Thursday, November 12, 2009

Make a Move

OMG! So last night, I went out to dinner with a bunch of people from the bar for Sheila's birthday. And Taryn was there, with a couple of her friends, including a guy in town from the Bahamas, who I couldn't help notice was pretty good looking. So I discreetly asked her about him at dinner (we were texting under the table), and she informed me that he's single! Except, he's only gonna be here till Sunday. But what the hell! So I told her to drop a few hints for me, and sniff around little bit. Which she did. She told him I thought he was cute, but I ended up having to go home relatively early, and nothing came of it. Oh well.
So for the last hour, I've been sitting at my desk, doing some gruelling spreadsheet work, and fantasizing about my nap when I get home, when Taryn texts me! Apparently her friend from the Bahamas wants to know what I'm doing tonight! :D Her other friend, JC, is texting me too, asking me what I'm doing. Apparently him and Bahama Boy are going out tonight. Unfortunately, Taryn is working, but she says I should hang out with them. And I'm definitely considering it! She wants us to come visit her at work. Of course, I can't be out late, though. I was in bed by midnight last night, which was a miracle, and I still barely made it to work today cuz I overslept. Ugh. But as long as I get here before my boss does, it's ok! Hehe.
Well now I'm just patiently awaiting a text back from JC. So I guess we'll see what happens! But I definitely gotta get the hell out of this office! Thank God tomorrow is Friday...

P.S. Brandon was at the dinner last night, and I totally followed my game plan! He got there late and had to sit at the very end of the table by himself. I honestly felt sorry for him! But he walked down the entire length table to say hi, when he got there. I said hi back, and that was it! Easy as pie.


Anonymous said...

Yay! I do noticed that when people make comments that seem negative to you, you comment back.

Why only comment on the helpful hints or tough love comments?

What about commenting back WHEN you receive good comments? I rarely see that.

Anonymous said...

Don't screw this job up by coming in late and screwing off when you are there. This is your chance at being an adult..... don't mess it up.

Jen said...

Good for you Peyton!! I'm proud of you! Keep up the good work! :)

Anonymous said...

wow....ok there's a difference between tough love and just being nasty.

You're still getting use to the whole getting up early and working a 9 to 5 job so it's only normal for you to still be groggy and having some issues with the new schedule.

Plus, so many people who are at work text and write blogs too so it's really not that big a deal as long as it's not all you do, ya know?


Anonymous said...

Actually it is a big deal. MOST employers now monitor online activity and email activity of employees. Goofing off at work can get you fired. I'm not judging Peyton, but I do think that the professional world is a whole lot different than the bar world and she needs to learn to approach work differently now than she did before. This is an excellent opprotunity for Peyton, it would be sad for that to be lost because of careless behavior at work. Period. Nothing in my comment was nasty... it was just realistic.

And FYI... I am a professional AND i've been placed in the position of letting go young people that are doing things at work (i.e. texting, personal email, web surfing, online games) that they aren't being paid to do. We are paid to work during our 8 hour day. Prove yourself by working, personal life can wait until after 5.

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

ewww anon you are MISERABLE.. maybe you should have a 1 night stand, it might make you happier. although that could be hard considering that by the sounds of it, you have NO SOCIAL life. good for you for bashing someone that's just trying to have fun and move on from a rough relationship....


Autumn said...

I have worked in BOTH a bar and an office. There IS a huge difference between the two workplaces. I'm not trying to condone mean comments, but it IS good advice to watch out for excessive texting/blogging/emailing/websurfing. Keep it to break time, or emergencies. Clarify with your employer how it is okay to spend your downtime. Better to be safe than sorry!

And yeah, I've ALWAYS had a hard time with early mornings and being groggy. Coffee or Tea is my lifeline!