Thursday, October 6, 2011

An Ambiguous New Friend

So I'm taking a photo lithography class this semester, because I thought it would be an awesome way to tie in some new medium with my work. And so far so good! It's nice to really do some work with my hands once in a while. The class is a long one, 6 hours straight, but only once a week. It makes it easier to actually get some work done. Anyway, there's this guy in my class, Grady, and we've sort of chummed up because everyone else in our class sucks. Lol. Basically, he's got a very loud, in your face personality, which I happen to find entertaining, but most people can't handle. So we've become project partners, and have spent a lot of time together the last 2 classes. We finally started printing this week, after many lectures, and tearing paper, making film, and plates, etc... It's a lot of work, basically. So finally, today, we got to print some stuff. And boy did my hands get dirty! I'm still digging ink out from under my fingernails and I've washed and scrubbed my hands so many times they're raw!

But anyways... Grady is most definitely gay. He's flamboyant, he teases the TA, Andrew, in a slightly flirtatious way that makes him very uncomfortable, and he's always talking about his stylist. And I don't mean his hair stylist. But there's a point to me telling you this, which I'm getting to now...

So today, during our lunch break, which we were late taking because we got caught up in work, Grady has this brilliant idea to get cocktails with lunch. At first, I didn't think he was serious, but when he dragged me into Bennigan's and ordered 2 Goose on the rocks I finally believed him. But he was buying so I just sort of laughed and went along with him. We were only supposed to take about a 30 minute lunch, but it turned into an hour because we were actually at a sit down restaurant, as opposed to a grab n' go. And we were having a great time, bitching about the annoying people in our class, and talking about our jobs, and just life in in general. He's a really fun guy! I mean, not someone I'd want to spend every waking minute with, but definitely a fun guy.

So then he orders a second round! I tried to protest, even to the waitress, but Grady wasn't having any of it! And of course, by the time the waitress actually brought the drinks, we both had to literally suck them down because we were going to be late getting back to class! On our way back to class, Grady starts singing, "That's What Friends Are For" very loudly, and scared a little old woman. Then he went into a fit of hysterical giggles, complete with snorting and tears, which I couldn't help but catch. We literally almost didn't make it back to class. It was quite ridiculous. Lol.

"OMG Grady, get it together, or I'm going in there without you!" I said as we were about to reach the door to our classroom.
He was still having fits over that old lady he scared.

"Are you drunk??" I asked him, laughing.

"NO! Are you kidding me?? If I was drunk we would be having sex in public right now!" He slapped my arm jokingly.

At this remark (which was actually more graphic when he said it, I just can't remember the exact wording), I was literally speechless, and it took me a second which seemed like an eternity to recover, because never in my life have a known a gay man to refer to himself having sex with a woman. NEVER. And it's not like I'm living under a rock or anything, guys! So I kind of just laughed it off like "yea right". But then I started to wonder... And I noticed he said something else about gay men always hitting on him, because he's so "friendly". And then he mentioned how everyone in Austin is bi, but not gay, and he thinks it's weird or something. Oh yea! And when we were rolling out ink, he said something about "gay hands". So... WTF?? Grady HAS to be gay. Whether he's admitted it to himself, or to the public, I'll shit a poodle if he's not! I mean, he has a purple iPhone, a purple backpack, he works at J. Crew, carries a Louis Vuitton bag, with a matching hand mirror and makeup bag full of different kinds of chapsticks.

Is it rude to flat out ask someone if they're gay? I just get the feeling that someone in his position probably gets that a lot. I mean I definitely think he is, but I don't want to offend him. And he definitely implied that he's not gay. So what gives?

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Anonymous said...

Unless you're "into" him, does it really matter if he's gay? And Yes, it's kinda rude to ask someone that when you FIRST meet them. If he wanted you to know, he'd make it clear. Just take the time to get to know him and you'll figure it out eventually. I'm sure there are things you wouldn't want someone asking you after first meeting you, right?! Just focus on getting to know him and hanging out; his sexual identity will reveal itself soon enough.