Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Boy Drama

I've been spending so much time at Daniel's, that I've hardly even had the opportunity to sit down at a computer!
Austin last weekend was...ok. I mean there were just too many people, all wanting to do their own thing, and it ended up being more stressful trying to cram everything in, than it was fun! But during the day, Shane, Izzie and I did go to the greenbelt for a swim, and that was a blast! Shane's new house is awesome, and I like her roommates too. Shane and Izzie got into a little tiff on Sunday because Shane didn't want Izzie to bring her husband to brunch. Sometimes, Shane can just be really...bitchy! I mean, I dunno how else to put it. But I felt really bad for Izzie, cuz she really wanted to hang out, but she had already spent the whole day with us the day before, and her poor husband just wanted to spend some time with her! But Shane made her feel unwelcome, so she ended up not coming. I talked to Izzie about it on Monday, as I was driving home, and I apologized to her and told her I wished she would have come.
I ended up going over to Daniel's and I've spent every night there so far! And we've been having so much fun! Tuesday after work, he took me for a ride on his Ducati. OMG! It was AMAZING! Talk about a major turn-on...
We went to a couple bars to meet up with his friends, and then on our way home, I asked him to stop by my work to see if they had put up the new schedule yet. Well, they hadn't, but as I was walking back out, Gavin and Sierra were standing outside, and Daniel was sitting on the bike, in the parking lot, with the engine running, just waiting for me.
"Wow, that guy sure has on some tight pants!" Gavin said, and laughed.
I stopped, turned around, and looked at him, incredulously.
"Jealous much?" I said, and walked off.
Since when did he become the authority on fashion!? He doesn't even know how to dress himself! Seriously! And Daniel is actually a pretty good dresser, thank you very much! Not to mention, he wasn't wearing tight pants. At least not any tighter than a normal pair of jeans. He was sitting on a bike! Ugh... I just couldn't believe that. Seriously.
But whatever, I rode off into the night on a motorcycle with a hot guy, while he got to the stand there and watch with his annoying, 20 year old girlfriend. Ha!

Wednesday, Daniel and I went out again to meet his friends, and we had a minor disagreement about his smoking habits. Basically, he got kinda drunk, but I didn't since I was driving, and he just kept smoking and smoking! And I hate that! Plus he was kind of ignoring me, and I don't know any of his friends. So I was getting irritated. Then when we were in the car, driving to the next place, he asked me what was wrong.
"Well, you know I don't like smoking, and if you're actually trying to quit, that's fine. But I don't understand why you have to do it in front of me!"
"I can't believe you right now." He said.
"Why not?? You knew from the beginning that I can't stand smokers. And I'm sorry if I feel like I shouldn't have to lower my standards for anyone. I mean, not to sound cocky or anything, but other guys do ask me out."
"Oh so you're just settling for me then??"
"NO. I'm not. I really like you, which is why this bothers me so much!" I protested.
"Let me out of the car." He said. We were in the middle of the street.
"What? No!" I said, and locked the doors.
"Just let me out. I can walk from here."
"No you can't. How will you get home? I'm not letting you out."
"I'll find a ride, just let me out!"
"Seriously??? Are you really getting this dramatic on me right now? Why can't you just talk to me?"
"Because. I have nothing to say to you." He said. And then he got out! (We were at a red light.)
So I turned the car around, and ended up parking it in some random person's driveway and literally chasing him. So ridiculous...
In the end, we talked and worked it out, but I still haven't forgotten his dramatics. I mean, he apologized to me that night, and then again the next morning. And he admitted he was pretty drunk, but who wants to deal with that kind of drama!? I thought I graduated from high school. ((sigh))

Saturday, April 26, 2008

A Crappy Situation

Alyssa and I finally talked about the whole situation about Daniel and I. It just seems like since Daniel and I have been dating, it's been harder for me to talk to Alyssa about...stuff, because I don't wanna weird her out! I mean, like I mentioned in my last post, most of the things I would normally tell her, I didn't wanna bring up, because it was her brother!
I asked her if she thought I was being stupid, dating him I mean. And she said, "Well, no... I mean, just be careful. It's just that most of the other girls he's dated were really stupid, or immature, or psycho... And I didn't like any of them. But you're smart, and cool, so maybe things will be different with you."
Then she asked, "Omg! Are you sleeping with him??"
"WHAT?! No!" I said.
"You're lying!"
"No! I'm not! I mean, even if I was, would you want me to tell you??"
She paused before responding.
"Yea... Well, no! Well, actually, yea. I would want you to tell me. Just don't give me any details!"
We both laughed, and I agreed to keep her updated on the status of our relationship.

