Saturday, September 20, 2014

Dear John

I don't really have much to write, but I thought I should stop in for an update. I finally let John have it. Sort of. I mean, I'm just so tired of him jerking me around all the time, and him being completely oblivious to how much he fucks with my head! So I told him. He texted me last Friday night, and after some pointless small talk, I finally said...

Me: You know what's weird? Despite the fact that we are often in the same place at the same time, I sometimes wonder if I will actually ever see you again.
John: Valid point. I swing in different circles now so it's getting harder. Truth is, when I'm in Houston I spend a lot of time with my brother.
Me: Well it's a shame we're not going to Belize... I guess you'll never see my boobs in person ;)
John: I really wanted to go, but I haven't been as productive with work as I could've been. Procrastination is inevitable.
John: And damn. That does bring a tear to my eyes.
Me: aren't you on vacation?? I don't think procrastination is your problem.
John: That's the thing. I am on vacation whilst trying to accomplish a few tasts for work. I had to take time off in order to actually get stuff done.
Me: You're a workaholic. Among other things.
John: Haha, true, and it's not quite the balance I would like. They're two extremes. Nothing is close to middle.
John: Peyton
John: Peyton
John: It kinda hurts having the idea in my head that it could be possible that I might not see you.
John: I don't want that to happen.
Me: Well then stop being so flaky and quit jerking me around all the time. Your fickleness is giving me whiplash. I don't like it. It's frustrating.
Me: To be honest.

He didn't respond, just as I expected he wouldn't. And for like a whole day I worried that I'd been too hard on him. So the next night, I sent him another text.

"Sorry if I came off bitchy last night, but I don't think you realize how exasperating you can be. Our relationship obviously crosses over the line of friendship, and sort of has for years now, so it's hard not to attach some sort of expectations to that. And I don't think me wanting to actually see you once in a while is expecting much, but what do I know? I guess what I'm saying is, you drive me crazy sometimes with your unwitting indifference, and....sorrynotsorry."

So that's that. Still no response from him and it's been a week. So that's it. I'm not going to respond to him if he texts me again. I'm just tired of playing games and making excuses for him in my mind. No matter how weird, or different he is, I'm not gonna waste my time anymore.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

All Souls Trilogy Fan Casting

Ok, I'm currently on Book 3 of the All Souls Trilogy. Has anyone read them? They're sooooooo good! It's like fantasy/romance/historical fiction/action/thriller/mystery all rolled into one! I love it! Anyway, so I've been fancasting the books in my head the last couple days, and I just have to post it somewhere! I know this is totally random, but I just have to. I did this before, with the Mortal Instruments series as well. If any of you guys have read the books, let me know what you think!

Rachel McAdams as Diana Bishop. She can pull off the strawberry blonde curls, and the bright straight blonde look as well! And she's an amazing actress. I would be delighted if she were to tackle this role.

David Gandy as Matthew de Clermont. He has the PERFECT eyes, dark hair, and he's tall and oooooh so sexy! I bet he looks great with a beard too.

Gemma Arterton as Miriam Shepherd. She's got the look and the attitude, plus she's British! Just like Miriam.

Garrett Hedlund as Marcus Whitmore. He's hot, and has the blonde haired blue eyed surfer look going on.

Diane Kruger as Ysabeau de Clermont. This is who I've been picturing in my head as Ysabeau since the first book. The silky honey colored hair, the cold beauty... Diane is perfect!

Chris Hemsworth as Gallowglass. He's got the accent, the brawn, the shaggy blond hair, and of course, what's not to love? He just has one of those faces!

Eduardo Berastegui as Baldwin. He's hot, but kind of scary looking.

Eva Green as Louisa. This is seriously THE MOST PERFECT casting for Louisa. Stunning, yet terrifying, and just as described.

I had a little trouble with Phillipe de Clermont because he's sometimes described as looking like a kingly angel, but then he's also described as being like a lion: powerful and terrifying. Initially, I went with Charlie Hunnam, just for his looks, but then I settled on Michael Fassbender. He exudes that power Phillipe has, and he's handsome.

Jessica Chastain as Rebecca Bishop. I've noticed in some other fancasts, that people chose her for Diana, but I think she would make a great maternal figure. She's beautiful, yet also sort of wise looking and tender. So I cast as her as Diana's mom.

Simon Baker as Stephen Proctor. Diana's dad had to have that handsome, disarming, scholarly look about it. And I couldn't think of anyone better than this guy.

Susan Sarandon as Sarah. She has to have red hair of course! And Sarandon is great at playing multifaceted characters. Sarah is maternal, yet also somewhat curt and abrasive, and Susan Sarandon could totally pull that off.

Patricia Clarkson as Em. She's the old soul in the family. Kind of quiet, and very empathetic. Clarkson embodies these qualities, although her hair would have to be white for the role. Bonus! She and Susan Sarandon would make a great onscreen couple!

Gabriel Byrne as Peter Knox. This guy has been in a lot of stuff, and he has that sort of unsavory look to him that would be perfect for Peter.

Mads Mikkelson as Father Hubbard. CREEPY MCCREEPERTON RIGHT HERE! Perfect for the vampire priest.

Emma Watson as Phoebe Taylor. Although she doesn't look the way Phoebe is described physically, she has everything else: intelligence, wit, and British propriety. And she and Garrett Hedlund just make a dashing couple, don't you think??

Alex Gonzalez as Fernando Goncalves. He's Spanish, and he's handsome. :)

Daniel Samonas as 20 year old Jack. He has that innocent, yet roguish look about him. And the hazel eyes!

Elijah Wood as Christpher, Kit, Marlowe. He's perfect for a daemon. And Elijah is such an amazing actor, I'm sure he could pull of the petulance of Kit.

Evan Rachel Wood as Mary Sidney, Duchess of Pembroke. She has the look I think. And I feel like she and Rachel McAdams would have good onscreen chemistry as lab partners.

Finally, Benjamin. He was a hard one to cast, because obviously he has to be good looking, but also seriously creepy. Like serial killer creepy. So it's a tie between Cillian Murphy, the typecast creeper (top), and Francois Arnaud (bottom). I think the latter might have the advantage just because he's French though.

Well, that's it! All the major characters at least. What do you think?

In Case You Were Wondering...

Well...I don't think I'm going to Belize. Nothing happened with Dustin while I was in Houston, and Kyle was here last weekend, and he basically blew me off.
So I guess things are back to normal in my life. ((sigh))