Friday, January 18, 2008

...And An Immediate Response!

Bethany made an excellent call on emailing Mr. P! He wrote back almost immediately.

"I really wasn’t involved in everything that was going on other than asking you what well you were at. I did this mainly because we had cut some bartenders and I wanted to make sure each of you were assigned a well. I will discuss this issue further with Blinn and (the other manager that was on duty last night). I appreciate you taking the time to explain everything.

Mr. P."

I responded with "Thanks, I appreciate it."
Hopefully he'll talk to them soon, and maybe they'll lift my suspension. Who knows... But at things are looking a little better at least! And hey, I get to post another Demetri quote!

Demetri Of The Day: Part II
"I love to stand behind people at ATM’s and when they enter their PIN number, I say ‘got it!’ and then run away."

1 comment:

jehara said...

i hope they lift the suspension! it sounds like a gross miscommunication on their part and a case of overreacting.
good luck! and try to enjoy your days off (although i know it's hard to when you really need the money. . .)