Now I have a funny story for you guys. It may be a little TMI but...what the hell. It's freakin' funny! I went over to Daniel's last night after work. It was about 4 am, so he was already asleep but he had left the door open for me. I crawled into bed with him, and we talked for a little bit before drifting off. The next morning, he got up, got ready for work, and I kissed him goodbye and fell back asleep. I had to work at 5 today, so I had my work clothes with me and was planning on having lunch with Daniel and then getting ready.
He came home for lunch around 1, we went out for sandwiches, and then he went back to work. So I showered and starting getting ready for work. Well it was about that time that I suddenly had to go to the bathroom...pretty bad. And let's just say I didn't have to pee. Lol. For some reason, my bowels almost completely shut off when I'm away from home because I don't like to go number 2 in public places. I think it's a subconscious thing. So then usually, as soon as I get home, I have to go! Lol. So it was kind of like that. As soon as he went back to work, I had to go. So I did. Haha.
Well, his apartment is pretty old, and the plumbing isn't exactly up to par. I mean the water pressure sucks, for one, and the toilet is ancient. So somehow, I clogged the toilet. And it wasn't as if I took a huge dump or something! I swear! So I tried flushing like 3 times, to no avail. It just kept filling up and then slowly draining back down. So I started looking frantically for a plunger, but he didn't have one anywhere! How does a guy, who lives alone, not have a toilet plunger!? I mean I practically tore apart both his bathrooms.
So I tried using the toilet bowl cleaning brush. That was a bust. Nothing was working! So I decided to go buy a toilet plunger. The nearest store was Whole Foods, and they didn't have any cleaning supplies. A little further down the road, a Bed Bath & Beyond! Perfect! I scoured the store till I found the bathroom supplies and the only plunger I found was 50 bucks!! WTF?!?
"I don't need a stainless steel container with my toilet plunger!" I thought.
And I definitely didn't wanna waste 50 bucks on that! So I left in search of a grocery store. Finally, a Kroger. It took me about 15 minutes to find what I was looking for; then I walked up to the cashier, holding nothing but a toilet plunger. She gave me a questionable, but sympathetic look, which was enough to make me blush furiously. ((Sigh)) SO embarrassing. I got the hell out of there as fast as I could.
When I got back to his apartment, the toilet was full almost to the brim with water!! So I had to very carefully unclog it. But alas! It worked! No mess. And he'll never know! Hahahaha. I was so relieved.
Can you imagine how embarrassing that would've been if Daniel would have come home to a clogged, poopy toilet, with no one to blame but me!? Lol. Ahhhh! The horror!
I told Alyssa about it while we were talking today, and she thought it was hilarious. At the time, I was completely panicked, but in retrospect, it's pretty hilarious.

((Sigh)) Anyway...I'm going to Austin tomorrow cuz it's Jenna's birthday this weekend. I'm staying with Shane though, cuz some of Jenna's other friends are going, and they're all getting a hotel. But I don't have money to blow on hotels, and it's been a while since Shane and Izzie and I have hung out. So I'm killing 2 birds with 1 stone, and it'll be a blast! It seems like forever since I've spent the weekend in Austin. I am gonna miss Daniel though... He's got his daughter this weekend so I'm sure he'll be preoccupied. Well, that's all for now! I'll try to write as soon as I get back!

P.S. Brian is STILL calling me!! Today, he told me that he was gonna keep pursuing me until either Daniel and I are officially a couple, or until he "get's what he wants". WTF?!?

Demetri Of The Day:
“I noticed that there are no B batteries. I think that’s to avoid confusion, cause if there were you wouldn’t know if someone was stuttering. ‘Yes, hello I’d like some b-batteries.’ ‘What kind?’ ‘B-batteries.’ ‘What kind?!?’ ‘B-batteries!!!’ and D-batteries that’s hard for foreigners. ‘Yes, I would like de batteries.’”

Monday, April 21, 2008

Just Can't Get Enough

((Sigh))... I seriously feel like I've been swept off my feet! It's kind of silly actually, I mean it's only been 3 weeks. But they've been so surreal. I've spent probably 5 out of 7 nights at Daniel's house this week. And we're just...getting to know each other, taking it slow. Nothing too physical! He's just the sweetest guy to me. After our argument last week, he's been so much more...attentive I guess. I mean he's been really careful not to let that happen again.
And the more I get to know him, the more multifaceted his personality becomes! It's so exciting! Lol.
I mean at first he was this shy, mysterious guy, and then he became less shy, but more mysterious. And now he's funny, and goofy, and always making me laugh. But he's also sweet, and he likes to cuddle. :) But still dark and mysterious....and sexy. Haha.
Maybe I'm falling head over heels for him too!

