Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Unbirthday

Is it silly of me to cry myself to sleep on my birthday because...

I didn't get any presents.
Only 2 of my friends even remembered it was my birthday.
I'm lonely.
I am now 27 and still single.



Adriana said...

shit girl. im sorry. happy belated.

i go out in chi a lot more now that my bff from back home moved here & she's single. (its not a lot of fun for her to go out with my couples group, so I started going out with my single guy friends a lot more now). we can go out together. if you want, let me know & ask for my email.

for serious!

or just in general :)

chin up. my birthdays are always less than spectacular. but hey, the world didn't end so at least there's that?


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday! You're not 27 and single, you're 21 and fabulous. Don't worry about others. It sucks that not as many people said happy birthday as they should have, but when they come to their senses then they'll owe to big time. Let this be a new start, new year. Keep telling yourself how great you are. You're changing your life, it took a lot of courage to go to a new place and to go t school here, so you're on the right track. You've heard it before but things will fall into place when they do. Let it be. You're awesome and another year older and another year with more experiences that you can take with you and do what you may into the next chapter of your life. :)

Adriana said...

also, you know youre awesome. I don't know many people who can up and move and struggle with money and get their shit together the way you did. I moved to Chi but I had my BF, so it was way, way easier.

you may be 27 & single but it doesnt make you any less awesome. you are awesome. you are great! you are fantabulousa!! and just bc you havent found the guy that makes it work yet doesnt mean you aren't going to. sometimes it just takes awhile.

Also, sometimes friends can suck the big one. Im sorry they didnt come through - when friends disappoint its very difficult.

and im serious about getting together. i swear im not a creeper :) and this weekend is memorial day weekend - I hope you enjoy it even if the weather doesnt make it totally awesome. <33

Anonymous said...

Aww I'm sorry, I'm giving you a huge virtual hug. I would let myself be upset about this but kind of use this as a starting off point to just completely take a look at my life and decide where I want to go from here - in terms of friends, relationships, job, etc... HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!

Anonymous said...

Remember what I told you what Oprah said on her last show "every person is worthy".

Happy Birthday!! Won't say belated reminds of dearly departed lol..

Go out with Adriana!!!!


Nic said...

Happy belated birthday. Sorry for my late response. Time slipped by.

Your 27 and fab, and living in one of the few places in the usa where i would want to live (orlando being the other due to disneyworld).

Always look on the bright side of life. If you have a more positive look on life, the world is more shiny.

Hope your friends gave you a big celebration as apology.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! Better late than never. Life sucks sometimes but at these time you need to grow. 27 is a fabulous age (i will be turning 27 in a month). You are an amazing woman. don't forget that. You are accomplishing so much and you need to relaize that very few people have the courage to pick up and start a new life. Chin up and start making new friends ... they are out there, you just have to find them!