Sunday, October 16, 2011


Every once in a while I get these random sharp pains of sorrow and nostalgia about Evan. I miss him so much. He really was one of the best friend I ever had. It makes me so sad that he doesn't even want to try to maintain our friendship. ((Sigh))


Anonymous said...

Have you tried reaching out to him and his wife together? I know it was strange that they got married without telling anyone, but they are together now. Things are slightly different when people are married; they are a package deal.
I just know that when my boyfriend and I started dating, he was good friends with another girl, but I didn't really get to know her about a year or so later... I found out afterwards he had really avoided spending time with her when we first started dating because she was single, and a girl, and didn't want to do anything to make me jealous or jeopardize what we had going. In a strange way, he tried was trying to show how important I was, which was nice, but on the other hand it took me a while to warm up to her just because I didn't have that initial chance to meet her. I had no idea that they used to be close before me, because he didnt mention her for the first while we were together.
ANYWAYS. We all get along now, and I dont feel threatened by her. I know she cares for him as a friend, and they even play flirt but I know he's all mine. Maybe the same situation is with Evan. He sees you as a strong,fun, sexy female and doesnt want his wife to feel intimidated or threatened by you (no matter how ridiculous that could seem to you, it might make sense to him in his head?)
Anyways, even with all that time, don't give up hope. Try to reach out to BOTH him and his wife. Maybe throw out a comment that you're dating others even just to let them know that youre off the market and NOT interested in him that way. It could stop any crazy thoughts that either one of them could have.
And realize that when you wont be able to spend time with him like you used to. You'll get to hang out with them both, or just him somewhere very informal, quick and public. I just know that i'd be jealous if my boyfriend started hanging out for long periods of time with a new girl.
I'm rambling now, but I hope all that made sense. Good luck! And if things dont work out, just try to look back on the good times with fond memories. Bye!

Anonymous said...

Wait, can we have a recap or at least a link to one of the posts on Evan, because I totally forget who he is?


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Peyton said...

There are too many posts about Evan for me to link to, but if you go to the margin of my blog, and search "Evan", you can read all the posts he's tagged in!