Alyssa and I sort of avoid the subject of him when we hang out though. I mean, normally I would totally gush to her about this stuff! But since he's her brother...I'm not sure she'd wanna hear about it. And Daniel told me they avoid it too. So, I don't think she really knows what's going on with us and I'm not sure how to tell her.

Last night Daniel and I talked about what our goals are for the next 6 months. What do we want in life? And that stemmed into a conversation about commitment. And he said he doesn't want me to see other guys, and I told him I don't want to see other guys. And he said he doesn't wanna see other girls either.
It's like we have this...unspoken respect for one another. And I really like that.

Yesterday, someone tagged him in a photo on myspace. It was a picture of him and his daughter, and he was kissing her on the cheek, and she was making a funny face like, "Get off me!" and I couldn't help but say, "Awwwwe!" because it was just the sweetest thing! And then I thought, "Omg what has gotten into me?!" Because normally the idea of dating a guy with a kid would totally freak me out. But...with him it's just different. I dunno...

Well, I'm heading over to his place now! I just can't get enough of this guy! :)

Demetri Of The Day:
Graffiti… I don’t like graffiti, unless it teaches me something, you know? Like “Oh, that’s how Alex feels about Maria. I wouldn’t have known if I had not walked by there, thank you.” Graffiti’s the most passionate literature there is, you know? It’s always like “Bush sucks!”, “U2 Rocks!”. I want to make indifferent graffiti. “Toy Story 2 was okay!” “I like Sheryl as a friend, but I’m not sure about taking things further”, “This is a bridge!”, “That guy’s right!”

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Our First Fight

Yesterday I did a photoshoot with Bethany, which went awesome by the way! And then we went and had Mexican food and margs, and we still had plans to do our usual Wednesday night gig; cocktails in midtown. Daniel and his friend, Ronny were supposed to meet up with us at 10:30. So we both got all dolled up and headed to Pandora, which is our new favorite Wednesday night spot.
Did I mention that Daniel's phone is shut off?? Yea...I mean seriously! What is it with these guys and their phone bills?! Sheesh... So anyways, Daniel told me he was gonna call me from Ronny's phone. Well, 10:30 rolls around and still haven't seen or heard from him. So I was starting to get a little annoyed. Especially since 2 of Bethany's guy friends were there, and I felt a little out of the loop with no one to talk to.
Well, finally they show up! And the first thing the 2 of them do is say hello, and walk off to the bar by themselves. But hey, no big deal, they were just getting drinks. So then they come back and join us, and I suggest we go sit down on one of the couches. So Bethany and I walk over to the couch and sit down, and I look up, and Daniel and Ronny are gone!! I was already peeved by this point, and the fact that Daniel seemed to be more into Ronny than me, was starting to piss me off. They literally disappeared for about 15 minutes, before it occurred to me that they probably went outside to smoke.
Yes, Daniel smokes. I know, I've broken up with guys for less than that, but Daniel's smoking doesn't really bother me because 1) I can never smell or taste it on him, and 2) He doesn't do it that often. In fact, I think he mostly just does it when he's with Ronny.
Well, 5 more minutes go by before they come back inside, and take a seat on the couch across from us! I was sitting smack in the middle of the couch, I mean there was plenty of room for Daniel to sit next to me, but he chose to sit across from me, next to Ronny. Weird. So I beckon for him to come over and sit by me, and we talk for about 10 minutes. And then, he gets up and disappears somewhere with Ronny again. By this time I was so pissed off, I hardly noticed when one of Bethany's friends approached and sat down.
"Hey, I'll be right back." I said to Bethany. She just nodded in acknowledgement and continued talking to her friend. I walked over the bar nearest the patio, and offered to by the bartender a shot. I mean I didn't wanna drink alone. She accepted and ended up buying the round. I stood there for a while and people watched, and just stewed in my frustration. Then someone taps me on the back. It's Daniel. And he has 2 other strange guys with him. One of them was a sleazy 5o-something year old who kept making really cheap passes at me. I tried at least 3 times to make eye contact with Daniel, just hoping he would notice that this guy was bothering me, and help me out. But not once did he look in my direction!! I must have been steaming at the ears by this time. So I grabbed my drink, and pushed right past Daniel without saying a word, and went to go find Bethany.
She was at the other bar, with her friend ordering shots. I told her what had happened, and that I was pissed, and she suggested we go back over there. But by the time we got there, he was gone again. ((sigh)) So we had a couple shots and stayed where we were.
Then finally, I get a text from Ronny's phone.

"Where are you?"
"Back bar." I responded.

Then they appeared again.

