Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Attention Please!

Ok, well! So many things to address...
After reading all your comments, bad and good, my first conclusion was, "Ok, I'm just gonna stop blogging. I'm sick of feeling like I need to justify my words, and my actions to these people. They don't know me, and they have no right to judge me". And that's the truth!
But, on the other hand, this wouldn't be the first time I've resorted to quitting blogger because of a few rude comments. And I'm really not the type of person to do something like that. And I enjoy blogging! So now, let me just make something clear. When I respond to comments, whether in the form of another comment, or in a post, I write exactly what I would say, if we were having this conversation in person... i.e., "fuck you!"
If that girl (I'm assuming it's a girl, because I really don't think I have any male readers) had told me to my face that I needed to act like an adult, and don't screw this up, etc... I would have straight up said "fuck you" to her face. But then I remembered, that I, unlike that girl, am not a timid person, and I'm not afraid to stand up for myself, and if I've got something to say to somebody, I say it to their face. Unlike the anonymous commenters who have nothing nice to say. So I don't feel my actions were out of line at all. If someone came up to you, and bashed you, and told you you were immature, and wrong in the decisions you made, decisions you felt pretty good about, how would you feel? What would you say to that person? I would hope that you would stand up for yourself. Unfortunately, none of you actually know me, and I don't actually know any of you, so we can't have a face to face conversation.
And as for the comment about me being "too boy crazy" and just moving right on to the next guy, that is not the case at all. I'm not moving right on to the next guy. I'm single! I'm having fun! What would you have me do?? Hole up in my apartment like a shrew?? Not go anywhere, or do anything?? I'm taking it day by day. Catching the curveballs that are thrown my way; sometimes I throw them back, and sometimes I hold onto them for a while. But I'm not trying to make TB my new boyfriend. And yes, I admit it! I'm boy crazy! I'm a straight, young woman, with a healthy sexual appetite! And if I wasn't boy crazy, would half of you even still be reading this blog?? Cuz I think it would probably be pretty boring. So, think what you like, but I know that there is nothing wrong with the decision I made to sleep with TB. I feel good about that decision, and I don't regret it at all. And actually, I have made a new friend! He's still been texting me every day. And yesterday, he even mentioned flying back to Houston again soon, because he had so much fun when he was here!
And as for all my supportive readers, I'm sorry if I don't give you guys props enough for your encouraging comments. I do sometimes mention you in the beginning of my blogs. Sometimes it's just an acknowledgement, but I'll try to pay more attention to you in the blog. Because I do really appreciate you guys! It's nice to know that there are people out there who aren't judging me, or talking shit! I mean, everyone needs a little encouragement from time to time. Everyone likes to hear that they've done something right, once in a while, instead of something wrong. Because people are usually so much quicker to point out your mistakes, than your accomplishments. So here's to my positive feedbackers! You are the ones who keep me blogging! :) REALLY! Because when I start to have second thoughts about continuing to write, the first thing that pops into my mind is my loyal followers! Obviously, I'm doing something right, to keep you guys reading, and I don't want to disappoint you.
But anyways, that's my 2 cents on the comment issues. As for everything else, I'm really excited about my trip to Austin this weekend. Izzie and I have been talking back and forth constantly about our ideas for the agency, and what we're gonna do this weekend (go shopping and see New Moon, just to name a few!). It's gonna be a great little getaway. And then next week is Thanksgiving! Izzie will be here for that too, and she's invited me to spend the holiday with her family, since mine will all be in Florida. :(
I'm still not sure what I'm going to do for Thanksgiving though, because Jenna will be in town, so we may be having dinner at my aunts or grandparents' house. But if not, I'll spend Thanksgiving with Izzie. OH! And Cory's going to be in town as well. He got in touch with me just the other night, and we have plans to grab cocktails Wednesday and/or Thursday night. So that should be fun. Izzie is going to come with us, since her Mom will be able to watch the baby.
It's going to be a great week! I'm excited.
Oh, and tomorrow is Brandon's 27th birthday. I wonder if he'll grow up at all this year...


Anonymous said...

I love your blog. Screw the haters and ppl who judge you. Life isn't easy - I'm so glad your having fun! Keep writing:)

Amy said...

You go girl. Some of these people don't realize this is your life. That you live it day to day. I think that you're handling everything beautifully! I'm so glad you've moved past Brandon!!!! Good for you for having fun! Just remember to be safe :)

K said...

I'm glad you are not going to quit blogging!! I look forward to reading your posts every day, and I'm disappointed when you don't write for a few days. I used to be young and single once (haha now I'm in my late 30s and single!), and I enjoy reading about all the fun you're having. I can't party like that anymore. LOL! I'm sorry you've gone thru so much heartache w/ Brandon. Unfortunately, breakups are a part of life. You learn from them and move on.. That's all you can do! No judgment here... Nothin but love for ya, girl!! Keep it up!! Xoxo

Karen said...

I say fuck them too! I think this whole experience was exactly what you needed to get you out of the funk you were in about Brandon. Who are they to say how "adults" act? I think some people have nothing better to do then leave shitty comments on blogs to make themselves feel superior.

Anonymous said...

Do you ever think that the people who are saying things like "grow up" and "don't screw this up" or "be careful about being so boy obsessed" aren't saying these things to you because they want to make you feel bad? Maybe they say things like this to you because your posts are concerning. You've finally landed yourself a real job to possibly further your career and you're out partying at night, being exhausted for work and texting boys all day.
I do the same as you, I have a night job and a day job but I make sure that I'm well rested enough to perform well. You don't want your partying to catch up with you, know what I mean?
Also in terms of the one night stand, there isn't anything wrong with you going out and having some fun, but now you're texting this guy constantly etc. etc. maybe everyone can just see where this is going to lead, you're going to get obsessed again, and have your heart broken AGAIN.
Many people here aren't trying to be malicious, we all just see a never ending pattern with you which you don't seem to be able to realise within yourself. If you really want to make these changes that you speak of, and start your own business etc.. you need to grow up a little bit and start taking some responsibility for your life and your well being instead of getting distracted every 30 seconds by a new shiny object. I mean you've only been at your new job for a week and you're already talking about going on to do something else. Slow down.

Peyton said...

WHO said anything about partying during the week? Going out to dinner is not partying, and I am always in bed by 11 on the weekdays. The only partying I do is on the weekends!

Carrie said...

Good for you for standing up for yourself. I've been blogging for 6+ years and after a while the rude comments will just roll off your back.

Keep doing what you're doing. Try not to worry too much about what other people think, you write this blog for you-no one else.

Anonymous said...

Peyton, I was the one earlier who said that you don't mention or speak of the good comments. Thank you for doing that in this post.

We do all seem to care for you (even though you don't recognize that) as majority of us been there done that.

Just worried a bit...have fun this weekend and Happy Thanksgiving! And yes, as an anon commentor I have been putting my first name intials..


Robin said...

Well, fuck you right back!! XD lol jk, P! Its your life we're reading about. It's exciting, we all have lived that life in one form or another. :) Strive for happiness! You're Gorgeous, Single, AND Self-Sufficient!! Besides blogging is very therapeutic! I'd probably be less stressed if I had time to blog! lol You're doing well. Keep it up! Love is just love. Life is just life. Live it. Love it. :)

Jackie said...

just wanted to say i love your blo read it all the time...I just broke up with my b/f and after i cried and all that i had great sex with some hot guy...and you know what i felt great...i still love my ex but i feel better so fuck them...you need to do whats good for you