Thursday, June 30, 2011

I Think I Like Where This Is Heading...

So last night, Lane and I tried to go to the show, but it was sold out by the time we got there! Will and Bruce were already inside, so we decided to head down the street and have some drinks in the meantime, and then catch the next show with them. So there we were again, just the 2 of us. And we just hung out and talked! It was so...easy.
So let me help you get to know Lane a little bit. He's from St. Louis, and he moved here around the same time I did, because he wanted to take improv classes! Lol. Surprisingly, a lot of the people in my class really want to become actors or comedians, or writers for SNL and stuff. And most of them have already taken classes at other comedy theaters! I just wanted to meet people! Lol. But apparently, Lane is one of the serious ones. Well...as serious as you can be about comedy. He interns once a week at another comedy club somewhere. This somewhat concerns me, cuz he apparently doesn't have an actual job. So how does he afford to go out? Pay his rent? Take improv class??? This will need some investigating... Anyway, he's the youngest of 3, with 2 older sisters. What else... Oh! He went to Tulane, and yes he has a degree! In English and Philosophy! So he's smart, which is a plus (and a requirement!). And of course, I'm totally into him, for sure now. Lol. And we text, and facebook chat frequently. Often at odd hours of the morning, since he's a night owl like me. :)

So anyway, we spent about 2 hours at the bar, till the show let out and Will came to meet us. I guess Bruce went home. So Will joined us for one more drink, before we headed back to the theater for the late show. And the show was hilarious, of course. Afterwards, we went to this little bar, called The Ginger Man. It's a really cool little dive, with pool tables, and an ancient jukebox. We met up with these two girls from Austria, who were couch surfing at Lane's house at the time. One was really skinny, and one was really big. The skinny one was shy and quiet, and the big one was loud and outgoing. So they made an interesting pair. Completely opposite in every way! But they were really fun, and friendly. When Ginger Man closed, Will went home cuz he had to work in the morning, but the rest of us still wanted to party, so Lane suggested a 4am bar called Crows. Apparently he knows a bartender there. So we took a cab and headed over there. But when we got there, the 2 Austrian girls decided to go home! Apparently they were flying out the next day. So Lane and I proceeded into Crows, alone once again. We stayed for about an hour, and I made him try all my favorites: shots of Pinnacle Whipped, UV Cake, and various Three Olives flavors. Lol. Then we had one shot with the bartender, before we headed out. He walked me to the train again. This time, we didn't stay talking till the sun came up, because I have to work today. In fact, I gotta finish getting ready!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Is There a Such Thing as Too Much Fun??

OMG, last night was hilarious!! After class, our same group went out for drinks again, and after the bar closed, we all piled (literally, we piled) into a cab and headed over to JJ's house. I don't know who's idea this was, but once people started getting into the cab, we all just sort of followed. So JJ warned us that his place was a bit messy, and you know, that's what everyone says when they have last minute and/or unexpected company.


I have NEVER seen a house so messy in my ENTIRE LIFE!!!

In my drunken stupor, the first thing I said when I walked in was, "Are you guys like...hoarders or something??" Lol. To which Bruce chuckled nervously, and Lane laughed uproariously at. Bruce was literally about to wig out. He was just staring at his surroundings with this shell-shocked look on his face, and muttering to himself. Lol. It was so funny.
But I'm not kidding. I don't think I could even begin to describe the mess. There were just PILES AND PILES of SHIT EVERYWHERE!!!! LOL. It looked like a LANDFILL!

So we all started playing this game. Bruce would pick up 2 random items, and I would snap a picture. Lol. The next day, the pictures were a real riot to look through. Here are a couple of examples:
An aerosol butane can and Welch's Concorde Grape Jelly (Yes it was open, No it wasn't refrigerated)
A dirty steak knife and Old Spice Swagger deodorant
A box cutter and a vaporizer (for marijuana)
A can of Pringles and a vacuum cleaner hose
An empty Fruit Loops box and a tub of white acrylic paint

So, you get the picture, right? It was like walking into an Eye Spy book! So we hung out there for a while, until Bruce finally freaked out.

"Don't you people have jobs?! Responsibilities?! I have to get up in 3 hours!!"

