Tuesday, July 5, 2011

4th of July

On Monday I woke up well rested after an entire Saturday of doing nothing. I worked Sunday, and it was absolutely insane, which was great, since I just paid my rent. Now I'm officially broke though after yesterday...
So anyway, I texted Will, Bruce, and Lane when I woke up around...3pm. Lol. Bruce said he and Max were going to the Sox game and invited me to join. So I asked Lane and Will if they were down, and we all decided to go. So I hurried to get ready, and hopped the train to meet the guys. Lane brought his friend Travis with him, who was surprisingly good looking, but he seriously needed to brush his teeth. It grossed me out for like the whole day. But anyway! Lol. I brought a couple flask-sized bottles of liquor with me so that we wouldn't have to pay an arm and a leg for drinks. I cannot go to a baseball game without sitting in the nosebleeds and getting drunk. It just wouldn't feel right! Lol. So that's exactly what we all did. And the Sox won. Not that I'm a fan or anything, but hey. The fireworks were awesome too!
Afterwards, we all caught the train together and headed back towards home. I stuck a sign on Bruce's back that said, "I like it in the pooper". Hehe. It didn't take him too long to figure it out though. Only the whole walk from the park to the train. Lol.
We ended up at this dive bar that I've never been to before. It was full of old people. Haha. But they had $2 shots of Ice Hole, which is cheap imitation Rumpleminz, which is AWFUL! Lol. But I drank 2 shots of it anyway, cuz that's what the guys bought me. I can't remember how long we stayed there, but it wasn't late. Bruce and Max left, cuz Bruce had to work in the morning, of course. So me, Will and Lane headed to Crows again. We always end up there, it seems! I can't remember when Will left, but he did, and then it was just me, Lane and his friend, Travis.
We eventually tired of Crows, so we walked down the street to another bar called Reynold's, which was much nicer, and had a great liquor selection and a really friendly bartender. That's one thing I'll say for Crows. They have THE WEIRDEST bartenders I've ever met. Lol.
I realize I've been drinking a lot lately, and sometimes I feel I'm being just plane irresponsible, but then I stop and think, "Hey! It's summer, and I'm having fun, and I actually am being responsible, all things considered!" I'm just drinking a lot more than usual. Lol.
So we're at Reynold's and Travis is trying to pick up some chick, but I doubt he was having much luck with all that crap in his teeth. Haha. When it was time to go, I asked Lane if he had to go home that night.

"Well...Travis is staying with me..."

"So? He's a big boy." I teased.

"Well...let me ask him if he's going home with this chick or what."

"I doubt it." I said. Lol.

When he came back, he said he worked everything out with Travis, and gave him his keys, and no, the girl wasn't taking him home. Haha.
So Lane and I grabbed a cab and headed back to my place.
I remember practically force-feeding him pizza, and putting a movie in, and getting into bed. And then I remember things getting pretty hot and heavy. Lots of making out, grinding, and heavy petting, and the removal of both of our shirts. But I was still wearing a sports bra! When he tried to go the 3rd base (he completely skipped 2nd! Lol), I stopped him.
I am not going to sleep with him. Not any time soon (I don't think!). Especially not when we're both drunk. So we stopped there. Although he did convince me to take off my bra, so he could more easily rub my back. Hehe. But it felt so good! I can never say no to a backrub before bed! Ahhh...
So this time, I snuggled up to him, and we fell asleep. :)

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