Thursday, November 19, 2009

Birthday Wishes

Erg...Why does today have to be Brandon's birthday?? I was doing so well not thinking about him at all. But not today... I feel like I should least text him a Happy Birthday, just so he knows I harbor no ill-will towards him. ((Sigh)) This too shall pass...


Anonymous said...

Pass Pass Pass!!

I know that you really want too (you have a kind heart) but don't. Let him stew a bit. Down the road if he mentions it to you, say "Oh, Happy Birthday!".

Then and only then will he get the message that you aren't in a tizzy still.


Autumn said...

Be Strong and hold out! The first birthday/anniversary/christmas is the hardest! You were doing so good a couple of days ago! It's natural to want to call or text him, but your action is what matters. DON'T do it. DON'T let him know you are still thinking about him that way. DON'T give in. DON'T make yourself vulnerable to him. If you see him in a few days, then casually mention it (if you want), but you are doing too good to sabotage yourself ((AGAIN)).

Adriana said...

hey peton, first time commenting but i found your blog and have been reading it for quite awhile.

i would say DONT text him! it might be a "nice" thing to do, but the best thing to do i think would be to not do it, so he realizes you are well on your way of being OVER him. its like all he needs is this little text to think to himself, she's still SO into me, and let's be honest. youre NOT! and i know at least with my ex's the last thing i want is for them to think they have the upper hand!

love reading your posts!
keep enjoying your life, sometimes i wish i could go back and have as much fun as you seem to be having (minus the whole heartache of course) and enjoying life.

Anonymous said...

Peyton... Like the others, I don't think it would be a good idea. That would just show him that you still think about him and will feed his already over-inflated ego even more.
Next time you run into him, if it comes up in convo, casually say something like "oh! I totally forgot! I'm sorry.. happy bday" and smile :) That way you are still being nice saying it, but showing him you are basically over him. :)

Anonymous said...

sooO! what happened? I hope you made it through the day.
Just wanted to say that I really enjoy reading your blog. Sometimes I feel very connected and relieved that someone else knows exaclty what Im thinking, and other times I just find it very entertaining.
Remember to always take readers comments with a grain of salt. There are always going to be people who dont agree with you, or who may not be able to give you advice in the best manner. But remember that for all these comments on yuor blog, that there are many many loyal readers still out there cheering you on!

Anonymous said...

WTF last anon comment? We all might not agree but we give Peyton good advice been there done that and genuinely care for her.