Sunday, January 20, 2008

Unexpected Things

Yesterday afternoon found me laying in bed, reading my book as usual. Around 6 I supposed I should get in the shower, in case I decided to go out later. Then when I was on my way home from feeding my horse, Melissa called and told me I'd better come to midtown with her and the girls. So, somewhat reluctantly, I agreed. I immediately went to my closet when I got home to start looking for something to wear. I tried on so many outfits, and nothing seemed right! I was about to just call it quits, and get back in bed with my book, when I stumbled upon an old shirt that I'd only worn once before, because none of my bras seemed to look right with it. BUT, I recently got that new 100 Different Ways convertible bra from Victoria's Secret, so I tried it on, and voila! It was perfect. So I was feeling much better already. There's nothing quite like that feeling when you just know you look good!
So I drove out to meet the girls in midtown. Melissa and the group were eating at a Mexican cantina, so I parked a block away and started walking. I walked behind the buildings instead of in front, so that I wouldn't have to pass by the shot bar and risk running into someone from work. But, I ended up running into someone anyway! Jayme called my name from the patio of the pub right behind the cantina. I turned to see who it was, and went over to say hi.
"I heard what happened." she said.
"Great...I guess everyone knows now huh?" I sighed.
"Um...probably. But I did overhear Blinn and Mr. P. talking about it today."
"Really!? What were they saying??" I haven't heard back from Mr. P. since his last email, and I'm pretty anxious to know what's going on.
"Well, Mr. P. was defending you, and Blinn was pretty much being an ass. He said he saw you do something. But Mr. P. was really sticking up for you. And I heard him say something like why did they have to punish you like that. So I think you might get off the suspension." Jayme answered casually.
"Hmm...well, who knows. But until I hear something, I'm avoiding that place."
Jayme laughed, and we exchanged a few pleasantries before I told her I was on my way to meet some friends, and left.

When I got to the restaurant, I sat down next to Melissa at the head of the table, and immediately told her what I'd heard. She and all the girls are boycotting my bar till I go back to work. Haha, I love them! So there were 4 boys sitting at the table with us who I had never met. Charlotte and Amanda were there too. Apparently they had all gone to high school together, but Melissa and I didn't know any of them. I did notice that the one sitting at the opposite end of the table from me was pretty cute. He had light eyes, dark curly hair, and a nice smile. I asked Melissa about him and she said he was a friend of Amanda and Charlotte's and that he came from a lot of money. Leave it to Melissa to list that as a characteristic. Lol. But she didn't seem to know much else about Friend Boy.

When everyone finished eating, Melissa and I took a cab over to Whiskey Creek where we were supposed to be meeting some more people. The boys didn't seem to like the place all that much, and it was pretty crowded and stuffy in there. I can only handle Whiskey Creek in small doses. Well, after a couple shots, Melissa and Amanda wanted to hit the dance floor, so they handed me their coats and purses and took off. I was a little put out by it at first, but then Friend Boy approached and we started chatting. Conversation flowed easily, and I found that I really enjoyed his company! After about 15 minutes of talking, he asked for my number, which I was delighted to give him. Around this time, Charlotte approached, and Friend Boy was called away by one of his friends.
"Omg Charlotte, he is so cute!"
"Yea, well he has a girlfriend." she said matter-of-factly.
"Seriously!?" I said. Disappointment must have been written on my face.
"Yea..." She sounded like she felt bad for me.
"Darn." I sighed.
Charlotte was walking away just as Amanda and Melissa came back from the dance floor with rosy cheeks.
"So, did you talk to him??" Melissa asked.
"Yea, but Charlotte just told me he has a girlfriend!"
"Well, yea but he's gonna break up with her like...tomorrow!" Amanda said.
"Really? Why? How do you know?" I asked, my interest piqued once more.
"Because they've been having issues, and he was planning on breaking up with her." Amanda answered.
"Hmm... Well...I dunno if I wanna get mixed up in that. I mean he still has a girlfriend! And he just got my phone number!"
I wasn't exactly sure what to think about Friend Boy anymore!

