Thursday, June 30, 2011

I Think I Like Where This Is Heading...

So last night, Lane and I tried to go to the show, but it was sold out by the time we got there! Will and Bruce were already inside, so we decided to head down the street and have some drinks in the meantime, and then catch the next show with them. So there we were again, just the 2 of us. And we just hung out and talked! It was so...easy.
So let me help you get to know Lane a little bit. He's from St. Louis, and he moved here around the same time I did, because he wanted to take improv classes! Lol. Surprisingly, a lot of the people in my class really want to become actors or comedians, or writers for SNL and stuff. And most of them have already taken classes at other comedy theaters! I just wanted to meet people! Lol. But apparently, Lane is one of the serious ones. Well...as serious as you can be about comedy. He interns once a week at another comedy club somewhere. This somewhat concerns me, cuz he apparently doesn't have an actual job. So how does he afford to go out? Pay his rent? Take improv class??? This will need some investigating... Anyway, he's the youngest of 3, with 2 older sisters. What else... Oh! He went to Tulane, and yes he has a degree! In English and Philosophy! So he's smart, which is a plus (and a requirement!). And of course, I'm totally into him, for sure now. Lol. And we text, and facebook chat frequently. Often at odd hours of the morning, since he's a night owl like me. :)

So anyway, we spent about 2 hours at the bar, till the show let out and Will came to meet us. I guess Bruce went home. So Will joined us for one more drink, before we headed back to the theater for the late show. And the show was hilarious, of course. Afterwards, we went to this little bar, called The Ginger Man. It's a really cool little dive, with pool tables, and an ancient jukebox. We met up with these two girls from Austria, who were couch surfing at Lane's house at the time. One was really skinny, and one was really big. The skinny one was shy and quiet, and the big one was loud and outgoing. So they made an interesting pair. Completely opposite in every way! But they were really fun, and friendly. When Ginger Man closed, Will went home cuz he had to work in the morning, but the rest of us still wanted to party, so Lane suggested a 4am bar called Crows. Apparently he knows a bartender there. So we took a cab and headed over there. But when we got there, the 2 Austrian girls decided to go home! Apparently they were flying out the next day. So Lane and I proceeded into Crows, alone once again. We stayed for about an hour, and I made him try all my favorites: shots of Pinnacle Whipped, UV Cake, and various Three Olives flavors. Lol. Then we had one shot with the bartender, before we headed out. He walked me to the train again. This time, we didn't stay talking till the sun came up, because I have to work today. In fact, I gotta finish getting ready!

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