Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Guests

Well Todd and Laura just left. Their visit was a lot shorter than I thought it was going to be, but we had so much fun in the short time they were here! They got in Sunday night, and I took them to one of my favorite cafes for dinner. I wanted to take them to an improv show that night too, cuz a lot of my class members were going, but Todd was too tired after several days of being out in the sun and working hard. So we came home instead and I set up Todd and Laura in my room. I wasn't nearly ready for bed, so I stayed up, watched True Blood and surfed the net on the couch upstairs, where I would be sleeping. It was while I was watching True Blood that the telltale sounds of fornication reached my ears. Ughhh... Really?!?! They did it in my bed! First I was really shocked, then really grossed out, and then really annoyed. I mean, isn't there like an unspoken rule that you just don't have sex in your friend's bed?? I mean a guest room, maybe. But that is my room, and my bed that I sleep in every night! Either they're both uncontrollably horny, or Laura really gets off on having sex with Todd while I'm in the vicinity. Maybe she's marking her territory? Ugh. All I know is, now I have to change the sheets again. ((Sigh)) Awkward...

Well the next morning, I woke up early from a restless, uncomfortable sleep on the couch. Being that I was upstairs and in a high traffic area, I couldn't help but be woken up by the comings and goings of my roommates. So I decided to just get up and get a head start on breakfast. I made scrambled eggs and blueberry pancakes, and the company enjoyed them, especially Todd. It's always a good feeling to feed someone. Hehe. Todd was pretty much glued to the TV since they were making all those announcements about the end of the lockout (YAY!) After breakfast, we talked about what they wanted to do that day, since it was pretty much their only day in the city. Laura confessed it was her first time in Chicago, so I decided right then that we had to head downtown and do some touristy stuff. So I took them to the John Hancock Observatory room and we took pictures. They loved it. Then we did a little shopping at the water tower, ate some Wow Bao, and headed back to my place, rather tired and full.

After a couple hours of relaxation, I made us all a round of shots (we had plenty to celebrate after all) and we headed out for pizza to meet one of Todd's friends from college, and one of Laura's childhood friends. Todd's friend, Brad, is a department manager at some kind of staffing company out in the burbs, and he actually offered me a job! I mean we were just bullshitting and talking and stuff, and he started asking me all these questions. Then Todd started laughing and said, "He's totally interviewing you for a job right now." So now, I have an interview with him tomorrow! Haha. So that's pretty sweet, but I don't know if I'm even interested or capable of taking the job, since I'm in school and everything. But it's always good to put feelers out. So I'm meeting Brad at his office at 3 o'clock tomorrow!

Towards the end of our meal, Bruce met up with us, and then we headed to the improv show. Brad, and Laura's friend had to head home, so it was just the 4 of us. The show wasn't the best I've seen, but it was definitely still funny, and we had a good time. Will and Lane were actually at the downstairs show, texting me, and asking why I missed class. Apparently Bruce and I both played hooky. But we're gonna make up the class together on Wednesday, with Max. So I invited the guys to all come out with us after the show, but they all ended up not coming. Lane actually said he "could be convinced to meet at Ravens later", but of course he bailed. And we ended up calling it a night around 1:30 anyway. Todd and Laura just don't really party the way me and my friends do, apparently. So by 2am, I was tucked into my very small couch bed, and woken up several times, once again, throughout the morning today. ((Sigh))

So Todd and Laura are on their way to the airport now, and I'm still on the couch, typing this post. I'm waiting for a package today anyway, so I might as well stay upstairs. Plus, I don't feel like changing my sheets at the moment, as awesome as a real bed sounds...

But I'm really glad that Todd and Laura came. It was really nice to see Todd again after so long. Things are completely back the way they were between us now. Only took us over a year, but hey. He even asked me if I was gonna make it to some games this season, now that the lock out is over. And of course I am! I'm looking forward to it already. :)


galina said...

Nasty, nasty, nasty. And rude. Next time offer them the couch

Anonymous said...

Not cool at all. You were gracious enough to let them sleep there. They owe you an apology big time! I would mention it in a very nice way.

Ask them if the tables were turned, would they appreciate another couple in their bed after giving it up and had sex in it.


Anonymous said...

That is horrible! That is something you just don't do!