So we all trickled out shortly after Bruce caught a cab, which was around 4:00 in the morning. So it was me, Antonio and Lane, walking towards...?? And Antonio had to go the opposite direction from Lane and I.
And then there were two...

"Do you know where we are?" I asked him, "Because I don't. I totally wasn't paying attention when we were in that cab on the way here."

"Yea, I don't live too far from here. I can walk you to the train." He offered.

So we walked, and chatted companionably to the Red Line stop. When we got there, we stood outside the Red Line stop talking for an hour and a half! The sun was coming up! I don't even remember what we were talking about. Anything. And everything! We could have seriously kept talking for probably another few hours, but the sun was coming up! Lol.

"Well, I should probably get going, since it's sunrise and all." I finally said.

"Yea... Well there's a really good show Wednesday at the theater. I know some of the guys were talking about checking it out, if you're down." He said.

"Yea, that sounds like fun! Here," I handed him my phone, "Give me your number, and I'll text you tomorrow, and we'll iron out the details."
We exchanged numbers, and then, finally I walked through the turnstile. When I got up onto the platform, I could still see Lane, walking down the street towards the rising sun, and I sighed to myself, and smiled.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

I Got The Job!

And I've been working every day since. I figured I might as well get the first part of my training over with so I can start making money again. So I worked Thursday, Friday, tonight, and tomorrow is my first shift on my own. WOOHOO MONEY! Lol. So far, it's ok. I mean, I'm just waiting tables, and all my little pet peeves are starting to come back. I used to HATE waiting tables, and this is no exception, but I had to make a sacrifice. So be it. Money is money. And I love all the people, and Caleb is soooo nice, and so cool. Everyone that works there loves him. It's a really laid back, family-like atmosphere, which is just what I've been looking for. And best of all, I don't have to be embarrassed of where I work anymore! Lol. And Sophie and Brent will actually come in and see me! In fact, Brent has already been in to have a drink with me after work once. Sophie is in Mexico for the summer, doing some kind of work study/internship, something or other. I miss her. :/
But now that I have stuff going on, and it's keeping me busy, I'm not miserable anymore! Yay!

On top of all that, you'll never guess who texted me Wednesday, the day I got the job.


Here's our convo:

Nicole: I officially quit [name of bar]

Me: Why so quick to leave your "family"? Did someone go behind YOUR back and forward an entire facebook conversation to Brandon?

Nicole: Nope just time to move on.

Me: Well good for you. Now delete my number.

Nicole: Done and done!

Bitch. It felt so good to finally say something to her. What a fucking cunt. She better hope I never run into her...

Anyway, I've spent a lot of time thinking about how much fun Monday night was, and now much I love everyone in my class. But one person in particular keeps popping into my head.
Lane. The ginger. Lol. It's weird thinking of him that way, but that's what he is!
He has like...turquoise eyes, and such a nice smile, and he's funny, and easy to talk to. He also has a beard and a mustache, which is strange, because I'm usually not into facial hair. But his just...fits. So he could be someone I could potentially be interested in. But...I've only hung out with him once, so we'll see. I'm sure we'll go out again this Monday after class. I can't wait!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Let's Improvise

Well I think I have a job lined up. Hopefully... It's at a neighborhood bar right down the street from Sophie and Brent's place. We go there a lot actually. It's super chill, you have to be 23 to get in, they have an great beer selection, a supercool staff, and a realllly nice owner/manager. I put in my app last week, and the bartender told me they definitely need someone, so I've been in several times since to hoping to catch Caleb (the owner) so I could introduce myself, and maybe talk to him. But he apparently has a very busy schedule and I kept missing him. But finally, one of the bartenders gave me Caleb's email address and said that would be the best way to get hold of him. So I sent him an email the other day, and he asked me to come in and talk with him tomorrow! And I don't think he would want me to come in if he wasn't going to give me the job. The only catch is, I'm going to have to start out waiting tables. Apparently one of their bartenders put in his 2 weeks, so until he leaves, I'll have to wait tables. But I agreed, just because I really wanna work there. So I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

In other, super exciting news, last night I started my improv class. The class itself was hilariously funny, and amazingly fun! I couldn't believe how easy it actually was to get on a stage in front of strangers and do weird stuff. Granted, I wasn't alone doing the weird stuff, but still. I was definitely nervous going into it. Afterwards, we all walked outside together, and someone suggested we go out for drinks! Of course, I was down with that, so a small group from the class headed across the street. So here's the cast:
There was Rose, a tall girl with wavy blond hair; JJ, her super nerdy, tall, skinny boyfriend; Lane, a guy with naturally deep auburn hair and a disarming smile; Will, the big, funny bearded guy who you can't help but love; Bruce, a little bit older than most of the class, and definitely more responsible (he's an attorney); and Antonio, who we're all still trying to figure out...

