Monday, November 16, 2009

I'm Back!

OMG I have so much exciting news! First of all, I finally got some booty! Lol. And it was definitely exactly what I needed to just...get me across that bridge. I mean, I had already made the decision to cross it, after my talk with Aaron, and I just...needed to do something to act on it! So me and Tommy Bahama (JC's friend from out of town) ended up going out to dinner Thursday! Then on Friday, I was pleasantly surprised to find myself out of work by 1am! So I hightailed it over to Washington to meet up with TB, JC, Ben, Mark and everybody. I had a little bit of a power hour, which was just enough to get me feeling free. Free of the stress, and pressures of the work week, and ready to let loose and have some fun! And that's exactly what I did!
Soo...Tommy Bahama and I hung out all night, and we both ended up back at JC's place, and first we were just sitting there, talking, about anything and everything! And then one thing led to another... And before I knew it, I was a liberated woman! FREE AT LAST!!
I mean, I know it was more of a mental thing than anything else, because I did this for myself. And it was fun! And, I feel like this huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders! It's like...I'm back! HAHAHA!!
I know, I may seem a little extremist, and maybe you think it was irresponsible, or foolish to sleep with a guy I just met, but guess what? I don't care! Just know, that I didn't do it for revenge. I didn't do it because I hoped that Brandon would find out and come crawling back. I just did it for me. And I don't care if he finds out or not. I really feel like I'm over him! I mean, not completely. But mostly. The pain is pretty much gone. I don't fall asleep thinking about him, or panic about going to the bar and seeing him, or wonder what he's doing or what girl he's with. I just don't care!
So obviously, I was in a very elated mood all day Saturday. Nothing could get me down! After work, Taryn and I went over to JC's again, because it was TB's last night in Houston! Unfortunately, by the time I got there, all the guys were just about ready to pass out. So I said my goodbyes to TB, and finally headed home, completely exhausted.
On Sunday, I slept till like 4:30pm! I had a whole week's worth of sleep to catch up on. TB had already left to go home to Colorado. He's originally from Colorado, but he's been living and working in the Bahamas for the last few months. Anyways, I talked to Melissa on the phone about everything, and she just kept gushing to me about TB, asking me when I'm gonna see him again, etc. And I promptly set her straight. I have no plans to see him again, and even though I think he's a nice guy, he already served his purpose. To help me move on. I mean, nothing could come of it anyway; he lives in Colorado!
But the funny thing is, he hasn't stopped texting me since! He was texting me all day today while I was at work. And honestly, it was a welcome distraction, cuz after the weekend I had, I was having trouble staying awake. Oh, and while I'm on that subject, let me just point out that my boss specifically told me, I can come in and leave whenever I want, as long as I put in my 40 hours. And last week, I put in 45 hours! So don't bitch at me about how this is my "chance to be an adult"! Fuck you! I AM being an adult! I got this job myself, I support myself, I may not be perfect, but I'm a big girl, goddammit and I'm not stupid. So don't talk to me like I am.
Sorry if that sounded a little harsh, but like I said, I'm a new woman. Very liberated.
So anyways, Tommy Bahama has been texting me all day, asking me all kinds of questions about myself, and what I like to do for fun, and what kind of guys I date, and what my longest relationship was. Stuff that only a genuinely interested guy would ask, right?
It's strange...
Anyways, so this project I started working last week, I finished 2 days early! And my boss was incredulous! So yayyy points for me! Except today I think he was scrambling around trying to find things for me to do, cuz he thought I'd still be working on last week's project. Oh well. At least he was impressed! Well, I really should be going to bed soon. ((Sigh))
Goodnight World!


Anonymous said...

I thought that "this is your chance to be an adult" comment was rude too.. condescending much?
Funny that you commented on that! That's great that you're feeling better about everything too!

Anonymous said...

yay peyton! congrats on your exciting weekend! it was much deserved... and don't pay attention to the haters out there. they're just jealous- keep living life to the fullest!!!! :)


Anonymous said...

I love this post and good for you. If thats what you need to do to move on then so be it. Everyone moves on in there own way. I would love to get to come and go as I pleased at work. I hope you do continue to do well and move on I love reading your blog.

Anonymous said...

Wow, that was very "big girl" of you to say "f**k you" to your readers. Bravo:)

Anonymous said...

Peyton, things are looking up!

About the rude comment, I commented on a post or two back that it appears you only comment here or on your blog when there is negative comments. I also said why not comment when there is positive feedback (never see that).

I thought you got a puppy? Am so sorry to hear about your last one (so very sad). How do you manage to sleep so long with a puppy? Doesn't the pup need to go potty?

Glad you got some bootay! About time! But lets be honest here. You used him as you mentioned in your blog. Well, I guess girls can do the same!!!!!

HMMMMM on the texting from him. Sounds he might be interested?


Anonymous said...

Oh good. You've moved onto the next guy. This is your chance to act like an adult and stop being so frekaing boy crazy but I doubt that you will.

Anonymous said...

Ya know what? You're young, you're single, nobody was in a relationship or married, you go girl! There's nothing wrong with what you did. Bottom line is: it's nobody's business but your own so if people feel the need to make negative comments, screw 'em! You do what you need to do!! CONGRATS!

Anonymous said...

Fucking strangers and texting all day at work while being PAID isn't being an adult. You might pay your own bills and have an apartment... but girl you are a child. Maybe that's why mature guys don't want to be with you.. .why would they? Seriously. Don't worry... i'm done reading your post. It's a trainwreck.

Jen said...

Wow.. and you thought my comment was rude about moving on?? LOL.. (referring to the comments someone said about you needing to grow up, etc..)

1st let me say.. I know how hard it is to stay awake at work during the day if you're a night person. I'm very much a night person, always have been, but in your case, you work 2 jobs.. you have an excuse to be tired, your night job gets out very late and it's hard to make the transition.

While yes, some may say it wasn't smart to have a 1 night stand.. but hey! It's your life! So who really cares. I don't know many ppl out there that can say they've NEVER had a 1 time fling.. god knows I have. Plus, it seems like it was a good thing for you, in many ways! SO! At least you got something good out of it! Not to mention, maybe a new 'friend' :)

Also.. I like how this person can talk all big and bad to you in the comments, but won't put their name. At least I do when I comment ;)

Anonymous said...

why read a blog when you think so poorly of a person. Yes you may think what you want but there are always ways to be constructive about your comments.