Thursday, January 10, 2008


The only comments I delete are ones that I believe will cause more comment wars.


Anonymous said...

Typically the only comments that are ever removed from a blog site are ones that include bad language, threats, or offensive content. You should re-think your policy of just removing ones that are unflattering toward you, or disagree with you. I read the site often enough to have seen many of the comments you've deleted. They were not just "war" type comments. The beauty of a blog and of blog comments is the ability to say what you think, encourage discussion (and disagreement) and interact. By editing comments to only paint a positive view of you Peyton is irresponsible and frankly I find it to be silly. True maturity means allowing things to be as they are, appreciating all viewpoints, being strong enough to deal with them, and acknowledging your faults.

From what I have read Peyton, I like you. You have many good points and a lot of potential. I'm not judging you by saying that I think you need to leave the comments as they are... and allow what happens to happen. Go with the flow, take it all for what it's worth, allow people to argue with each other (or agree) and just BE.


Anonymous said...

To all the people leaving nasty comments on the blog and bashing the writer, think about what you're saying before you do it. Just because Peyton isn't a friend doesn't see everyday doesn't mean that she doesn't have feelings and doesn't get hurt by the mean things people say. I would like to see everyone here leaving rude comments write a blog and deal with the pressures of trying to be perfect and have everyone love you. Remember Cassy's Life guys? Yeah, rude commenters like you are the reason she stopped writing. You complain that you have nothing to read, but they complain when you do to the point until the writers can't take it anymore and quit. You all kill people's morals and make it impossible to get on your computer everyday and want to write something for people. Peyton is doing something for your enjoyment and you bash her for it, she's a strong person for being here and fighting this. I don't see anything wrong with her lifestyle. People that are young, and old for that matter drink. Get over it, it's a fact of life. She's not getting plastered and forgetting everything or driving and putting other people's lives in danger. She's also not doing something more serious like using drugs and getting high.

This has been going on long enough. Peyton likes to party and have a couple drinks when she does, who doesn't? She's in control of her life and if you don't like her lifestyle then don't read her blog. It's that easy, she's doing you a favor.

Get over it guys.

Anonymous said...

Delete anything you want, it's your blog.

I guess you can take it as a compliment that there are people who are so, um, intense about your blog.