Sunday, July 10, 2011

Today Sucked

Well today started out pretty awesome, and ended pretty horribly. Jenni and I went to the lake this afternoon, and I brought my old mermaid tail that I used for photoshoots, cuz she wanted to see me swim in it. Lol. So I brought my waterproof camera, a bottled water, my beach bag, and a book. You know, the usual...
Well as soon as we got in the water with my camera, something happened to it and it stopped working! Water somehow got in the screen and the lens, which shouldn't even be possible because it's a WATERPROOF CAMERA! And I've taken it swimming countless times! I've had it for years! Ugh...
So we get out of the water, to take a look at my camera, and I'm rummaging through my bag when I notice that EVERYTHING in there is WET. Including my phone!!!!! WHICH NOW ALSO NO LONGER WORKS!!!! Ughhhh.... Somehow the cap came off my water bottle and spilled all over everything.
So I took my phone and my camera apart and laid them out in the sun to dry. The phone still turns on and everything, but it's an HTC with a touch screen, and the touch screen no longer works. So it's pretty much useless. ((Sigh))

And my day just continues to get better...

On our way home from the lake, we stopped at Starbucks, because I was so thirsty. And while we were waiting for our drinks, I set down the bag with my mermaid tail, and LEFT IT THERE.
And I didn't realize it until much later, and they're already closed. So now I have my alarm set for 5:30am when they open, so I can call and see if they still have it. They better still have it!

Oh, and my shoulders are sunburned, even though I was wearing SPF50.

How could this day possibly get any worse?!?!?!??!?!

((Sigh)) The one good thing about today was I woke up thinking about Lane. Lol. He had texted me around 1am the night before. Here's our convo...

Lane: I'm at a typical skeaze bar

Me: Oh, so you miss me, huh?
Lane: Is that what that translated to? Me: No, that would be me being a smartass. I thought you'd be used to it by now. Lol.

Lane: It wasn't false

Me: Well how dare you go to a skeaze bar without me?!

Lane: I was thinking the same

Lane: Super skeazy

Lane: Oh man, does this mean I'm thinking of you?

Me: I miss you too

Lane: I hate coming home for some reasons that I should share at some point

Me: Uh oh...lol. How come?

Lane: I might call you to explain

Me: Well you better do it soon then, or I might fall asleep

Lane: Just relax
[I literally laughed out loud at this]

Me: I am very relaxed at the moment. Lol.

So then he called, and we ended up talking for a little over an hour. He was kind of drunk at the time, so our conversation was erratic at best, but I gotta give him credit. He carries the best drunk conversation of anyone I know. He spoke very clearly and concisely and nothing he said was confusing. He was just all over the place! I didn't have to do much talking at all, actually. Although I don't think he ever really got to why he hates going home...

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