"Oh my god! You guys are still here??" I said to Daniel, my voice dripping with sarcasm.
"We were just looking for you." Ronny said.
"Hm. I'm surprised you even noticed." I said.
"What's the matter?" Daniel asked.
"Nothing. But if you just wanted to spend your night with Ronny, you didn't have to bother coming to meet up with me and my friends." I said.
"What!?" He seemed genuinely surprised.
"Um...hello?!?! You've hardly said 2 words to me since you've been here! The only person you've spoken to is Ronny!"
"Wait... Are we fighting right now??" He asked.
"YES." I said.
"Well you just walked away without saying anything earlier! I didn't think you wanted to hang out with me." He countered.
"Apparently you didn't notice that nasty old man practically humping my leg."
"Yea! You were standing right there, and you didn't even notice! I didn't even think you noticed when I walked away!"
"Well I did." He said.
He looked down, his brow furrowed.
"I'm sorry." I could tell he meant it. "I just...I'm shy around people I don't know, and Ronny is like...a comfort zone. I didn't mean to ignore you. I really do wanna hang out with you."
All I could do was sigh. I mean what do you say in the heat of an argument when your opponent genuinely apologizes??

I drove him home that night, and we talked. About his issues, and mine, and we just...worked it all out! He promised not to ignore me when Ronny is around again, and he kept apologizing to me. Then he told me that he's so head over heels for me, I don't even realize. :)

Everything he said was like...the right thing to say. Almost too perfect. And I don't know if this is the cynical side of me that's questioning everything he does, or if it's instinct. But I'm starting to really like this guy...

Demetri Of The Day:
"I wonder what the word for dots looks like in braille."

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Separated At Birth?

Well, Sunday on the boat was a blast!
But remember the boy I mentioned? The one with the crush? Well apparently it's a bigger deal than I thought! His name is Brian. And not only is he determined to pursue me, despite the fact that he knows I'm seeing someone, but he reminds me so much of my ex, The Psycho, that it's frightening. I mean they dress the same, they kinda look alike, they use the same expressions, they write the same, they like all the same stuff (including me, haha!), they even have the same haircut!!! It's insane!!!!!! I mean, I can't even look at the guy, let alone talk to him, without getting the willies!
One thing I can say for Brian is, he's definitely got The Psycho's good qualities. Lol. That is, if he has any. Maybe The Psycho is Brian's evil twin. Lol. I mean, when I first fell for The Psycho it was because he was the "bad boy". You know, dangerous, with tattoos and 2 different colored hair and mohawk, and he stunted bikes, and was really into extreme sports, etc etc... I mean he was very talented at all those things, like motocross, and water skiing, and skating. But he was just the biggest dick ever. And Brian isn't a dick. Actually, if his persistence wasn't so annoying, it might even be a little endearing. ((sigh)) I just feel sorry for the guy. Because even if I wasn't seeing Daniel, I would never be able to get past the whole youremindmeofmyex thing.

As for Daniel, things are still going great! He emails me all day, every day when he's at work. And we hang out a lot, and stay at his place a lot. But it's never gotten past heavy making out. He's actually quite the gentleman. And I like that about him. We just lay in bed and talk and cuddle. We enjoy each other's company. I mean it's not that I don't want to sleep with him, because we definitely have chemistry. But I'm being cautious. Because why would Alyssa tell me to be careful around him, unless she had a good reason to? She's one of my oldest, best friends. And he's her brother. So it's not like she's out to ruin his life or anything. She loves him too.
But so far so good.

Tonight he actually showed up to my work with dinner, because I had mentioned earlier that I wasn't going to have time to eat. :) How sweet was that? Then he begged me to come over afterwards and stay the night. When I assured him he would be fast asleep by the time I got off work, he said he'd leave his door unlocked and give me his gate key. But Bethany and I have a photoshoot tomorrow (well, technically today), and I need my rest, so I told him sorry, not tonight. And I could totally tell he was disappointed.
He told me last night that I just don't realize how much he likes me, and that he hopes I'll stick around. ((sigh)) I do really like him...

Anyways, on Friday I'm miraculously off work, so Melissa and I are taking a 1 night trip to Austin. It's been so long since Melissa and I have gone out together, and I miss her! So I'm really excited! And tomorrow after our shoot, Bethany and I are gonna go out for some cocktails before I meet up with Daniel.

I know I haven't been very good about updating lately, but honestly it's because I've been spending so much time at Daniel's! Maybe I should start bringing my laptop with me... Well, I'll try to do better.

