maybe I was a little bitchy, but I didn't think he would take everything I said so literally and so seriously! This was all via text message!! So much gets lost in translation! Oh, and FYI, I've only actually been in the same room with the guy TWICE!! Lol. I feel like if we'd actually had this conversation in person, he wouldn't be so pissed. ((Sigh)) Oh well. I guess I'm just gonna let him cool off and text him tomorrow. Even though I'm not interested in Ted, I still feel bad that he's mad at me. I hate going to bed knowing someone is upset with me. I just like to clear the air. No grudges.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Lost in Book World

I will blog as soon as I finish The Inheritance Cycle!! LOL. The newest book just came out!