Saturday, July 2, 2011

I Haven't Done This In A While!

Last night was AWESOME SAUCE! First of all, I haven't been out on a Friday night in a looooong time. And I was determined to enjoy it! Lane, Bruce and I had plans to go to a show at the theater. We get into most of the shows for free with our student IDs, so we all take advantage of it.
So I put on my black Rock & Republic skinny jeans, black wedge pumps, and a light blue tunic, and headed out, (with flip flops in my purse, just in case lol). Here's a picture of my outfit, just so you get the idea...

Needless to say, I was taller than all the boys, but no one seemed to mind. And it felt so good to strut my stuff after so long. Lol. So I met Lane at the theater, and we were supposed to meet Bruce there too, but he missed his train, and promised to meet us afterwards. So Lane and I got seats near the back, cuz it was pretty crowded. As I was walking, I totally caught him looking me up and down. It was the first time he'd really seen me decked out, and to be honest, I didn't think I was really decked out. Just...dressed up a little. ;)
The way we were sitting, we had to turn to the right to face the stage, so he ended up a little bit behind me. And the whole time I was super self conscious, wondering if he was looking at me or not. And I couldn't steal any glances at him without being totally obvious, so it was actually rather awkward for me. I mean, we were watching a show, so we couldn't talk. And to be honest, it wasn't that great as far as shows there go. Not the best one I've seen anyway. So when it ended, I was really relieved to get out of there!
We decided to head back to The Ginger Man, and Bruce and Will met us there. Bruce brought a friend of his along too, a really tall guy, with gorgeous blue eyes, named Max. I'm not gonna lie, it felt great being the only girl. And not because I worry about competition, it was just nice to be surrounded by so many guys! Haha.
So the drinking commenced, and when Ginger Man closed, we headed to Crows. We ordered another round, and pretty soon I needed to take a trip to the ladies. While I was waiting in line, sitting on a stool, a strange short guy in a french cap came up and started talking to (read: annoying) me. I humored him, since I was in good spirits, and I learned that he was from Canada, visiting. Being that it was 2 days before the 4th, I teased him a bit. Then he shamelessly hit on me. I asked him if he wanted to take a shot with me, which he interpreted as me asking him to buy me a drink, so when I came back from the bathroom, he'd already latched himself onto some other poor girl. Darn!
When I got back to the guys, they started teasing me about getting hit on while waiting for the bathroom, and I told them the story. This somehow evolved into them daring me to call him out and cause a scene. And being drunk, and never one to turn down a dare, I approached him. He was sitting at the bar next to a girl, who clearly looked disinterested.

"Uh...excuse me?" I said, "I'm gone for 5 minutes and I come back to find you already with some other girl? I thought you were into me!"

He stammered and looked shocked. The girl looked confused.

"Fine. I see how it is. I see what kind of guy you are. Well have fun with her!" I said and stormed off. I burst into a fit of giggles as soon as my back was turned. The guys high fived me, surreptitiously of course. A couple minutes later, the girl he'd been talking to walked up to me.

"Hey, were you serious back there or...?"

I laughed, "NO! Ohmygod, that guy is a total skeaze! I was just fucking with him cuz I thought it'd be funny." I explained.

"Ohhh!" She laughed and looked relieved.

"Ohmygod! He's coming!" I whispered as I saw him approaching, "Play along!"

The girl winked.

"You are such a fucking slut! You just swoop in as soon as I leave!" I started yelling.

"Bitch! I did NOT steal your man!"

At that moment, I stood up off my stool, and was towering over her in my heels.

"Bitch! I will STEP ON YOU!" It was all I could do not to bust out laughing. The Canadian guy looked like he was in a state of shock with ill contained flattery.

"Whatever, skank! I'm Mexican! I'll kick your ass!" The girl yelled back.

Right then, her friend, who had no clue we were just acting, came up and pushed us apart. We were nose to nose by this point. So Will jumped in and acted like he was holding me back, while the girl dragged her friend off to explain. The Canadian guy immediately ran off to tell his friends what just happened.
When I turned around, the guys were doubled over and we were all reduced to tears of laughter.
For the rest of the night, I had to avoid the Canadian guy's glance or I'd start laughing again. At 4am, they finally kicked us out of the bar. While we were standing outside, trying to hail a cab, the Canadian guy came up to me and asked me to go somewhere with him!
"Look dude, everything we said back there was an act. A joke! And I'm not going anywhere with you."
Just then, the girl walked by and gave me a high 5.

