Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Boy Drama

I've been spending so much time at Daniel's, that I've hardly even had the opportunity to sit down at a computer!
Austin last weekend was...ok. I mean there were just too many people, all wanting to do their own thing, and it ended up being more stressful trying to cram everything in, than it was fun! But during the day, Shane, Izzie and I did go to the greenbelt for a swim, and that was a blast! Shane's new house is awesome, and I like her roommates too. Shane and Izzie got into a little tiff on Sunday because Shane didn't want Izzie to bring her husband to brunch. Sometimes, Shane can just be really...bitchy! I mean, I dunno how else to put it. But I felt really bad for Izzie, cuz she really wanted to hang out, but she had already spent the whole day with us the day before, and her poor husband just wanted to spend some time with her! But Shane made her feel unwelcome, so she ended up not coming. I talked to Izzie about it on Monday, as I was driving home, and I apologized to her and told her I wished she would have come.
I ended up going over to Daniel's and I've spent every night there so far! And we've been having so much fun! Tuesday after work, he took me for a ride on his Ducati. OMG! It was AMAZING! Talk about a major turn-on...
We went to a couple bars to meet up with his friends, and then on our way home, I asked him to stop by my work to see if they had put up the new schedule yet. Well, they hadn't, but as I was walking back out, Gavin and Sierra were standing outside, and Daniel was sitting on the bike, in the parking lot, with the engine running, just waiting for me.
"Wow, that guy sure has on some tight pants!" Gavin said, and laughed.
I stopped, turned around, and looked at him, incredulously.
"Jealous much?" I said, and walked off.
Since when did he become the authority on fashion!? He doesn't even know how to dress himself! Seriously! And Daniel is actually a pretty good dresser, thank you very much! Not to mention, he wasn't wearing tight pants. At least not any tighter than a normal pair of jeans. He was sitting on a bike! Ugh... I just couldn't believe that. Seriously.
But whatever, I rode off into the night on a motorcycle with a hot guy, while he got to the stand there and watch with his annoying, 20 year old girlfriend. Ha!

Wednesday, Daniel and I went out again to meet his friends, and we had a minor disagreement about his smoking habits. Basically, he got kinda drunk, but I didn't since I was driving, and he just kept smoking and smoking! And I hate that! Plus he was kind of ignoring me, and I don't know any of his friends. So I was getting irritated. Then when we were in the car, driving to the next place, he asked me what was wrong.
"Well, you know I don't like smoking, and if you're actually trying to quit, that's fine. But I don't understand why you have to do it in front of me!"
"I can't believe you right now." He said.
"Why not?? You knew from the beginning that I can't stand smokers. And I'm sorry if I feel like I shouldn't have to lower my standards for anyone. I mean, not to sound cocky or anything, but other guys do ask me out."
"Oh so you're just settling for me then??"
"NO. I'm not. I really like you, which is why this bothers me so much!" I protested.
"Let me out of the car." He said. We were in the middle of the street.
"What? No!" I said, and locked the doors.
"Just let me out. I can walk from here."
"No you can't. How will you get home? I'm not letting you out."
"I'll find a ride, just let me out!"
"Seriously??? Are you really getting this dramatic on me right now? Why can't you just talk to me?"
"Because. I have nothing to say to you." He said. And then he got out! (We were at a red light.)
So I turned the car around, and ended up parking it in some random person's driveway and literally chasing him. So ridiculous...
In the end, we talked and worked it out, but I still haven't forgotten his dramatics. I mean, he apologized to me that night, and then again the next morning. And he admitted he was pretty drunk, but who wants to deal with that kind of drama!? I thought I graduated from high school. ((sigh))


*Amber* said...

Oh there's always some drama - men claim they hate it but sometimes they do overreact, especially when stressed or drinking.

I love sportbikes!!! Please wear a helmet though, road rash may leave a scar, but you usually don't live through a cracked skull. :( And there are some BAD ASS helmets out there. :)

Anonymous said...

You were very rude to him about the smoking, lowering your standards, and other guys asking you out. I would have stepped out of the car also, but I would not have apologized. You should have.

No offense.