We hung out at Whiskey Creek for a while longer; I saw Vette Guy with some girl. We totally made eye contact too, but he didn't say anything to me. The girl he was with was ugly too! And I looked super hot! HA! Lol. Then Friend Boy asked if there were any other cool places around. Charlotte said she was ready to go too.
"Well where do you guys wanna go?" I asked.
"Let's go to Drake! I've never been there, and I really wanna go!" Charlotte said.
"Ok! Yea, Drake is awesome on Saturday nights. Who else is gonna come?"
"Well Amanda's with me, so she's coming." Charlotte replied.
"Ok, well we should get going then, it's already 12."
So me, Amanda, Charlotte, Friend Boy, and one of the other guys all headed out. We all piled into Charlotte's car, and that's when I noticed I had a couple texts. From Andrew. His text said to come to Drake. Small world! So I wrote him back saying we were on our way there.
We valeted the car, and got in line. They always have such a long line at Drake, but I can usually get in first with club courtesy. I espied Andrew waiting in the line a few people ahead of us. I went over to say hi to him. He kissed me on the cheek, and gave me a hug. I chatted with him for about 5 minutes, then I headed back over to our group, telling him to text me if he got in first. But he didn't. ;)
We had so much fun at Drake! We danced, took a few shots, and lots of pictures! I introduced Friend Boy to surfers on acid. He really liked them. I never ended up seeing Andrew again. He texted me saying they wouldn't let one of his friends in because of his shoes or something... But he said he would be at Rich's afterhours. So I asked the group if they were down for afterhours at Rich's.
"No, we're going to (Friend Boy)'s!" Charlotte squealed.
"You should come, I have plenty of alcohol, and Guitar Hero!" Friend Boy said with a sheepish grin.
"Ok." I blushed.

But our first order of business was to get everybody to their cars. There ended up being 3 cars, and the rest of the guys that stayed at Whiskey Creek met up with us as well. Then I was the only person in a car alone! So I jumped inside the car with the boys and asked if someone would ride with me, hoping, of course, that Friend Boy would. And he totally took the bate! In fact, he immediately jumped out of the car and said, "Sure! I'll ride with you!"
I can't really remember what we talked about as we drove, because conversation just flowed, and I remember laughing a lot. He's pretty funny too! So then we got to his house, and took the elevator from the parking garage up Friend Boy's apartment.
I followed Charlotte and Amanda into the bathroom where they changed into their PJ's. That was when things between Charlotte and I started to get weird... Amanda said something about Friend Boy and I hitting it off, and Charlotte suddenly got very territorial.
"Peyton...Friend Boy and his girlfriend are trying to work things out. You don't wanna get in the middle of that."
"I thought he was breaking up with her? That's what Amanda told me."
"Well he's not." she snapped.
"Just...don't talk to any of my friends, ok?"
I almost laughed out loud when she said this, because it sounded so absurd! Who is she to tell me who I can and can't talk to!? But all I managed was an, "uuuhh..."
"Well, I'm just looking out for you. Because I mean, you don't wanna mess things up for them, and you'll just end up getting hurt." Charlotte tried to cover for her faux-pas.
"Well, you're right, I don't wanna get involved in any of that. But, I'm not trying to like...be his girlfriend or anything! I just think he's a cool person. And I'm just barely getting to know him." I defended myself. I mean, I don't wanna step on anyone's toes, but it was getting ridiculous. I left the bathroom feeling a bit unsettled.