Demetri Of The Day:
"I was in a shoe store and the guy called me boss, and I said, “Yea, can I just get those sneakers in a 10?” And uh, he said, “Okay” and then he went down stairs. He came back and he said, “I don’t have a 10, I have a 9.”
“Oh great, because while you were downstairs, my toes were severed off. So that works out. Normally it would be stupid for you to tell me a number different than the one I said, ’cause it goes with my body part. But given my very recent accident, you’re right on. I’ll take the 9’s and a pile of band-aids, thank you. You’re re-hired ’cause you’re a genius."

Saturday, April 12, 2008


This week has kind of gone by in a haze...but a good kind of haze!!

Tuesday I got my new car (YAY!) and then went to work, and then Wednesday, me, Daniel, Alyssa, and her boyfriend, Russ, went to the Astro's game. We had a total blast just goofing off and cheering and drinking.

Except that we lost. :( Oh well.

Then I took Daniel home, and I went inside with him cuz we were gonna watch some TV. But TV turned into making out and passing out on the couch again. Lol. So we eventually got up and went to his room. We made out some more before finally falling asleep.

The next morning, he had to get up early to go to work and I hung out in his bed for a while and slept. Then he came home on his lunch break and cuddled with me in bed for a while...that was nice. :)

Things are just going so...well with us, it's hard to even consider the fact that this is the same guy Alyssa keeps warning me about. I mean, she's told me that he's irresponsible, etc etc..and apparently all he does is break girls' hearts. So I'm definitely gonna be careful but...he just doesn't seem that way to me at all! And I don't wanna judge him too soon ya know? Because that wouldn't be fair. And I don't wanna let the things I've heard ruin the chances of something great happening. ((Sigh))
So I'm just taking it slow with him, and seeing what happens for now. That's the plan anyway.
Tomorrow I'm going out wakeboarding with some girls from work!
One of the waitresses, Jen, used to work with me and Alyssa way back in the day, and she has a friend with a boat, and she invited me a couple other girls from work to go out last week. I know I didn't mention it before (I guess I forgot) but this will be my second time going out with them. And we had a blast last time, so I'm really excited! The guys are really cool, and one of them, in particular, apparently has a huge crush on me, but I'll get into that more later. I got a busy day ahead of me!

Demetri Of The Day:
A quick way to start a conversation is to say something like “What’s your favorite color?” A quick way to end a conversation is to say something like “What’s your favorite color…person?”

Monday, April 7, 2008

Good News

After taking a little break from blogging, I've decided that I do miss it, and I just can't quit! However, I'm going to disable comments from anonymous users. That way, you all still have the freedom to voice your opinions, but we're all on a more level playing field.

So anyways! Lots and lots of good news!!!

First off, Daniel and I have been hanging out and I just love him! Not like, love love, obv, but you know, I really love his company. The more time I spend with him, the more he opens up. And he's cute, and funny, and a little weird, but in a super adorable way. And he still acts a little shy. I mean he hardly ever makes the first move. And he's never tried to go past just kissing. Even when we are kissing, it's like he's afraid of getting ahead of himself, and he pulls away. Lol. He says I make him nervous, but I think it's kind of sweet. :)

Sunday night I went over to his place to watch a movie. And he promised me that next week he would take me out on a "real date", because he's a little strapped for cash right now. We watched Donnie Darko, which is one of my all time favs, and then just sat on his couch and talked (and kissed!) into the wee hours of the morning. We ended up passing out on the couch, and at about 5 am, we stumbled into his room and fell asleep immediately.

Then this morning...er...afternoon, we got up, hit the drive-thru and hung out on his couch all day! :)
The best part was, we got the watch the Astros beat the crap out of the Cards, and we held hands! :) :)

Have I ever mentioned how much I love baseball???
We're going to the ballgame together on Wednesday!
I seriously can't stop smiling, even as I write this.

The other good news is, I found a new car!!!

After a week of gruelling car shopping with my dad (who happens to be the world's worst backseat driver!), I finally found a nice, used, red Honda Civic in my price range! And Daniel is going to drive me over to the dealership to pick it up tomorrow afternoon. I'm so excited!!!

Now, I do have some more exciting news...in the drama department.

In my bar.
Standing in front of my service well, with all his friends on Saturday night.
He drove all the way down here from Huntsville just so he could literally stand in front of me for an hour and ignore me. When I first saw him, I threw a piece of ice at him to get his attention and said, "What? You're not gonna say hi to me?"
His response??
He rolled his eyes, turned around and stalked off. Not a freakin' word.
What a little bitch!
I know the only reason he came down here was to check up on me, try to piss me off, and watch me squirm! But I definitely didn't give him that satisfaction. After he blew me off I didn't make any more attempts to talk to him. But I didn't ignore him either. I took the high road. I was nice to all his frat boy friends, and served them drinks with a smile. ((sigh))

And to be honest...I feel really good about everything with BJ now. And not just because of Daniel, but because BJ obviously hasn't changed from the spiteful, immature boy who screwed over one of my best friends 2 years ago. And I always knew it would never work out between us anyways. So the way I see it, I saved both of us a lot of time and trouble.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Free Ride

Disclaimer: I wrote this post on Saturday, and kept it private, but I decided to go ahead and give it to you guys. I'm still on the fence about continuing to blog, although your comments are encouraging. But I'm still thinking about it.
So, without further adieu...