So we spent the night drinking, talking and getting to know each other, and by the end of the night I was literally giddy about how much fun I'd had, and how easily I'd just made a handful of new friends!

Things are definitely looking up...

Monday, June 13, 2011

Misery Does NOT Love Company

I've tried calling Nicole several times and that bitch doesn't answer. Go figure. And I'm not going to text her, leave a voicemail, or facebook her, because who knows who she'll show it to! That 2-faced git... I blocked her from facebook, and everything already. Ughh...

Anyway, I don't know what I'm gonna do if I don't find a job soon. I'm already running low on cash, and I cannot make it another week without a job. I'm so miserable, and stressed out right now, it's not even funny. Even Tymo and Jenni have noticed how down in the dumps I've been. It's just...I have no job, no classes right now, not very many friends, and no money to go out and do things. I'm just stuck at home, wallowing in my own misery.


I just keep telling myself that my improv class starts next week, and hopefully I'll meet some people there. At least I'll have something to do! Did I mention that I signed up for improv classes at the improv theater?

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Consider This My Notice

So when the schedule came out yesterday, (surprise surprise!) I wasn't on it. And nobody ever said anything to me, all weekend! I went to work, plastered a smile on my face, and did my job, just like I always do. So I sent an email to Brandon, asking him what was up. He wrote back with some bullshit excuse that said I wasn't paying attention in the (impromptu, unplanned, drunken, after work) meeting Saturday night when Brian was talking. Brian is one of the owners/managers, but he pretty much only comes in to drink with his buddies. Oh, and he is a total douche. BUT, being the professional that I am, I immediately fired off an apology letter to him, just to cover my bases.
I'll paste.

Hi Brian,
It was brought to my attention that during our after-hours meeting last Saturday I came off as being disrespectful and inattentive. I just wanted to send you a quick email and apologize for this. It was not my intention at all to disrespect you, or anyone else. I can assure you that I was definitely listening even if it appeared that I wasn't. I really am sorry, as I am not in the habit of disrespecting my managers, and I want to take responsibility for my actions and make it right. Once again, I apologize, and I promise it will not happen again.



I didn't get a response from him till tonight. But I was in complete shock when I read what he wrote...

Thanks for the email but through the grapevine I hear you are looking for another job and you're strongly opinionated about how bad this operation is and what we require our bar staff to do. I was just assuming you could use a week to help your job seeking efforts along. On a side note, as the man that oversees the operation I'm pretty proud of what we've accomplished as a company and if you think otherwise I'm sorry for the bad experience you've had with us and I wish you well in your next position. Also, the phrase " they're cheap" is a very inappropriate term applied to a company that spends $5k a week on marketing not including management. Furthermore, email collection is merely a task that allows us to show our staff that a team effort goes a lot farther then dividing the staff into a separate work entity with no stake in the flow of business. After 15 years in the business, a marketing degree, and owning my first bar at 27, I think I'm qualified enough to make that assessment! Again I'm sorry for your poor experience and opinion of us not to mention a horribly run bar that you had to deal with, I wish you better luck with a position under a management and owner that you respect a tad bit more. I'm available anytime if you should feel the need to talk to me in person... Thanks

BAHAHAA! Seriously?!?? His "operation" is the laughing stock of the neighborhood. No fucking joke. And I bet his dick got hard while he was sitting there rattling off all his "accomplishments". The arrogant, smarmy fuck. Well, this was my response.

Well I have to admit that I'm disappointed that what you heard "through the grapevine" is influencing your opinions more than my performance at work, which has not reflected at all any opinions I may or may not have. Since you would rather take stock in gossip than what I actually have to say, I honestly don't believe having a sit down with you would do any good. I apologize if I have offended you in any way, but I do have to look out for myself, and if I am not making enough money to pay my bills, then I need to find another source of income. As a businessman, with a marketing degree, I think you would understand that. I have done everything you guys have asked of me and never complained. When I choose to vent to someone privately, I don't expect to be punished for what I say. Unless I am spreading things around or have a poor attitude at work, which I don't, I don't understand why I am having to defend myself against heresay.

