Friday, July 8, 2011

So glad you're all still with me! The new posts will be in the past, on the days I actually wrote them, so just scroll down! :D


HoustonTherapistMom said...

I just found your blog yesterday from Bedroom Blog and I literally stayed up ALL night reading every post from the beginning. I love reading all your stories. It reminds me a lot of my single days! I'm 34 and happily married now. I just wanted to say thanks for writing. You are a talented writer. And, also, don't give up hope of finding love! So many times my friends and I felt the way you have describing regarding finding the right person or just general quarter life crisis stuff. And now we are all happily married with children :)

Ashley said...

I haven't even read any of the updated posts, yet I have to tell you I am happy to see you back!!!

Anonymous said...

Come on, a blog a day - you said you would!!! We're definitely still here.