Thursday, June 9, 2011

Consider This My Notice

So when the schedule came out yesterday, (surprise surprise!) I wasn't on it. And nobody ever said anything to me, all weekend! I went to work, plastered a smile on my face, and did my job, just like I always do. So I sent an email to Brandon, asking him what was up. He wrote back with some bullshit excuse that said I wasn't paying attention in the (impromptu, unplanned, drunken, after work) meeting Saturday night when Brian was talking. Brian is one of the owners/managers, but he pretty much only comes in to drink with his buddies. Oh, and he is a total douche. BUT, being the professional that I am, I immediately fired off an apology letter to him, just to cover my bases.
I'll paste.

Hi Brian,
It was brought to my attention that during our after-hours meeting last Saturday I came off as being disrespectful and inattentive. I just wanted to send you a quick email and apologize for this. It was not my intention at all to disrespect you, or anyone else. I can assure you that I was definitely listening even if it appeared that I wasn't. I really am sorry, as I am not in the habit of disrespecting my managers, and I want to take responsibility for my actions and make it right. Once again, I apologize, and I promise it will not happen again.



I didn't get a response from him till tonight. But I was in complete shock when I read what he wrote...

Thanks for the email but through the grapevine I hear you are looking for another job and you're strongly opinionated about how bad this operation is and what we require our bar staff to do. I was just assuming you could use a week to help your job seeking efforts along. On a side note, as the man that oversees the operation I'm pretty proud of what we've accomplished as a company and if you think otherwise I'm sorry for the bad experience you've had with us and I wish you well in your next position. Also, the phrase " they're cheap" is a very inappropriate term applied to a company that spends $5k a week on marketing not including management. Furthermore, email collection is merely a task that allows us to show our staff that a team effort goes a lot farther then dividing the staff into a separate work entity with no stake in the flow of business. After 15 years in the business, a marketing degree, and owning my first bar at 27, I think I'm qualified enough to make that assessment! Again I'm sorry for your poor experience and opinion of us not to mention a horribly run bar that you had to deal with, I wish you better luck with a position under a management and owner that you respect a tad bit more. I'm available anytime if you should feel the need to talk to me in person... Thanks

BAHAHAA! Seriously?!?? His "operation" is the laughing stock of the neighborhood. No fucking joke. And I bet his dick got hard while he was sitting there rattling off all his "accomplishments". The arrogant, smarmy fuck. Well, this was my response.

Well I have to admit that I'm disappointed that what you heard "through the grapevine" is influencing your opinions more than my performance at work, which has not reflected at all any opinions I may or may not have. Since you would rather take stock in gossip than what I actually have to say, I honestly don't believe having a sit down with you would do any good. I apologize if I have offended you in any way, but I do have to look out for myself, and if I am not making enough money to pay my bills, then I need to find another source of income. As a businessman, with a marketing degree, I think you would understand that. I have done everything you guys have asked of me and never complained. When I choose to vent to someone privately, I don't expect to be punished for what I say. Unless I am spreading things around or have a poor attitude at work, which I don't, I don't understand why I am having to defend myself against heresay.

And then he writes...

It's hardly hearsay when you read it first hand from the person that wrote it. Which would certainly be construed as an infectious bad energy especially when you question someones logic for why they are still with me! Before you try and defend yourself I'd be more careful where your written words end up and how they may be mistakenly left for view on an open office computer. Your right a meeting isn't needed, Again good luck with your search.

I didn't even bother responding to that one. He should have had his high school English teacher take a look at it before even sending it to me. But the important thing is, he undoubtedly implicated Nicole, which leaves me free to confront her, FINALLY!


sweetcanadian said...

i can't wait for that one :)

Anonymous said...

Ugh, NIcole is a major bitch for what she did. And there is no way she is going to have any explanation whatsoever. She clearly just wanted to drum up some drama when she found out you were definitively leaving.


Ashley said...

Nice. What an ass.