Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Employee Party

Sunday morning, well afternoon, technically, I reluctantly crawled out of Friend Boy's bed.
"Where are you going?" he asked.
"Ahhhh...I have to get up! It's 2 o'clock." I sighed.
"Let's go to the zoo today!" FB sat up in bed.
"Awe, I really wish I could! But today is the staff party for work. In fact, I have to go all the way home, shower and get my stuff together, and then drive all the way back over here by 4! I'm riding with Bethany."
Coincidentally, Bethany lives literally right down the street from FB.
"Oh yea...I forgot about the party. You must be excited! I won't keep you in bed then."
So we got dressed and went into the living room. Amanda, Charlotte and 2 of the guys were still there. They were all very thankful for the breakfast we brought them! I chatted with them for a little bit, and then FB walked me to the parking garage.
"I had a lot of fun last night, despite all the drama." he said as he took my hands in his.
"Me too." I smiled.
"Let's hang out again soon." he said, "Sooner than later."
"Sounds good to me." I couldn't stop grinning.
He kissed me goodbye and I then got into the elevator.

I drove like a bat out of hell all the way home. I got ready faster than ever! Although I didn't bother putting on makeup since I figured I could just do that in the car. When I got to Bethany and Tugg's apartment, we loaded up the car and headed out. They brought their 2 dogs too, because they didn't wanna leave them overnight. But they're small dogs, and they were really good in the car. The drive was about 45 minutes, and I told Bethany all about the drama with Charlotte from the night before. She was pretty shocked to hear about her behavior.
Finally we got there! We had 10 cabins and an activity hall reserved at a KOA campground in Conroe. A lot of people were already there, throwing a football around, playing music inside, talking and eating. Shortly after we got there, Alyssa, Jayme, and another one of the waitresses named Sierra, arrived. I was so glad to see Alyssa! We didn't do anything noteworthy for the first couple of hours. Just drank, goofed off and hung out. I brought my camera so I was running around everywhere taking pictures! Gavin mentioned he thought it was "so cool" that I take pictures. He used to do photojournalism in high school. I wasn't really drinking that much because all they had was beer, and daiquiris. I guess they figured bringing liquor to an event full of bartenders would be a bad idea. Lol. So at one point, I followed Mr. S., Gavin, Mark, and one of the guys from this band that plays at our work, into one of the cabins. They immediately lit up a pipe and started smoking. Lol. I know Gavin used to smoke a lot of pot, but he had to quit when he joined trade school. Apparently he couldn't resist. I took a couple hits, and that was all I needed to get a buzz! Then FB texted me and asked how the party was going. I told him it was going great and that I just smoked some pot, and he responded with, "Awesome! You should eat some Haagen Dazs chocolate ice cream! That always goes great afterwards."

Alyssa, Jayme and Sierra left around 12:30, and by this time, about half of the people were gone. And Gavin had kinda taken to sticking by my side. Flirting? Hard to tell with him, but how typical! I was probably flirting back, consciously or not. I was feeling prettttty happy! And he kept making joking comments, that I could tell were half-way serious like, "Let's make out!" and, "Hey, I got the keys to an empty cabin!", and "Take me now!"
I mean I know he was just kidding, but I could tell there was a little truth in them. Bethany, Nick, Gavin and I went out in search of Mr. S.'s brother, Able, who had supposedly passed out on someone's couch. Well, we ended up in Gavin's cabin, and we were all sitting around talking. But then Nick and Bethany got up to leave suddenly, and it was just Gavin and I in the cabin.
"Well, I guess we should go..." I said, standing up.
"Yea.." he said awkwardly. We both walked towards the door at the same time, and he stood there in front of it for a second. And we had one of those really pregnant moments, where even though it only lasts a couple of seconds, it feels like ages. And all these thoughts were going through my mind. He was looking at me as if he wanted to kiss me. And I could tell he was thinking about it. And I just kept thinking, Is he going to kiss me? Should I kiss him back? I don't know if I want to. I really like Friend Boy... but then...I kinda do wanna kiss him.
Well, he must have seen the uncertainty written on my face because he abruptly turned and opened the door, and we walked out in silence. It's a good thing too because I really do like FB, and Gavin is just so...confusing! I mean the only time he lets loose is when he's either been drinking, or smoking. And you can just tell that he was one of those nerdy guys in high school, who suddenly turned hot, and didn't know how to act around girls. And he's still kind of like that! So he never knows when to make a move. And I also know that there's something sort of going on with him and Sierra, and I don't wanna get in the middle of any more work drama!
But he still hung around pretty close to me for the rest of the night. And he made me sit next to him while everybody was playing poker. Around 2:30 am though, I got really sleepy and announced that I was going to bed. So I went to the cabin that Bethany and Tugg and I were sharing, and pulled out the couch bed. At about that time, Bethany and Tugg showed up too, and went to their bedroom. I passed out pretty quickly, but was woken up by my phone ringing. It was Gavin! I didn't answer. Then he sent me a text, "Where are you? Are you alive?" Again, I didn't respond. He probably wanted me to go to his cabin with him, and I am not the bar slut! I know Valerie is, and her reputation definitely proceeds her! Not to mention, she's pretty much a bitch to everybody. But that's beside the point. I didn't answer him because I knew it would be a bad idea, and because I was exhausted.
However, I had an awesome time at the party, and I'm really glad I went! It was great to see everybody in a non-work environment and just hang out. Plus I got, hundreds, yes hundreds, of awesome pictures! So overall, the night was a success!
I spent the next 2 days recuperating from my hectic weekend. I have a date, a real date, with FB tonight! He just texted me that he wants to take me out to dinner before I go to work tonight. :) So all is well in that department. And I'm really looking forward to our date! Thanks for tuning in! I'll keep you all updated.

Demetri Of The Day:
“I wonder what the most intelligent thing ever said was that started with the word ‘dude.’
‘Dude, these are isotopes.’
‘Dude, we removed your kidney. You’re gonna be fine.’
‘Dude, I am so stoked to win this Nobel Prize. I just wanna thank Kevin, and Turtle, and all my homies.’”


Jadeny said...

I'm so excited for you w/ FB. He sounds like a great guy :-) I'm also very happy you didn't hook up with Gavin!

Anonymous said...

Finally caught up with the blog. I like reading it. Though you are a little full of yourself, you entertain me. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

pot!! illegal!! haha sounds fun....post more often!:) xoxo

Anonymous said...

I really like your blog. Sounds as confusing as my life once was. Granted, I'm only 24 now, but have been with my current boyfriend of a year, so the boy drama has mellowed out. I think a little juana and imbibing is fine. And for FB, hope it works out. But of it doesn't don't blame yourself. Just be thankful for the good sex!