Thursday, April 17, 2008

Our First Fight

Yesterday I did a photoshoot with Bethany, which went awesome by the way! And then we went and had Mexican food and margs, and we still had plans to do our usual Wednesday night gig; cocktails in midtown. Daniel and his friend, Ronny were supposed to meet up with us at 10:30. So we both got all dolled up and headed to Pandora, which is our new favorite Wednesday night spot.
Did I mention that Daniel's phone is shut off?? Yea...I mean seriously! What is it with these guys and their phone bills?! Sheesh... So anyways, Daniel told me he was gonna call me from Ronny's phone. Well, 10:30 rolls around and still haven't seen or heard from him. So I was starting to get a little annoyed. Especially since 2 of Bethany's guy friends were there, and I felt a little out of the loop with no one to talk to.
Well, finally they show up! And the first thing the 2 of them do is say hello, and walk off to the bar by themselves. But hey, no big deal, they were just getting drinks. So then they come back and join us, and I suggest we go sit down on one of the couches. So Bethany and I walk over to the couch and sit down, and I look up, and Daniel and Ronny are gone!! I was already peeved by this point, and the fact that Daniel seemed to be more into Ronny than me, was starting to piss me off. They literally disappeared for about 15 minutes, before it occurred to me that they probably went outside to smoke.
Yes, Daniel smokes. I know, I've broken up with guys for less than that, but Daniel's smoking doesn't really bother me because 1) I can never smell or taste it on him, and 2) He doesn't do it that often. In fact, I think he mostly just does it when he's with Ronny.
Well, 5 more minutes go by before they come back inside, and take a seat on the couch across from us! I was sitting smack in the middle of the couch, I mean there was plenty of room for Daniel to sit next to me, but he chose to sit across from me, next to Ronny. Weird. So I beckon for him to come over and sit by me, and we talk for about 10 minutes. And then, he gets up and disappears somewhere with Ronny again. By this time I was so pissed off, I hardly noticed when one of Bethany's friends approached and sat down.
"Hey, I'll be right back." I said to Bethany. She just nodded in acknowledgement and continued talking to her friend. I walked over the bar nearest the patio, and offered to by the bartender a shot. I mean I didn't wanna drink alone. She accepted and ended up buying the round. I stood there for a while and people watched, and just stewed in my frustration. Then someone taps me on the back. It's Daniel. And he has 2 other strange guys with him. One of them was a sleazy 5o-something year old who kept making really cheap passes at me. I tried at least 3 times to make eye contact with Daniel, just hoping he would notice that this guy was bothering me, and help me out. But not once did he look in my direction!! I must have been steaming at the ears by this time. So I grabbed my drink, and pushed right past Daniel without saying a word, and went to go find Bethany.
She was at the other bar, with her friend ordering shots. I told her what had happened, and that I was pissed, and she suggested we go back over there. But by the time we got there, he was gone again. ((sigh)) So we had a couple shots and stayed where we were.
Then finally, I get a text from Ronny's phone.

"Where are you?"
"Back bar." I responded.

Then they appeared again.

"Oh my god! You guys are still here??" I said to Daniel, my voice dripping with sarcasm.
"We were just looking for you." Ronny said.
"Hm. I'm surprised you even noticed." I said.
"What's the matter?" Daniel asked.
"Nothing. But if you just wanted to spend your night with Ronny, you didn't have to bother coming to meet up with me and my friends." I said.
"What!?" He seemed genuinely surprised.
"Um...hello?!?! You've hardly said 2 words to me since you've been here! The only person you've spoken to is Ronny!"
"Wait... Are we fighting right now??" He asked.
"YES." I said.
"Well you just walked away without saying anything earlier! I didn't think you wanted to hang out with me." He countered.
"Apparently you didn't notice that nasty old man practically humping my leg."
"Yea! You were standing right there, and you didn't even notice! I didn't even think you noticed when I walked away!"
"Well I did." He said.
He looked down, his brow furrowed.
"I'm sorry." I could tell he meant it. "I just...I'm shy around people I don't know, and Ronny is like...a comfort zone. I didn't mean to ignore you. I really do wanna hang out with you."
All I could do was sigh. I mean what do you say in the heat of an argument when your opponent genuinely apologizes??

I drove him home that night, and we talked. About his issues, and mine, and we just...worked it all out! He promised not to ignore me when Ronny is around again, and he kept apologizing to me. Then he told me that he's so head over heels for me, I don't even realize. :)

Everything he said was like...the right thing to say. Almost too perfect. And I don't know if this is the cynical side of me that's questioning everything he does, or if it's instinct. But I'm starting to really like this guy...

Demetri Of The Day:
"I wonder what the word for dots looks like in braille."

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