Wednesday, November 4, 2009

To The Future!

Well today was a big day for me on several fronts! First and foremost, I started my new job! And to be honest, it was grueling and boring. But it was only the first day. And my supervisor basically just gave me a bunch of material to read about the company, and the department, etc... And obviously, the reading was very tedious, and I was trying like hell to stay awake. I only got like 3 hours of sleep last night. Today kind of reminded me of the first day of classes in college. You show up, meet your professor and get your syllabus. Basically just a formality, nothing too exciting. But, I made it through the day, boring as it was, and tomorrow should be more exciting, more involved. I actually get to start on some small projects. The big project I was hired for doesn't start up for a couple of weeks, so this is kind of my introductory, training, settling in period.
After work, I met up with my mom, who had just gotten out of her doctor's appointment. We had a light dinner, and then she suggested we do a little shopping. And a little shopping, sort of turned into a lot of shopping! Haha. I mean, we went into Ross, just to pick up a couple shirts or sweaters for me to wear to work, and then we found this beautiful Calvin Klein suit, and this beautiful Calvin Klein coat, and then we had to find me an outfit to match the coat.... And I mean, we were at Ross, so everything was a bargain! And since we were so close to the Galleria, this particular Ross had a lot of high end stuff. So that definitely brightened my day. And my mom paid for all of it! She said it was "an investment in my future". :)
And guess who's back?? Well...sort of. Cory! He sent me a flirty message on Facebook the other day, saying that he and I just needed to get together, have wild sex and forget all our previous relationship problems. Lol. And even though that may sound a little presumptuous, he's always been a jokster, and I love that about him. And most importantly, it made me laugh.
So today, I thought I'd send him a random text just for the hell of it.
And our conversation got increasingly more and more flirtatious. I'll paste it here.

Me: I think I may be in dire need of your booty call services.
Cory: Haha well when are you making the trip to SA, cuz [insert hometown here] is lame, and I don't have a bed there. Lol.
Me: I told you I live in HOUSTON now, lol. And I don't have a bed in SA either. But P.S. you could share my bed, I just can't promise you'll get any sleep.
Cory: Lmao ok then, but if I go to HTown, I always have to go home and see my family, or else I'd feel bad.
Me: Well then you have an excuse to come down here! [Hometown] is really not THAT far off the grid.
Cory: Ya, but between work and school, my time is limited. :( Guess I'll have to see.
Me: Yea, yea, well MAKE IT HAPPEN! Before I implode from lack of orgasms. Hahaha.
Cory: Oh my! lol. exciting.
Me: Yea it sounds funny, but it's really not.
Cory: Trust me I'm positive I'm more frustrated than you.
Me: Hmmm...I doubt that! I pretty sure I got dumped before you did! And it's been a pretty long time since I've gotten any action!
Cory: I had sex 12 times with my gf of 10 months... Pretty sure I win.
Me: ((Sigh)) ok FINE. You win. Lol. What an accomplishment, huh? We should really get some other ppl in on THIS contest!
Cory: No one would beat me... Sex 12 times in 10 months... I've done that in like 2 days..
Me: Lol. Don't tease me.
Cory: I like to tease. Makes it more fun.
Me: I couldn't agree more...
Cory: Lol this makes a trip to houston seem more pleasing. 3 hours in the car sucks.
Me: Well I'm sure I can return the favor at some point. Either way, I'll make it worth your while. ;)
Cory: I like the term, "make it worth your while"
Me: Me too, because it usually means fun. :D

The End.
Well! I am definitely having fun with this one. There's no threat here! He lives in San Antonio, I'm not afraid of him hurting me, there are no strings attached, we're just flirting, and there's a possibility of sex. Maybe more, maybe not. Who knows?! But I'm having fun. And that's what's important. It would be pretty damn awesome if he came to visit though...
We'll see what happens...
Here's to the future!

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