Sunday, June 5, 2011

Two Face

So I facebook messaged Nicole the other day, just to let her know I was planning on putting in my 2 weeks at the bar. You know, since she's the one who got me the job, I thought I should at least give her a heads up. So here's our convo (please pardon my lack of punctuation and capitalization, lol)...

Peyton: hey! sooo...i'm pretty sure i'm gonna quit [bar] ASAP.

Nicole: LOL.

: TOO MUCH FUCKING BULLSHIT! they need to quit being so goddamn cheap and hire someone to do marketing for them!
every week they just keep adding more and more shit that we have to do! its fucking slave labor! and i'm not even making any money when i'm getting paid! lol

: ive told [our boss] THREE times that i'm completely open for the summer and to give me more shifts, and he's only been giving me ONE.
i'm surprised YOU even want to work there! you have 2 other jobs, why bother?

Nicole: ive worked there for like a year and a half
they are like my family

: well....i like the bartenders, and i like brandon
[the cool, 25 year old manager], but that doesn't make up for everything else
dont you see??

ive been bartending for 8 years, and NEVER IN MY LIFE have i seen a place operate this way

: so r u officially going to quit?

Peyton: once i find another job, yea
the bottom line is, i'm not making enough money there. if wasn't for the fact that i sold my car recently, i wouldn't even be able to pay my rent

: ya

have u applied other places?

: no, not yet, i'm going to start looking tomorrow

: yea i understand

it is what it is

: well don't worry, i will put in a 2 weeks. i dont wanna make you look bad
and i do really appreciate you getting me the job! i definitely needed it, and all the bartenders are super cool

So that was the end of our conversation. I went to work 2 days later, and this girl Evie I often work with immediately came up to me and was like, "Hey, I don't normally get involved in the drama here, but I just think you should know that Nicole forwarded your whole facebook conversation to Brandon."

"What?? How do you know that?" I asked, frantically.

"Because when I went in the office to get my bank, he was on his computer, and he asked me, 'Hey has Peyton said anything to you about working here? Like, has she complained at all?'
"And I said, 'No, she hasn't said anything to me. Why?', and then he told me that Nicole forwarded him a conversation you guys had."

"Ohmygod... Why would she fucking do that?? WHY!?"

[Sidebar: Seriously, WHY WOULD SHE FUCKING DO THAT?!?! What does she stand to gain by trying to get me fired?! SHE'S the one who got me hired! And it's not like I'm taking any shifts away from her or anything! She only works once a week, if even!!! I fucking knew there was something about her. I just fucking KNEW IT!]

"I don't know, girl," Evie said, "She's shady. You're not the first person she's done shit like this to. And I mean, I normally don't get involved with this drama, but I remembered you telling me last week how you were gonna put in a 2 weeks cuz you wanted to be a good friend to her and everything, and when Brandon told me about that I just couldn't believe how fucked up that was. So I thought you deserved to know."

"No, I'm glad you told me. Even though it SUCKS, I appreciate you telling me."

"Ok but you cannot say anything to her! Because Brandon will know it came from me, and I don't wanna get in trouble!" Evie begged.

"Don't worry. I'm not like that! I won't throw you under the bus, I swear." I assured her.

"Well, I'd start looking for a job, pronto, if I were you." Evie said.

"Yea... I'm already on it." I said grimly.

So I spent the rest of the night wondering if Brandon would say anything to me. Or if he had told any of the other managers about it. And fantasizing about putting my hands around Nicole's tiny little neck and squeezing as hard as possible...


sweetcanadian said...

wow i hate people like that, what did she gain by doing so?

Ashley said...

What a bitch. People are shady. I'd definitely put that girl in her place after I was out of there, work wise.