Thursday, January 10, 2008

Moving On

Ok, being a person with a human nature, I don't think there is anything wrong with defending myself. People call me defensive like it is a bad quality to have, but people are naturally defensive. If someone formed an inaccurate opinion of you, or made a wrong assumption about you, wouldn't you want to correct them? Now, I'm not going to say anything else in reference to the debates that have been going on. So please let's all move on!

Things in Florida have been nice, and relaxing. Sophie manages a local tea shop and I've been popping in there for lunch everyday, then we go to the gym, and then usually read and hang out. Brent comes over every day too of course, since his wife lives here. Haha, that's still weird to say! But it's so awesome to have a brother-in-law! They're not living together yet though because they both have leases at their respective apartments, which sucks for them I guess, but they still see plenty of each other. In fact, the 3 of us are all going out dancing tonight because Sophie doesn't have to work tomorrow, yay! Oh, and guess what!? ((GASP!!!)) I bet there will be drinking involved!!! :-0 Lol, sorry that was acatty and passive agressive comment, but I just can't bring myself to erase it. Hee.
So anyways, I finally got all the photo's from Amy's shoot touched up and sent to her. And she loves all of them! YAY! It's so nice to feel like I'm doing something right. And people say I'm really good at it, so...I dunno. It's just a good feeling. Now I have to start on the photos of Sophie and Brent's "wedding". And Melissa told me today that she's entering a Latina beauty pageant, so she wants me to take some head shots of her. That should be fun!
Tomorrow I head back to Houston, but I'm kinda glad because I do miss my girlfriends... Oh, and guess who messaged me last night?? Andrew. And he says he misses me, and wants to see me, and wishes he would have kissed me when he had the chance. Lol. So I might be seeing him tomorrow night...we'll see.
Melissa, Amanda, Charlotte, Mackenzie, Bethany's boyfriend, Tugg, and basically a huge group of friends are all heading out to the newest bar in Houston tomorrow night! We're all really excited! Well, that's all for now! Oh, and I'm going to make you guys a family tree, and update my name key, cuz there have been a lot of new people as of late! And I'm thinking about changing my Mitch Of The Days to a new comedian. Cuz I'm starting to run out of quotes, considering he's not around anymore to make new ones. :( So, maybe Demetri Martin or Dane Cook. Any suggestions?

Mitch Of The Day:
"When someone hands you a flyer, it's like they're saying "Here, you throw this away.'"


Kate said...

Alrite... heres to moving on... Hope there arent any hard feelings, but I was just stating my mind. Good or bad, atleast you know people are interested in your life.

P.S. thanks for updating whos who list...

the goddess said...

yeah... and now it gets confusing by the minute. j/k.

if you don't mind, i would also like it very much (and i think most of your readers would like it too) if you add pictures of places you've been to and the ones that you actually took, like in new york and in austin. if you don't mind, that is. you don't have to put pictures of yourself or your friends in it. it would make your whole blog even more colorful.

nice that you don't let these petty comments let you down. :) good for you.

Snowdrops said...

well i am just a little bit jealous of your life, LOL i would love to have the big group of friends and go out and party. LOL thats why i live through your posts(hehe). Seriously dont let the haters get you down !

Anonymous said...

I would love to see some quotes from Demitri Martinq quotes because he has a similar sense of humor to Mitch Hedberg. Jokes with Guitar is def my favorite :o) Keep up the blogging because I love reading!