The other day at work, Megan and I made plans to hang out, cuz we like...never get to hang out! And we both had a night off, so we decided to go out. And I told her the whole story about Alyssa's brother, and that I was planning on inviting him. The more the merrier!

Well, Daniel has been writing me on myspace the past couple days. And yesterday he told me in an email that on Thursday night, the fuel line on his Ducati busted, so he had to walk his bike all the way home! Poor guy! So I told him he should come out with with Megan and I, and drink away his sorrows. Lol. And I offered to pick him up.

So I met Megan and her house around 9:15, and then I drove us over to Daniel's to get him. He looked hot, as usual, in his long sleeve jacket, and ripped jeans. He has tats all up his arms, but he never shows them! He always wears long sleeves, which is so damn sexy, for some unknown reason...

Well it just so happened, that one of the bars in midtown was having it's grand reopening, so drinks were free! At least for part of the night anyway...
So we chilled there for about an hour, and had several free shots, and then we headed over to a local patio bar. It was a little too crowded in there for us though, so we just had one drink and then left. We must have gotten an earlier start than we thought because when we got back in the car, it was only 11:30!! So we went over to our shot bar for a couple rounds. Tugg was working, and The Albanian, and they gave us more free shots! Then Jake The Door Guy showed up. I dunno what he was doing there, because he wasn't working, but he asked if he could tag along. I was kinda reluctant, but...introductions were made, and then we all piled back into my (rental) car to head over to Pandora.

Pandora was apparently the place to be! There was a crowd, but not so thick you couldn't move, so that was nice. Plus, I know the bar manager, so he bought us a round. Then we all sat down at one of the booths, that just happened to be next to some private party. It was a bunch of girls, with like...6 bottles of Veuve champagne, and several empty glasses. Well, Megan snatched a glass on the sly and we helped ourselves! Lol. Nobody was any the wiser, because for all they knew, we were part of the party! Haha, so...free champagne for us!!

We danced a little, and Daniel and Jake chatted a bit. It was a total blast! Megan was definitely wasted! Lol. Being married and all, she doesn't get out very much. I stopped drinking early, since I was the DD. But out of the 3 of us, I probably have the highest tolerance anyway, because Daniel was pretty drunk! Apparently, he never does shots. Lol. Megan offered to let us stay at her place for the night, and Daniel was considering calling into work the next day, but decided not to. So I drove him home. And when we got to his apartment, I started to get butterflies in my stomach. I mean, we'd been flirting the whole night! He would put his hand on my leg, or put his arm around me and stuff like that... I mean, he was mostly subtle, but the signals were clear.

So we get to his place, and he tells me he had fun, and thanks for driving him, etc etc... Then we exchange goodbyes... And he gives me a hug! That's it! Just a hug! I mean, I know he's shy and all, and granted, I did make the first move last time... But I was just so disappointed! All I wanted was a kiss. ((sigh))

Perhaps I'm making myself a little too available for him. Because he's always been interested, but I've always just kinda not paid attention to him, ya know? So I guess I'm gonna have to play a little bit of hard to get. Which I hate to do, cuz I hate playing games but...I dunno. It's worth a shot I guess. Maybe he just needs to muster up some courage! Lol.

But he's been emailing me all morning! :) So well see...

Demetri Of The Day:
“I like video games, but they’re really violent. I’d like to play a video game where you help the people who were shot in all the other games. It’d be called ‘Really Busy Hospital.’”

Friday, April 4, 2008

A Farewell Message...

Ok look. I know to most of you, I'm just this...faceless, blogging entity, but I am a real person. With real feelings. And I've been putting myself out there, as flawed, and human as I am, in this blog, for you all to read. And it was fun at first, but it's not fun anymore. It seems like all I get is criticism from most people. And I know I shouldn't let it bother me, because none of you really know me, but nobody can handle constant criticism all the time. Nobody likes to come home from a rough day and read about what a shitty person they are on their own blog. Nobody wants to second guess everything they do, because some group of strangers thinks you date too many guys.
In the end, it all just starts to wear you down.
So I'm not even going to bother defending myself. Say whatever you will about me...I'm pussing out, or I'm a slut, or a bad friend or...whatever.
I'm just done.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

All In The Family

Last night, me, Jenna and Alyssa's superhot brother, Daniel all made plans to hang out. A couple of weeks ago, Alyssa came up to work with Daniel, and I had mentioned that he was hot. It's weird cuz he has always said that about me, but I was just never attracted to him...until now. And it's not like anything has changed really it's just...I dunno! I always just thought of him as Alyssa's brother. So he myspaced me and we chatted back and forth about inconsequential things for a couple days. Then I told him he should come hang out sometime. So last night, he did!

