Sunday, July 24, 2011

Last Minute Visitors

Dude...the last few days have been a disaster. We got some really bad storms on Friday night while I was at work and the downstairs at my bar flooded! Like...there was a foot of water down there. Then our phone lines went down so we couldn't close credit card tabs, or adjust tips. So needless to say, we were all there till 5:30 in the morning. The good thing about that is, I think I've finally been accepted as "one of the gang", and I'm no longer just the new girl at work. The four bartenders that were working that night were Warren, who practically runs the place, he's been there so long; Abbie, who kind of looks like a supermodel, but not in the bombshell kind of way; Ronnie, a girl who always bartends downstairs and has awesome blue eyes; and Felix, who looks like he belongs in the band Weezer, and is really nerdy and sweet. Warren was definitely the least accepting of the group, so it's like once you've won him over, you've won everyone over. And I definitely won him over with cookies that I brought for everybody to snack on. Lol. But back to the story...
Several shots of tequila later, when it finally stopped pouring, and the phone lines started working again, we were able to finish doing our checkouts and head home. As soon as I walked in the door though, I smelled something...peaky. I went out in search of the smell and tracked it down to the "maintenance" closet where the water heater is hidden. There was a mysterious black sludge seeping out from under the door. Low and behold, the mysterious black sludge was SHIT. MUDDY SHIT. It was so disgusting, and the smell was intoxicatingly rank.
"I soooo can't deal with this right now." I said to myself.
I immediately texted Dane, who then called and asked me what was going on. I explained the situation as best I could. Apparently the whole city was having flooding issues. So I went to bed around 7am with the promise that the plumber would be coming when Dane got home from work in a few hours. When I woke up to get ready for work the next afternoon, Dane was in the hallway in his fireman's boots, with rubber gloves on and some kind of drain cleaner trying to fix the drain. I've never seen him mad before but boy did he look pissed! And I don't blame him!
I was all too glad to get out of there. My night last night was relatively interesting as well. I agreed to barback cuz Caleb asked me to, as a favor to him. And he said it would be a "good introduction to bar training". As if I need bar training... ((sigh)). But it wasn't that bad. I only had to work from 6 to midnight, and it wasn't even that busy. So at least I got a bit familiar with the bar. Warren and Abbie were working again too, so I got to hang out with them. But while I was at work, I got a text from Laura (Todd's on-again-off-again girlfriend, currently on). "Hey it's still cool if we stay with you tomorrow night, right?"
I had completely forgotten they were coming, and that I had offered to let them stay with me. In my defense however, Todd said he wasn't sure where they were going to stay, and that he would let me know, but he never did, obviously! So they couldn't have picked a worse time to come stay, considered the literal shitstorm that just hit our condo! Ugh...
I told her it was cool for the them to stay, but warned them about the flooding and that it might smell a little funny in the hallway...
When I got home, I immediately started cleaning everything. I swept and washed the floor upstairs, swept my room, and cleaned up the hallway as best I could. There was a box of my stuff in that closet when it flooded. Mostly photos, in plastic storage containers, but there was some pictures that weren't in plastic, and got wet ((shudder)). So I had to sort through the whole box, and throw a bunch of stuff away. Luckily I didn't lose anything of value, but it was still really disgusting. Then I had to sweep and tidy up my room. And now it's 2:22 on Sunday and I'm frantically doing laundry so that they have fresh sheets to sleep on since yes, they're sleeping in my bed. ((Sigh))
I only had like 6 hours of sleep. And Todd isn't even sure exactly when they're getting here! He's in Wisconsin (I think) teaching a football camp (he does it every summer) so they're not very far from Chicago. He said he thinks they'll be here around 6:30 but it depends on what time the camp ends today. And of course, it's Sunday, so everyone in the complex is doing laundry too. UGh. I usually like to do mine in the middle of the night during the week when there's nobody in the laundry room. So here's hoping I finish the laundry in time!
Other than that, I'm actually really excited they're coming! I'm going to take them to see the improv show on Tuesday night, and bring them to my bar for dinner, maybe go to the lake on Wednesday... We're gonna have a blast!

So, I'm all caught up on posting now! I can't promise to keep posting every day, but I will definitely try. Next post, remind me to write about the nightmare I had involving Lane, and Facebook...

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I want to hear more about Lane.... Thanks for all the posts!!