Monday, April 7, 2008

Good News

After taking a little break from blogging, I've decided that I do miss it, and I just can't quit! However, I'm going to disable comments from anonymous users. That way, you all still have the freedom to voice your opinions, but we're all on a more level playing field.

So anyways! Lots and lots of good news!!!

First off, Daniel and I have been hanging out and I just love him! Not like, love love, obv, but you know, I really love his company. The more time I spend with him, the more he opens up. And he's cute, and funny, and a little weird, but in a super adorable way. And he still acts a little shy. I mean he hardly ever makes the first move. And he's never tried to go past just kissing. Even when we are kissing, it's like he's afraid of getting ahead of himself, and he pulls away. Lol. He says I make him nervous, but I think it's kind of sweet. :)

Sunday night I went over to his place to watch a movie. And he promised me that next week he would take me out on a "real date", because he's a little strapped for cash right now. We watched Donnie Darko, which is one of my all time favs, and then just sat on his couch and talked (and kissed!) into the wee hours of the morning. We ended up passing out on the couch, and at about 5 am, we stumbled into his room and fell asleep immediately.

Then this morning...er...afternoon, we got up, hit the drive-thru and hung out on his couch all day! :)
The best part was, we got the watch the Astros beat the crap out of the Cards, and we held hands! :) :)

Have I ever mentioned how much I love baseball???
We're going to the ballgame together on Wednesday!
I seriously can't stop smiling, even as I write this.

The other good news is, I found a new car!!!

After a week of gruelling car shopping with my dad (who happens to be the world's worst backseat driver!), I finally found a nice, used, red Honda Civic in my price range! And Daniel is going to drive me over to the dealership to pick it up tomorrow afternoon. I'm so excited!!!

Now, I do have some more exciting news...in the drama department.

In my bar.
Standing in front of my service well, with all his friends on Saturday night.
He drove all the way down here from Huntsville just so he could literally stand in front of me for an hour and ignore me. When I first saw him, I threw a piece of ice at him to get his attention and said, "What? You're not gonna say hi to me?"
His response??
He rolled his eyes, turned around and stalked off. Not a freakin' word.
What a little bitch!
I know the only reason he came down here was to check up on me, try to piss me off, and watch me squirm! But I definitely didn't give him that satisfaction. After he blew me off I didn't make any more attempts to talk to him. But I didn't ignore him either. I took the high road. I was nice to all his frat boy friends, and served them drinks with a smile. ((sigh))

And to be honest...I feel really good about everything with BJ now. And not just because of Daniel, but because BJ obviously hasn't changed from the spiteful, immature boy who screwed over one of my best friends 2 years ago. And I always knew it would never work out between us anyways. So the way I see it, I saved both of us a lot of time and trouble.


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Anonymous said...

good for you girl!

Anonymous said...

Yea, I'm glad you are back! If you are going to disable the anonymous comments, i suppose i will have to make an account just for you so i can keep talking!
happy things are going well!

Annie said...

i am glad you found a guy that u can have fun with and enjoy ur time together... BJ is an ass so u dont need to worrie about his pertty little head.. :D Keep up the good work, love it all

DDgirl said...

Glad you're back miss!

Miss Punk said...

glad your writing again! and whatever happend to you and your job when you last punched that girl in the face or was it slap!! i guess nothing happend since your still working, I was just wondering if it was a funny story?!

Amber said...

good to hear that you made the right decision - it does sound like BJ behaved like an immature little boy.