Monday, March 28, 2011

Thought It Over

Thanks for the comments, guys! I definitely thought over everything about Matty, and Anonymous (who are you??) is right. I don't want to make the same mistake I made with Brandon. I'm just going to stay away from the people I work with. Romantically, anyway. Better safe than sorry, and I definitely do need that job too much to risk it for romance. So yea. He's too young anyway. I don't wanna just date around. I'm getting old. I need to start dating people I can actually possibly see myself being with like...forever. That sounds so final, and serious, but...I don't wanna be alone in 5 years. ((Sigh)) So I'm just going to take the high road, and be friends with Matty, nothing more.
Anyway, only 2 weeks till Jenna's wedding! And I'm actually really looking forward to going home, even though it's only for 3 days. I just have so much to do before then! I need to get a haircut, a mani/pedi, a tan, and a wax. Ugh... It's not going to be cheap either. It has been kind of nice not having to worry about hairy legs for the last 3 months. Lol. It's definitely still too cold here for shorts. We actually got more snow a few days ago.
On Saturday, I finally got to hang out with Sophie. We met up and did some bargain shopping. She had heard about this apartment sale, so we went to check that out, and I got a cashmere scarf for 50 cents! Lol. Then we went into this hair salon so I could check out their prices, since I'm in the market for a new hairdresser. We also went to Border's, cuz the one by her house is closing, and everything is like 60% off, and we went to a couple resale shops. I didn't get any clothes, but Sophie got a pair of brand new looking shoes! After that we had lunch/dinner and went our separate ways.
Work with the boys was fun, but I already told you about that. So my weekend was pretty great, over all! Now I just gotta make it through this week without spending any money, so I can save for my weekend in Houston. Haha, wish me luck!


Anonymous said...

Just an FYI: I've been together with the same guy for 10 years. Never had a serious fight. We are getting married in Nov. He's 3 years younger then I am (He's 27 I'm 30). So just because he's a few years younger doesn't mean it won't work out. So it's not the age, it's the maturity level.

Anonymous said...

lol 3 months huh? gurrrrl you need to get some more often than that haha! so glad things are looking up for you love

A said...

why dont you just shave your legs? that definitely cuts down on some of the costs since waxing is NOT cheap.

Also you should look for groupons. they always have deals for mani/pedi's and hair salons. and if you are willing, find a salon school. thats how one of my friends gets her hair done (cut, styled, dyed/highlighted) and it always comes out looking fantastic (even better than the last time i did mine at a "real" salon).

and you dont need a tan- tanning is SO SO SO harmful, dont waste money on that when you dont have a ton to begin with..

awesome purchase on the scarf! 50 cents!! the borders in my neighborhood closed too and i saved $75 on the books i bought, i was so psyched!!

Peyton said...

Unfortunately, I wasn't referring to my legs when I said I needed a wax. Lol.
As for the groupons, I do subscribe, and I will def keep my eyes open for some mani/pedi deals! Great advice!
And as for the tanning, I know it's harmful, but I have literally never been so pasty in my life. I have to do something about it! Also, I got a coupon for a free week of tanning in basic beds, so I'm not going to waste money on that. I will probably just get a spray tan when I get to Houston. And my hair is going to have to wait till I get back. ((Sigh))

Anonymous said...


You just met Matty and in your previous blog you mention what's stopping you from going for it.

Why would you even think like that when you first met him? Doesn't it normally go like when first meet, you both click to go out one a date?

Sounds odd, but you seem to think eons ahead of yourself especially when you first met a guy.

Does this make sense? Seems to me, you jump way ahead even before there might be some kind of connection at all.

Not trying to be harsh, but seems sometimes when you first met a guy, your thought process in like eons ahead of schedule.


Anonymous said...

Go to living social deals - thy are just like groupon if u hvent heard of them an they have a deal on waxes today! Go go go!