Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Ok everybody, I don't how to make this any more clear! Lol.

I HAVE been posting EVERY DAY! In fact, today I posted twice!! But these posts are being posted on the actual date they were written!! Which is mostly in JUNE! So they are going to be BEFORE this one, and the other 2 you guys have been commenting on.
So I'm going to make this as easy as possible.

HERE is a link to June!!! Click on it, and read to your heart's content!

If you still can't find the posts, comment on this one and I will respond to you.



Anonymous said...

Yay! And thank you!

Rachael said...

I hope you keep updating almost daily once you get caught up! I'm so enjoying being able to come see something new every day! :)

Jennifer said...

I just want to say I'm so glad you are posting again!! I was really worried for a while. I love all the posts and couldn't stop smiling and the last 2 (before all the "Info" ones) !!! I hope things are still going great! :)

Jennifer said...

p.s. Harry Potter tonight. YAY!! lol

Anonymous said...

woohoo new post! thanks