Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Get A Date in 2008

New Years Eve was bittersweet. Melissa and I went shopping for outfits that morning, but then she came down with a fever and had to go home! So I was worried she wasn't going to make it out! She also confessed to me while we were shopping, that Jake, the new door guy, asked for her number, and she gave it to him!
"Are you mad?? I'm so sorry! I know you think he's hot! I was wasted!"
"No, I don't care..."
I said that because it was my first reaction, and because my mind was a bit preoccupied with The Model, but later I realized, I DO care! That sucks! How come all the guys I'm interested in are never interested in me?! But it's not Melissa's fault she's so likeable. ((sigh)) Anyways, I found a really pretty black sequined halter to wear to work.
When I got home from shopping, my mom said she and my aunt Jessica wanna set me up with my 14-year-old cousin, Noelle's, riding instructor's son. (That's a mouthful, I know!) But apparently he's 27, he has a good job, he rides horses, he's really hot, and he speaks French! He's tall with wavy black hair...sounds dreamy! Only problem is, they live in Louisiana! But Jessica says he works out of Houston, so we'll see. I told them to commence with the set up. What have I got to lose??

Well, I spent the next few hours showering, getting ready and fixing my hair. I was almost late for work because I took so long! When I got there, Melissa, Amanda and them were already there, and they stuck me in the back bar, which sucked! Lately they've been putting me up front, now that I have more seniority, and I guess I've proven myself. So I hate going back in the other bar. It's stuffy and small, and you can't see anyone! So my night started off pretty crappy. Plus, there was no sign of The Model. But after about an hour and half, they sent me back up to the front! So that was a turn for the best! Once I got up there, it was about 11, and I took several shots! Management was being a lot more lenient on our drinking since it was a holiday, and all the employees were drinking! Ali and I were working side by side, and she and I have started to become friends! She likes working with me up front cuz she says I'm the only one who can keep up. :)
So we had a pretty good time. Then, as midnight started to creep up, I began to get anxious. There was still no sign of The Model!
Nick told me that if he saw him kissing another girl, he'd punch him in his face. I told him he would do no such thing! But he said he just doesn't wanna see me cry. Awwe! That is probably the sweetest thing he's ever said to me.
Well, midnight came and went...no Model, no kiss.
My night went back to being shitty. And it was so insanely busy, that we ran out of well vodka, Absolut vodka (which is our call), and all our glasswear! It was absolute chaos!! So I was trying to get caught up making waitress tickets, and serving shots in pint glasses, when I looked up and there he was, in all his beauty and magnificence!
"Hey Peyton!"
I flushed immediately, partly cuz of the alcohol, and partly cuz of the way he looked at me.
"Oh..." I stammered, "Hey! Where have you guys been!"
"We were hanging out with the family for a little bit."
I made The Model and Mitchell some shots, which we all took, and the night got a little better. ;)
I kept a closer watch on him than I should have probably, to see if he was with any girls, but I didn't notice any. Still no New Years Kiss for me though. :(
The rest of the night was rather monotonous. Most of the employees were drunk by the end of the night. We made really good money though. I went home feeling placated, but lonely. ((sigh)) And I'm pretty sure The Model has already gone back to New York.
Well at least he didn't do anything to piss me off.

I'm really excited about my photoshoot with Amy this Saturday! Amanda is letting us use her room because she's got a great bedroom set! I've been looking at boudoir pics all week to get ideas. I want them to be kind of like 50's pin-up style; tasteful, but sexy.

Well, I guess what I need to start focusing on now is finding a job, and getting a date! Any suggestions?

Mitch Of The Day:
"I saw a billboard for the lottery. It said, "Estimated lottery jackpot 55 million dollars." I did not know that was estimated. That would suck if you won and they said, "Oh, we were off by two zeroes. We estimate that you are angry.'"

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