Friday, January 11, 2008

Guy #1 and Guy #2

The funniest thing happened last night and I just have to write about it! Sophie, Brent and I were walking back to the car after a long night of dancing. Brent was on his bike, since he and Sophie ride bikes practically everywhere, but he was riding slowly alongside us so we could keep up. There were 2 guys walking a little ways behind us for part of the way, but we weren't paying them much attention. Brent and Sophie were deep in conversation about something and I was following close behind, when one of the guys was suddenly right next to me, walking in step with me. I looked over at him, and noticed right away that he was very short.
"Are you friends with this guy?" he asked in a low voice, almost a whisper.
"What??" I was totally confused.
"That guy. On the bike. Is he a friend of yours?"
"Why?" I thought this was a very strange question.
Guy #2 was now walking next to me on my right.
"Well, because if he's not, I'll hit him, and get you away from him." Guy #1 said, again in a low voice. By now, Sophie and Brent had noticed the 2 guys, but were still in conversation.
I turned to Guy #1, looked him in the eye, and said in a very serious tone, "If you hit him, I will punch you in the throat."
Guy #2 burst out laughing.
"Well then I guess he is a friend of yours." Guy #1 said.
"Yea...you could say that." I replied.
At this point Brent turned around, "Wait, what's going on??" he said.
I told him what happened and he laughed. Apparently the 2 strange guys thought we were being followed and wanted to "help" Sophie and I. Of course I thought that was absolutely ridiculous considering if Brent had been following us, Sophie and I wouldn't have been talking to him, and if Guy #1 had tried to jump anyone, I could have easily fended him off myself! But it was funny, and we all had quite a laugh.
Last night was pretty fun; we danced a lot, till I was practically sweating my ass off! But the Orlando night scene has nothing on Houston! Not nearly as many people go out here, and everytime I saw a hot guy, I had to ask myself if he was gay or straight. But overall, it was good time! So it's back to Houston today, and I've decided on Demetri Martin! So here's his first quote!

Demetri Of The Day:
"A dreamcatcher works, if your dream is to be gay."


Anonymous said...

EXCELLENT Choice with Demetri!

Have a fun weekend.


Anonymous said...

guy 1 and guy 2 were hilarious, i would've been like, well aren't you following me so maybe he (brent) should punch you...

but your whole idea of being able to fend guy 1 off yourself is good :)

heather said...

i love this blog.... i am constantly checking it to see if you updated it. dont pay attention to anyone saying crap about your drinking... they dont have to read it if they dont want to.