I met Jenna at her apartment, and then she and I took her car to a small lounge called Metro. Daniel met us there soon afterward. He looked smokin' hot too! He's got the whole tall, dark and mysterious thing going on. Anyways, he's a lot more shy in person than he is on myspace! So it was kind of hard to draw him out. But luckily Jenna and him already knew each other, so we all had a great time!

Oh, and did I mention he rides a Ducati??? ((swoon))

Well, after a couple hours of bar hopping, we were all pretty tossed. Good thing we stayed in the neighborhood. So when we decided to head home, we all piled into Jenna's car to head back to Metro, where Daniel's bike was.
"Um...there's no way I'm riding my bike all the way home like this. Can I crash on your couch or something?" Daniel asked Jenna.

"Then where am I gonna sleep??" I interjected before she could answer.

"Uhhh....am I gonna have to sleep on my own couch?" Jenna said. Lol.

"No, don't be silly!" I said, "We'll figure something out. I can sleep in your bed with you!"

"Or I can sleep on the floor; it doesn't matter." Daniel said.

So we headed back to Jenna's house. She wasted no time getting ready and hitting the sack, but Daniel and I sat on her couch for a while, watching a replay of the baseball game. We sat for a while, and talked some more. I'm a huge baseball fan, so we talked about the Astro's for a while.

"Well, I'm pretty tired..." Daniel said, as he fell sideways onto the pillow.

"Yea me too." I grabbed another pillow and set it on his side. "Do you mind?" I asked as I laid my head down on the pillow and started to make myself comfortable. He didn't answer, but I could hear his heart beating a hundred miles a minute through the pillow, and I couldn't help but giggle.

"Are you nervous or something?" I asked. "Your heart's beating really fast."

He turned away, grinning bashfully.

"I can always go sleep in Jenna's bed, if you want..." I said, still smiling.

"No no, stay." He said.

And then I kissed him! I just couldn't resist anymore. He was looking at me with those fathomless dark eyes. And he had this crooked, bad boy grin...so sexy! And he was an amazing kisser! We kissed for about a minute, and then he pulled away, kind of suddenly. I started to giggle again.

"What's so funny?" he asked.

"Nothing really, it's just...you're Alyssa's brother!" I burst into another fit of giggles.

"Well, yea...you're Alyssa's friend!" He said.

"So?" I said, and moved to kiss him again, but he turned away.

"Did I say something to offend you?" I asked, kind of shocked, and definitely embarrassed that he was turning down my advances. I mean, just a moment ago, we were full on making out!

"No, it's just...you're quite the player." He said teasingly.

"What!? I am not! What are you talking about??"

"Don't you have a boyfriend?" he asked.

I sighed deeply before responding. I should have known Alyssa would have said something. I mean, she definitely warned me to stay away from him, but I never listen.

"No. I don't. At least not anymore. It just...wasn't working out." I finally answered.

Then he kissed me again.

"Your hair is so amazing." He said as he ran his fingers through it. "It's the softest hair I've ever felt."

"Nah...it's just thin. I wish it was thick, like yours." I said, and I grabbed a handful of his thick, black hair and gave it a tug. His eyes immediately rolled back and he sighed deeply. He was melting like butter. I smiled and kept running my hands through his hair. He was enjoying it about as much as a dog likes to have his belly rubbed.

We kissed some more, and I pulled his hair some more...

"You have to stop doing that." He said, breathlessly.

"Why? You seem to be enjoying it..." I said coyly.

"Yea but...it feels too good. It's making me..." He trailed off, and I kissed him some more.

It didn't get any farther than that. Just kissing and hair pulling, hehe, and we eventually fell asleep. Both of us, squished, on the couch. Lol.

But all day today I couldn't stop thinking about him! I sent him a message on myspace telling him I had a really good time, and that we should do it again soon. And he wrote back, very enthusiastically, and said yes, we should hang out again, ASAP!

When I told Alyssa about it, all she could say was, "Eww! He is such a man whore! Ugh!" To which, I couldn't help but laugh. Apparently, I'm not the first of her friends he's kissed. But I think I actually like him! And that is so not good. I mean, he has a 4 year old daughter, and he has a history of being irresponsible but...yet...I find him so irresistible! He's just got this really raw sex appeal, and I just can't help myself!