And then he writes...

It's hardly hearsay when you read it first hand from the person that wrote it. Which would certainly be construed as an infectious bad energy especially when you question someones logic for why they are still with me! Before you try and defend yourself I'd be more careful where your written words end up and how they may be mistakenly left for view on an open office computer. Your right a meeting isn't needed, Again good luck with your search.

I didn't even bother responding to that one. He should have had his high school English teacher take a look at it before even sending it to me. But the important thing is, he undoubtedly implicated Nicole, which leaves me free to confront her, FINALLY!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Two Face

So I facebook messaged Nicole the other day, just to let her know I was planning on putting in my 2 weeks at the bar. You know, since she's the one who got me the job, I thought I should at least give her a heads up. So here's our convo (please pardon my lack of punctuation and capitalization, lol)...

Peyton: hey! sooo...i'm pretty sure i'm gonna quit [bar] ASAP.

Nicole: LOL.

: TOO MUCH FUCKING BULLSHIT! they need to quit being so goddamn cheap and hire someone to do marketing for them!
every week they just keep adding more and more shit that we have to do! its fucking slave labor! and i'm not even making any money when i'm getting paid! lol

: ive told [our boss] THREE times that i'm completely open for the summer and to give me more shifts, and he's only been giving me ONE.
i'm surprised YOU even want to work there! you have 2 other jobs, why bother?

Nicole: ive worked there for like a year and a half
they are like my family

: well....i like the bartenders, and i like brandon
[the cool, 25 year old manager], but that doesn't make up for everything else
dont you see??

ive been bartending for 8 years, and NEVER IN MY LIFE have i seen a place operate this way

: so r u officially going to quit?

Peyton: once i find another job, yea
the bottom line is, i'm not making enough money there. if wasn't for the fact that i sold my car recently, i wouldn't even be able to pay my rent

: ya

have u applied other places?

: no, not yet, i'm going to start looking tomorrow

: yea i understand

it is what it is

: well don't worry, i will put in a 2 weeks. i dont wanna make you look bad
and i do really appreciate you getting me the job! i definitely needed it, and all the bartenders are super cool

So that was the end of our conversation. I went to work 2 days later, and this girl Evie I often work with immediately came up to me and was like, "Hey, I don't normally get involved in the drama here, but I just think you should know that Nicole forwarded your whole facebook conversation to Brandon."

"What?? How do you know that?" I asked, frantically.

"Because when I went in the office to get my bank, he was on his computer, and he asked me, 'Hey has Peyton said anything to you about working here? Like, has she complained at all?'
"And I said, 'No, she hasn't said anything to me. Why?', and then he told me that Nicole forwarded him a conversation you guys had."

"Ohmygod... Why would she fucking do that?? WHY!?"

[Sidebar: Seriously, WHY WOULD SHE FUCKING DO THAT?!?! What does she stand to gain by trying to get me fired?! SHE'S the one who got me hired! And it's not like I'm taking any shifts away from her or anything! She only works once a week, if even!!! I fucking knew there was something about her. I just fucking KNEW IT!]

"I don't know, girl," Evie said, "She's shady. You're not the first person she's done shit like this to. And I mean, I normally don't get involved with this drama, but I remembered you telling me last week how you were gonna put in a 2 weeks cuz you wanted to be a good friend to her and everything, and when Brandon told me about that I just couldn't believe how fucked up that was. So I thought you deserved to know."

"No, I'm glad you told me. Even though it SUCKS, I appreciate you telling me."

"Ok but you cannot say anything to her! Because Brandon will know it came from me, and I don't wanna get in trouble!" Evie begged.

"Don't worry. I'm not like that! I won't throw you under the bus, I swear." I assured her.

"Well, I'd start looking for a job, pronto, if I were you." Evie said.

"Yea... I'm already on it." I said grimly.

So I spent the rest of the night wondering if Brandon would say anything to me. Or if he had told any of the other managers about it. And fantasizing about putting my hands around Nicole's tiny little neck and squeezing as hard as possible...