So anyways, we hopped in a cab, and I invited everyone back to my place! Lol. Dane was at the firehouse, so I knew he wouldn't be home, and Joey has practically moved out already. So everyone came over. My room is actually clean right now, miraculously! So Max sat down at my piano and started playing, Will and Lane made themselves comfy on my bed, Bruce sat in my chair, and Jasper was going nuts! Lol. I got each of them a beer from the fridge and I have no idea what we did for the next hour. But around 8, I suggested we all go to IHOP. We were all starving, and drunk, and it was 8am, so why not??? So we walked the few blocks down to IHOP and grubbed. It was awesome. Bruce and Max got a cab, and then Will took the train, and once again...it was me and Lane. I gave him directions to the red line and we hugged goodbye and then went our separate ways. But as soon as I got home, I texted him, "Wait! Come back!" in a half-serious, half-joking way.

"Really? Is that an option? I'm not that far..." He wrote back.

"Sure, why not?" I said.

About and HOUR later, he made it here. Lol. He knocked on my bedroom door (the one that leads to the courtyard! Apparently he got lost, and couldn't remember which house it was, and his phone died. I was starting to think he just wasn't coming. But there he was, on my doorstep! Apparently he jumped the courtyard fence, since he couldn't called me. :)
I was already in my PJs, which consisted of a sports bra, t-shirt and boxers. So I got back under the covers, and he laid down next to me on top of the covers. We laid there, just talking for a while. Then my eyelids started to get heavy, so I turned off the lamp.

"Sorry," I said. "I had to turn that off, I'm starting to get really tired." It was probably 9:30am by this point.
Then he leaned over and kissed me. It was like 3 long pecks, or 3 short regular kisses. I dunno what you'd call it, but it surprised me. I didn't kiss back really the first time, cuz I was so caught off guard, but I did the second and third time. And I'm sure I was blushing! Then he laid back down.

"Well I just had to get that out of the way." He said, "Now it's gonna be weird in class."

"Why would you say that?" I asked.

"I dunno, maybe not."

"Well if it's weird, it's not gonna be because of me." I said.

Then we laid in the dark and talked some more. And he took his pants off because it was so fucking hot in my room. Lol. I eventually had to go turn the air down cuz we were both sweating. When I came back, I decided to kiss him again. Because he seemed so uncertain about the last one, I figured I should reciprocate a little more. So I did. He was under the covers this time, right next to me, and I could feel him pressed up against me. I could also feel something else, pressing up against me. Lol. He actually apologized and adjusted himself. Hahaha, what a gentleman!
Then he said, "I hope it doesn't bother you, but I like to cuddle."
And then he snuggled up to me and we went to sleep.


sweetcanadian said...

I love the bar story, not all dudes from canada are creepy like that though lmao.

Awwww how cute :)

Soccer16HHS said...

I like this guy =]

Anonymous said...

1. Thats so sweet about Lane :)
2. Hahahhaha about the Canadian guy. I'm from Canada as well, so I promise we're not as creepy... Anyways, I've been having no problem finding all your posts and I'm glad you have been posting lots!

Anonymous said...

AHHHHHHH......love the stories......more more more.....

Ashley said...

This Lane guy seems nice. I like him. Have fun with it and move slowly. You'll enjoy it that much more :)

Anonymous said...

I'm also from Canada and not all the guys here are like that.. but ya, some are. I think that's a guy thing.. not a Canadian thing. haha.

I'm all excited for you about the new job, friends and the new guy! He seems cool so far. Took a little time but it all happened, congrats!

Ashley said...

Can I just say I love the fact that you used "Awesomesauce!" as your hyperbole of choice. I use that word all the time!

Krystin said...

LOVED this post and am so happy you're posting again! I'd given up checking your blog every day and just came back today and was excited to read them all and catch up! Love Lane!