Monday, March 28, 2011

Thought It Over

Thanks for the comments, guys! I definitely thought over everything about Matty, and Anonymous (who are you??) is right. I don't want to make the same mistake I made with Brandon. I'm just going to stay away from the people I work with. Romantically, anyway. Better safe than sorry, and I definitely do need that job too much to risk it for romance. So yea. He's too young anyway. I don't wanna just date around. I'm getting old. I need to start dating people I can actually possibly see myself being with like...forever. That sounds so final, and serious, but...I don't wanna be alone in 5 years. ((Sigh)) So I'm just going to take the high road, and be friends with Matty, nothing more.
Anyway, only 2 weeks till Jenna's wedding! And I'm actually really looking forward to going home, even though it's only for 3 days. I just have so much to do before then! I need to get a haircut, a mani/pedi, a tan, and a wax. Ugh... It's not going to be cheap either. It has been kind of nice not having to worry about hairy legs for the last 3 months. Lol. It's definitely still too cold here for shorts. We actually got more snow a few days ago.
On Saturday, I finally got to hang out with Sophie. We met up and did some bargain shopping. She had heard about this apartment sale, so we went to check that out, and I got a cashmere scarf for 50 cents! Lol. Then we went into this hair salon so I could check out their prices, since I'm in the market for a new hairdresser. We also went to Border's, cuz the one by her house is closing, and everything is like 60% off, and we went to a couple resale shops. I didn't get any clothes, but Sophie got a pair of brand new looking shoes! After that we had lunch/dinner and went our separate ways.
Work with the boys was fun, but I already told you about that. So my weekend was pretty great, over all! Now I just gotta make it through this week without spending any money, so I can save for my weekend in Houston. Haha, wish me luck!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

All About Matty

Oh g's... I just got home! It's 5:25 am! Lol. I worked the upstairs bar again tonight, with AJ and Matty. We had a lot of fun, and I definitely got Matty back for his pranks last week. I totally iced him when he was least expecting it! I hid a bottle of Smirnoff Ice in the dishwasher. Lol. We made pretty good money too, and somehow, AJ convinced me to go out for a couple drinks afterwards. I didn't even realize there were bars that stayed open till 5am here! So AJ, Matty and I rode together in AJ's car to this bar called Monopoly. When we got there, it was obvious that everyone who works at Monopoly knows everyone that works at my bar. Lol. A few minutes later, my boss, Martin, showed up. How weird is that? I totally feel like he doesn't like me, cuz he's so serious all the time, and hardly ever smiles. But he bought us all shots. Of Jameson. Ugh. I never drink whiskey, but I didn't wanna be singled out, and I really do wanna just quit being "the new girl" and be one of the gang. So I took it. Definitely stopped drinking after that. Omg. Just thinking about it right now is making my stomach to flip-flops.
But anyway, we were only there for about an hour before they closed, and I spent the majority of that time talking to Matty. It turns out, he's a musician! He sings and plays guitar, and has his own acoustic shows. So we talked about music for a long time. He's really nice, Matty. And he's...different somehow. I like him. I know that. I just haven't decided how much I like him. I mean, he's only 23, which is obviously a setback, but before I knew he was 23, I just assumed he was at least 25 because he seemed so mature. Which is rare, not just for guys in general, but especially for guys his age. Most 23 year old guys act like total assholes. But not Matty. Since we both rode in AJ's car, we took a cab together back to the bar where his car was, and he drove me home from there. He refused to let me pitch in on the cab, cuz he said he believes chivalry is not dead, and he is a gentleman; a dying breed. ((Sigh))
He kind of reminds me of Aaron, my good friend from the bar in Houston. They're both so sweet, and genuine and unaffected by the bar industry. That seems really hard to come by. So all logic is pointing towards I should go for Matty. The only thing is, his ex came into the bar tonight, and he pointed her out to me. She's blond, wears tons of makeup, and was obviously flaunting her new boyfriend in front of Matty. I would give her a 6 out of 10 as far as looks go, but mainly I was just so shocked that Matty would ever go for a girl like her. She seemed so shallow and fake. And he's totally the opposite of that. But he told me he feels like she's the one that "got away". Ugh... So I dunno. He clearly has some unresolved issues where she's concerned. Oh, and his longest relationship is 6 months. He told me he averages about 2 months. !?! Lol. That's like...the worst part of a relationship. The first 2 months. That's the part where you're trying to figure out what's really going on between you and this other person, and it's always so nerve racking trying to figure out what they want. And then usually after 2 or 3 months, you finally get comfortable and don't have to stress about every little thing. It's like he's in a state of perpetual dating! Which sounds like torture to me. But he is young. And I am biased, because I hate dating. ((Sigh))
I know I've had a couple drinks but...I feel like I need to figure out what I'm going to do, or not do, about this Matty situation. We do work together, which is bad. But he's in school, and motivated to go somewhere in life. He's a gentleman, he's attractive, he's a musician like me, and he's funny.... So what's stopping me from going for it?