Melissa definitely wasn't kidding when she said he came from money. He's 23 years old, and this was the nicest apartment I've ever been in! All wood floors, 2 full bathrooms, a huge kitchen, a study... It was super swank! I kept running and sliding across the floors in my socks! We had so much fun goofing off. They had the full Guitar Hero set too, drums, mic and all! And all the guys were playing shirtless, because "that's what real bands do". It was hilarious. I wish I woulda taken some pictures of that! I did notice that Friend Boy has a niiiice body!
After they finished with Guitar Hero, Friend Boy whipped out the Grey Goose and made everyone shots. Lol. Which we hastily chased with Sprite. At some point, Friend Boy and I ended up out on his balcony talking. And then he was kissing me... I pulled away suddenly.
"You know...I'm gonna get in trouble for this!" I giggled.
"What? Why?" he asked.
"Well...let's just say I've been warned about you."
"Warned?" he seemed genuinely confused.
"Charlotte told me you have a girlfriend and to stay away from you." I blurted out.
"What!?" I watched with amusement, as a range of emotions flickered across his face. Shock, confusion, annoyance, anger, determination...
"Well that's not true. I don't have a girlfriend. And she knows that."
"You don't? Well...she said you guys were trying to "work stuff out" or something..."
He sighed.
"The truth is, my girlfriend cheated on me, and I broke up with her, and there is nothing to work out. I just haven't really told anyone about her cheating. But...it was a long time coming I guess. I just let it drag out for too long."
"Oh. I'm sorry. That really sucks."
We sat in silence for a few minutes just staring out at the amazing view.
"Well, can I kiss you now?" he said, breaking the silence.
I smiled, and leaned into him. He really is an amazing kisser. And he kept telling me I was sexy. ((blush))
We must have been out on the patio for a while, because by the time we got back inside, everyone was passed out in a heap of bodies on top of a pile of blankets in his study. I laughed at the sight. Again, I wish I would have taken a picture.
So Friend Boy and I headed into his room and kissing commenced. Things started getting a little heated and I had to stop myself, and him, because I'm not gonna do that again! I eventually fell asleep with his arms around me. It was sooooo nice...just to be held. And I can't quite explain it, but he and I just really clicked. And there's just this...chemistry. Sparks! And it feels amazing.
Since we were up till like 7 am, we slept in till about 3:30. Then we just laid in his bed, talking for 2 hours. We have so much in common! He rides horses, and he likes photography, and he's really smart. I honestly see potential in this guy! It's crazy that it happened so fast, and I'm sure I'm probably getting ahead of myself, and I know I'm being careless by letting him disarm me so, but... I can't help it! He walked me to my car, and told me over and over again what a great time he had hanging out with me. And he said he's definitely going to give me a call this week. Then he kissed me goodbye, and...I left!

I immediately called Melissa on my drive home to dish. She said she's really happy for me, and not to worry about Charlotte because she's obviously just jealous. She said all the guys told her he's a great guy, and that if he and I get together he'll really treat me right. :) And she even told me that I should take him to the Foo Fighters concert this Tuesday instead of her! Even though we've been planning it for a while. I told her no, don't be silly, but she insisted! So I said if he calls me before Tuesday, then I'll ask him. But I'm not going to call him first. So I guess we'll see...

Demetri Of The Day:
“‘Sort of’ is such a harmless thing to say. Sort of. It’s just a filler. Sort of... It doesn’t really mean anything. But after certain things, sort of means everything. Like after ‘I love you’... or ‘You’re going to live’... or ‘It’s a boy.’”


jehara said...

sounds like you had a great time!
he sounds like a really great guy. that girl obviously likes him and wants him for herself. how weird, saying don't talk to my friends. i think you handled yourself well and i am crossing my fingers for you. :)

Anonymous said...

Yah! He sounds perfect! The money part sounds okay too! (c'mon - we all know it helps!)

Charlotte SUCKS - seriously, I would wanna tell her off in a big HUGE way. B.i.t.c.h.

heather said...

see.. i told you in the last post that things would be looking up.... mr. p obviously believes you to stick up for you... also friend boy sounds perfect. good luck and dont worry about charlotte... she obviously didnt know the girlfriend cheated... or she has her own agenda

Anonymous said...

I'm so excited!!!!!!!!

the goddess said...

i gotta say, things are looking up. see... i'm glad you didn't stay at home and mope around some more. hehe! but i'm still hoping for more better things to come for you in the next few days. :)

Jadeny said...