Now, I know what you're thinking...it's too soon after BJ, and maybe he's just a rebound but... No. I mean Daniel and I have had this chemistry for at least a month, but I never acted on it because I knew in my head that he was sort of off limits. You know, being Alyssa's big brother. And then I ended up with BJ, so I sort of just put Daniel out of my mind. But...now I can't stop thinking about him! And he's tall! And he's sexy! And kind of dangerous, but really sweet, and shy, and mysterious. And he rides a motorcycle!! AHHHH!

So I'm not sure what I'm gonna do but...I plan on going out with Jenna again tomorrow, and I think he may be joining us!

Demetri Of The Day:
"It was my friend’s birthday and I was mad at him, so I sent him a card. It said happy birthday, but I put quotes around the word “Happy”… sarcastic birthday, douchebag."

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Now What??

Wow, can you believe it's April already??? Time to turn another page on my Harry Potter calendar.

So you guys are seriously not going to believe what happened at work last night.
These 3 girls came in around 11 or so. And by this time, it was just me working by myself, cuz Monday nights are always slow. And these girls were hammered, not to mention trashy....ugh. They were wearing muffin top jeans and extremely low cut shirts.
Well, these 2 guys walk up and start talking to them, and apparently one of the 2 guys was one of the 3 girls' boyfriend. Well, this boyfriend dude, already had a tab open with me, and he had asked to close it. Well his card was declined, so I asked him to come over to the side of the bar, because I didn't want to embarrass him in front of everyone.
So I was like, "Hey, John, could you come here for a sec?" and I gestured over by the DJ booth.
Well John's girlfriend (apparently) gave me a realllly dirty look, and started talking shit about me immediately to her friends. I just kind of looked at her like, "What's your problem?" but I didn't say anything.
So John walks over to the DJ booth, and I'm like, "Hey, sorry to drag you away, but your card was declined. Do you have another card? Or do you just wanna pay cash or something?"
And he is pretty drunk too, so he says, "Oh come on Peyton! You know I'm gonna take care of you!" And proceeds to put his arm around me. I just kind of gave him an awkward smile.
"Ok well, I can try your card again if you want..."
"Sure baby, here try this one." He says, and hands me his Amex.
Right about then, the drunk trashy girlfriend just pops out of nowhere and shoves me!
"Bitch! Get the fuck off my boyfriend! You think I don't see you lookin' at me like you're better than me??" She yells.
I was pretty much too shocked to react at that moment, but I managed to give her a really confused "whatthehellareyoutalkingabout" look.
"What?! You're not gonna say anything?! Don't you fuckin' stare at me like that bitch!" And she shoves me again.
At this point, I was starting to get pissed. Slow nights are always a pain in the ass to work by yourself, because it's usually boring, there's no one to talk to, and the people that are drunk on a Sunday or Monday night, are always these kinds of people! And I dunno where the managers were either...probably off doing inventory somewhere.
"Seriously. You better get the hell out of my face right now." I said to her in a barely audible voice.
And now, she's like "Oh! What are you gonna do?! You think you're the shit just cuz you're the bartender??"
And her boyfriend is trying to drag her away, but she's just pushing him off her. And I'm just standing there, fuming.
So she gets back in my face again, and I just don't know what came over me! I hit her!
I punched this bitch in the face, so hard, and she sort of fell backwards, like in slow motion, and John (the boyfriend) caught her, and just sort of stared at me with this shell-shocked look on his face. And I snatched his credit card off the bar, turned around, and ran his tab. Then I calmly walked back over to them, and handed him his bill.
I didn't say anything, and neither did he. The girl I hit was heading towards the bathroom with her friends.
And that was when Mr. P. came out of nowhere.

"Peyton. You have to go. Now." He said.
I was still like...too shocked to process anything that was going on. So I took my bar towel out of my back pocket, grabbed my purse, and just left. I didn't clock out, I didn't say anything to anybody, I just left.
And I'm pretty sure I'm fired. It might have something to do with that "No Hit" policy I signed when they hired me...

Hahahaha...none of that really happened, but I really had ya goin' didn't I!?!?

Demetri Of The Day:
Graffiti… I don’t like graffiti, unless it teaches me something, you know? Like “Oh, that’s how Alex feels about Maria. I wouldn’t have known if I had not walked by there, thank you.” Graffiti’s the most passionate literature there is, you know? It’s always like “Bush sucks!”, “U2 Rocks!”. I want to make indifferent graffiti. “Toy Story 2 was okay!” “I like Sheryl as a friend, but I’m not sure about taking things further”, “This is a bridge!”, “That guy’s right!”