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Disappointing Day

This morning, I was woken up by my phone ringing. Normally, I wouldn't answer, but it was Bethany, and I hadn't talked to her in a while, so I picked up. By the end of the conversation I was wishing I'd stayed asleep. ((Sigh))
She was calling to "forewarn" me that she might not be in town when I'm Houston in a couple weeks for Jenna's wedding. Because she just has to go see her boyfriend play baseball in whatever God-forsaken town his minor league team plays in. It's not like she doesn't go see him almost every fucking weekend! I'm just so pissed. I mean, every time I tell her to come visit me, she's always saying she can't because she has to use her vacation time to go see Tony, because her entire life suddenly revolves around him. Plus she missed my birthday last year for this exact same reason, and she's been telling me constantly how much she misses me, and she's known for MONTHS that I'm going to be in town in April, and now she's probably not even gonna be there. If she goes, I'm gonna be really pissed. Like...monumentally pissed. I don't even like Tony. He's so...desperate for attention, and immature and dramatic. And aggressive. He's always getting drunk and trying to start fights. Ugh... Bethany's just wasting her time and money flying to see him all the time.

On top of that, Sophie and I had plans to have dinner and go to the comedy show tonight, and she had to cancel because she got some really sad news. She and Brent's cat has a brain tumor. He's an old cat, but Brent has had him for like 10 years, so they're both pretty upset. Totally understandable. I'm sad too, and he's not even my cat. But it still sucks because I feel like I haven't seen Sophie in so long, and we finally had some solid plans, but of course they fell through. So here I am on my only night off with nothing to do but watch movies and feel sorry for myself. Blaaaaahhhhh...

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

"Spring Break"

Oh my god, I've been working on the same project for like...6 hours a day, every day for a week. It's killing me! And I'm just so ready to be done! Ugh... After tomorrow, I'm free! I have a paper due, that I haven't even started on, since I've been so busy with this project, which is also due tomorrow. But Thursday, our "Spring Break" officially starts. All 2 days of it, that is. You don't actually get a whole week of Spring Break in art school, apparently. You get a whopping 2 days. FML. Well, the good news is, I'm actually off work this Thursday, so Sophie and I are going to go back to the improv theatre again, for the first time in over a month. We've both been so busy, and I've had to work every Thursday for the last 3 weeks cuz of St. Patrick's Day. The Saturday before St. Pat's is when everyone celebrates here, and I literally bartended for 12 straight hours. I left the bar twice. Once to scarf down a sandwich, and once to pee. And it was busy the ENTIRE time. But I did make more than my rent, just in that one shift, so that was awesome. But it took me a good 4 days to recover. And then my midterms started. Ohmygod, just thinking about the last 2 weeks is making my head swim! Lol.
Anyway, last Saturday I had a lot of fun at work! I got to work in the upstairs bar, which I've never done before. And the same 2 guys always work up there: AJ and Matty. Matty is a barback, but he serves drinks sometimes too, and likes to talk to people. And AJ is a bartender, he's one of the older people that works there. As in, older than me. Lol. Anyway, he and AJ spent the night playing pranks on me. It was a lot of fun, and I've sworn to get them back! And it looks like I'm going to have my opportunity this Saturday, cuz I'm scheduled to work with them upstairs again.
Well, I really gotta get back to my project. Only 4 pages left! I just really needed a break. Sorry I've been neglecting you guys. I'm just so busy ALL THE TIME. This is definitely not what I thought my life was gonna be like here in Chicago. Not that that's a bad thing, it's just...crazy!
Well, I'll try to write again after the weekend at the latest.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Hell Week

Sorry I haven't posted in a while. I've been crazy busy with school and work, and projects and events. AHH! This week is the start of the week-long St. Patrick's Day celebration here in Chicago. I have to work tonight, tomorrow, probably all day Saturday, and possibly Sunday. Ugh. AND I have a test Monday, a project due Tuesday and another test Wednesday. FML.
Taryn and Dahmer are flying in tonight, and I'm not even sure I'm gonna get to hang out with them! But Taryn said they would come into my bar tonight to see me. Dahmer has a bunch of friends here, and he's familiar with the bar where I work. Apparently he's been wasted there several times. Lol.
Rikki (one of my BFFs from high school) is here right now too, with her performance choir. They have a show tonight which I also cannot go to. I was hoping to see her today, but she has performances and they're flying out tomorrow morning. ((Sigh))
AH! When did my life get so out of control? I'll be so glad when this week is over...