Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Life in The Big Easy

I have so many things to write about now, that if I don’t get them down quickly, I’m going to get way behind on my blog again!

I just needed the last couple weeks to settle in and establish my routine. I still don’t have internet at my place yet though. I’ve found that not having the internet actually makes me leave the house more, and it’s become less of a priority. But I’m gonna have to get it soon, cuz I need it for work. So it’s on the list.

Anyway, my first few weeks here in NOLA have been great. I’m totally unpacked, pictures are hung, decorations are up, and my house feels like home. It’s like 5x bigger than my apt in Chicago! I love it. I am gonna have to get a roommate though. My mother insists… But I’m holding out as long as possible. Haha. This city is amazing. It feels so homey to me, it’s almost like I’ve always been here, ya know? I loved living in Chicago, and I made some really great friends, but I never really fit in there like I do here. I always knew Chicago was just a pitstop on my way to somewhere awesome, and this is definitely it. Bethany and I have pretty much picked up where we left off since she lives here now too, and it’s almost like that fiasco in Chicago never happened. And I’m totally ok with that. She’s grown up a lot too since then, I think. We both have. And our friendship is really solid, and that’s such a nice feeling. Taryn came to visit a couple weeks ago for my welcoming party. I’m not currently online, I’m just typing this in Word, so I can’t look back in my blog and see what I’ve already told you guys about, but did I mention that my mom got engaged? To my boss?? Lol. I thought it might be a conflict of interest, but it’s been totally cool so far. I feel comfortable around Jim like I’ve never really felt with an authority figure. And he’s a great boss and mentor. Well now I’m getting off topic, but the reason I brought Jim up is because he’s the one that threw me the welcoming party. And it was tons of fun. All my mom’s family was there, and Taryn and Bethany, and I’m getting to be pretty good friends with Jim’s youngest daughter, Helen. She just started college, and obviously needs a big sister/friend type person in her life. So I guess that’s me.

Well anyway, life here is great so far. Now onto the other big news…

John. You know, the John that just keeps cropping up over the years?

He’s finally taking a vacation after months of working nonstop. He wasn’t able to help me move, because he was still in California for work. Apparently he worked for like 3 months straight with no days off, and now he has 5 weeks of vacation that he has to take. So he’s doing it now. So I texted him the other day. And I’m just gonna post screen shots of our conversation here. I photoshopped all the screen shots together to make it easier to read.

So…BELIZE!!! Or should I say, Belize??? Because I didn’t hear from him all day yesterday, and this conversation happened on Sunday, and now I have no idea what’s going on. Obviously, I really want to go, I mean, this kind of stuff just doesn’t happen in real life! Especially not to me! Guy sweeps girl off feet with grand gesture by taking her to the land of milk & honey…and beaches. Lol. And all day Sunday I felt like I was walking on air… But then Monday goes by, and I still don’t hear from him, and now I’m left wondering, Is he having second thoughts? Was he a little drunk at the time? What’s going on!?

But I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. I mean, that’s John for ya. He always does this shit to me. Works me up, then lets me down. Even when I was on Cloud 9 about this, I knew it wasn’t a good idea to get my hopes up. But we’ll see what happens. ((Sigh))

I’m taking my first trip to Houston this weekend so that my dad can work on my car, and because it’s Carrie’s birthday. And I have a driving buddy! Her name is Lauren. I met her through Taryn and Carrie, she lives here in NOLA, and she’s super cool. So we’re both driving down Friday afternoon. And I’ve been excited about it, because it’s been a while since I’ve made a trip to Houston. My last trip there, which was unplanned, and only for a night, doesn’t count! The only crappy part is that Taryn’s gonna be out of town with her family for the holiday. But she and Carrie had a big falling out a while back, so maybe it’s for the best. I won’t have to worry about trying to divide my time between the 2 of them. I really wish they’d just bury the hatchet already!

But anyway, so there’s this guy… Lol. His name is Dustin. I’ve never really mentioned him before, because it was never important till now, but I know him through my ex, Brandon. He used to come into the bar I worked at in Houston, and he’s really hot, plays professional arena football, and he’s really sweet. But I never really thought of him in that way, because of Brandon. And I guess he felt the same. We lost touch for a couple years, but then I found him on Facebook a few months back and we got to chatting.

So the other night, I had this dream about him. I’m just gonna do the screen shot thing again so I don’t have to type our whole conversation.

So, we exchanged numbers and we've been chatting. And it looks like I may be having some fun this weekend in Houston! ;) We’ll see… I’ll definitely keep you guys posted on my boy drama.


Thursday, August 14, 2014


I know I haven't posted in a while, but that's because I don't have the internet set up at my new place yet, so it's been really touch and go. But I love my new job, I love my new place, and I love living here!! I'll catch you guys up soon, I promise!